Lawrence - Probably Up (Lawrence Official Music Video)
This music video is one continuous shot filmed over 12 hours

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Official Music Video for "Probably Up" off Lawrence's upcoming album, Living Room, coming out September 14th. Pre-order Living Room here: This video was filmed between sunset and sunrise in one continuous shot. Directed by Travis Bogosian Produced by GoodBaby Films


Joseph Frank : This is such a cool video idea.

Top Nek : Lawrence confirmed to live near 72nd street west side 1,2,3 red line trains

Gérard : More like probably eating! (Special mention to Gracie's inability to slide on the railing)

Kevin Andrews : Okay, but I don't think y'all understand how much thought went into even being able to lip-sync while filming a time-lapse—they obviously slowed down the audio, but you still have to think very critically about how to pull that off. Easily the coolest music video I've ever seen. Congrats!

Vance Herbener : This is so good. Waiting patiently for a 2nd album

Adam Nope : Most expensive music video ever made! Those york cabs aint cheap!

くぼ : ニッポン放送の「星野源のオールナイトニッポン」の途中でちらっと聴いて、秒で調べてきました。 曲はもちろんのことながら、雰囲気、編集、街並み、人、全部がツボで一瞬で心掴まれました。 私はこの曲が大好きです‼︎ とっても素敵🤦‍♀️♡

Lawrence L. : This is not a band; this is just a random group of people being happy.

LofotheDwarf : I still don't get how this band isn't more popular.

Paulo Correia : 🎶SNL and Conan, screw the melatonin🎶 Genius lyric! :)

Bobby Mills : I swear this video captured the theme of my daily life perfectly! The song was amazing, and the fact that you were able to lip-sync in a time lapse is mindblowing. You guys deserve so much more exposure. Keep up the amazing work!

Akito Tanaka : Why this isn’t famous!!!! I love❤️

: ラジオで聴いた瞬間好きになりました! 素敵です!(ᯅ̈ )♡

illroble : Lawrence, you guys are DEFINITELY UP, not just PROBABLY. Give Thanks!!! And of course, LETS GO METS!!!

White Family : Awesome! America's got talent brought me here

Official_Dekja : Im loving you guys and your songs...Thank You for beautiful days.... From Malaysia with ❤

LaWendeltreppe : Never watch this, when you are old. You will so much miss being young. That energy to make it all thru the night...

うりうり : ラジオで紹介されていて、好きになりました!

Gabriel Micheal : well this is my new favorite song!

f f : This is going to be my current repetitive jam. Thanks guys! New listener.

Rafael Nogueira : his is so good. Waiting patiently for a 2nd album (2)

bypass : you guys always have the coolest ideas, salute!

mario peirano jr : Soon it will be a worldwide hit. Loved the music video, congrats Lawrence The Band

Trane : This is what Clyde is great at: that sort of Jamiroquai "sound" and song style. At times "gospelly", R&B, plus any stuff blues related thrown in the mix!

Natasha : Love them, just got tickets for Oakland show. If you guys do any more covers I think you would crush "Afterglow" by Wilkinson <3

Toby Bruce : I love this soo much!!! Cant wait for you to come to Seattle. Much Love 💕

Swedish Chick : Love this song! I can so relate to the lyrics! It's now my official jam! (I'm posting this at 4:30 am!)

Gatds : Must've been a really fun to film this :) I want to try it sometime ahahah

David Reis : One of the coolest video ideas I've seen, so hyped for the new album!

G Johnson : Why the heck isn't this group more popular. They're amazingly talented. What's up world?!

SNOOPY6178 : 最高だね! 俺も仲間とこんな動画作ってみたい!

Nick Bardo : I love you all so much!! Never stop! ❤️

Eduardo Derbli : Great video, amazing song... but you had me at playing Codenames.

Hannah DelSordo : I'm so hype for this new album!!

Jim Tekin : I just found you guys and I love your sound!!!

Ric Anderson : I love watching Gracie trying to pick up Clyde @ 3:31. ...also, GREAT funk groove!

Mika M. : Discovered this band thru a friend. Can't stop listening!! 🥰

Ellisa Sun : Ah, love love love this!!!

Nicholas Fuller : I dig it. Cool stuff. Can't wait for more.

MonkeysLoveM&Msss :D : Lyrics :) I've been told I got a problem with the hours that I keep See, I work until the sunrise and at noon I'm still asleep So if you feel alone then you can call my phone at night My insomnia's your blessing, there's no need for stressing If you have a question I, I, I I'm probably up I'm probably up I'm probably up Ooh, I'm probably up Now I know it ain't the normal, and I don't care if people say (He's lazy, so lazy) Oh I wrote this song while they were sleeping, now I'm done working for the day (It's crazy, ooh baby) So if you're looking out your window, and scared to see there ain't no light Just know that I'll be up until the morning With SNL and Conan Screw the melatonin I, I, I I'm probably up (ooh) I'm probably up (ooh) I'm probably up (ooh) Ooh, I'm probably up I, I, I, I I, I, I, I I, I, I, I I, I, I, I I'm probably up (ooh) Oh, I'm probably up (ooh) Oh baby, baby, baby, probably up (ooh) Baby, oh, I'm probably up Know that any time at all I'm probably up I'm probably up Don't you know that you can call I'm probably up Oh, oh, oh, I'm probably up I, I, I, I (Yeah, yeah, yeah) I, I, I, I (Ooh, oh, oh probably up) I, I, I, I (Probably, probably) I, I, I, I (Don't you know that you can call) I, I, I, I I, I, I, I na-na-na-na-na-na *fade-out* :)

Merv Grant : I've been to NYC a couple times, but never saw the cool places you did. (Also, Gracie IS the sunrise. Awwwww...)

Parker : This band have never written an average song. They’re all excellent.

ぼのぼの : ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️from jp

Yosuto : damn you guys are good; keep up the great work!

larryand corn : Spotify single release?

bcope3 : Why arent you on every radio station across America? Dude this brings me hope that music can still have some class! Keep it up!

tenorsurfer87 : Lawrence, you've done it again

fred jones : I just heard this group on the news you guys are awesome.....I didn't expect that

Martin Neuner : absolutly great song and great performance :)