Lawrence - Probably Up (Lawrence Official Music Video)

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Santiago Díaz : You guys don't get the credit you deserve. This is an amazing song

Kevin Andrews : Okay, but I don't think y'all understand how much thought went into even being able to lip-sync while filming a time-lapse—they obviously slowed down the audio, but you still have to think very critically about how to pull that off. Easily the coolest music video I've ever seen. Congrats!

Gérard : More like probably eating! (Special mention to Gracie's inability to slide on the railing)

Joseph Frank : This is such a cool video idea.

Top Nek : Lawrence confirmed to live near 72nd street west side 1,2,3 red line trains

Vance Herbener : This is so good. Waiting patiently for a 2nd album

Halvor Egeland : Gracie got ass doe

Top Nek : I wonder how many cards your camera man had to have on them

Lawrence L. : This is not a band; this is just a random group of people being happy.

illroble : Lawrence, you guys are DEFINITELY UP, not just PROBABLY. Give Thanks!!! And of course, LETS GO METS!!!

Adam Nope : Most expensive music video ever made! Those york cabs aint cheap!

fred jones : I just heard this group on the news you guys are awesome.....I didn't expect that

larryand corn : Spotify single release?

Jessica Taylor Music : this song is incredible and to top it off it has a BANGIN music video I am in love

Derp McDerpson : What a fantastic music video. Massive credits for having the dancing/singing line-up. Most certainly a band to watch

Gatds : Must've been a really fun to film this :) I want to try it sometime ahahah

Joe Stehle : Haven't listened but already sent it all my friends! Love you guys.

Aditya Makhija : Amazing!

LofotheDwarf : I still don't get how this band isn't more popular.

Toby Bruce : I love this soo much!!! Cant wait for you to come to Seattle. Much Love 💕

Merv Grant : I've been to NYC a couple times, but never saw the cool places you did. (Also, Gracie IS the sunrise. Awwwww...)

David Reis : One of the coolest video ideas I've seen, so hyped for the new album!

bcope3 : Why arent you on every radio station across America? Dude this brings me hope that music can still have some class! Keep it up!

Hannah DelSordo : I'm so hype for this new album!!

Rima Lyn : Love it!

4stringz : not only do I LOVE your music, but you guys are Mets fans too! 🎸⚾️

Bobby Mills : I swear this video captured the theme of my daily life perfectly! The song was amazing, and the fact that you were able to lip-sync in a time lapse is mindblowing. You guys deserve so much more exposure. Keep up the amazing work!

subwayeatfrisch : Yessssssssssss. Finally!

Parker : This band have never written an average song. They’re all excellent.

Nicholas Fuller : I dig it. Cool stuff. Can't wait for more.

Vasco Shaelt Borbón : 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

soimboredandtesting : Love seeing clyde solo more!! Love his voice

Daniel Andía : This video and melody is truly amazing!! Guys... Really, your music is the best. Love from Perú!

Daniel Heinze : Another great one. Thanks for all your music!

Bethany Romney : Sweet video! I'm so excited for this album 😄

Ed Brunson : NICE!!!!!! I dig it!!!

Patrick Kossila : Such an inspiration :)

Mark Guise : Dope 👌🏻

Emily Horton : A BOP

f f : This is going to be my current repetitive jam. Thanks guys! New listener.

Max Linder : You guys are just...Just!!! Ack!.And that's a good thing! Put that in a song and make it swing!

Jim Tekin : I just found you guys and I love your sound!!!

Nick Lombardo : I love you all so much!! Never stop! ❤️

Lataisha West : Beautiful!

WaitingAtAStoplight : What a bop AND music video combo! Love the editing/idea/execution here. I still don't understand how people make stuff like this

Merv Grant : Does any one know which Billy Joel song he's riffing on at the beginning of this? I thought it was "New York State of Mind" but now I don't think so.

Natasha : Love them, just got tickets for Oakland show. If you guys do any more covers I think you would crush "Afterglow" by Wilkinson <3

larryand corn : My name is Lawrence, and im so hyped to see Lawrence in my hometown Lawrence Kansas September XD!

Daniel Butts : hands down most beautiful video i’ve ever seen ❤️❤️ i just found out about you guys yesterday and i’m OBSESSEDDDDDDDDDD. y’all are freakin amazing. I WILL SEE YOU LIVE ONE DAY

Maël Blondel : I want a crew like this one :O lovely team :)