Wood Scissor Lifting Table

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Pam Peerce-Landers : Super idea. You just saved us $200 for a hydraulic lift table. Going to put a torsion box on top and add caster to make it mobile.

Ryan White : nice lifting table, thanks for sharing

Abdul Haffif : the direction of rotating motion for the steer shouldn't have been go further right, it should have been go the opposite direction. am I right?

Phillip A. Rudolph : Thanks, Mohamed your video gives me a great jumping off point for my project

Osama Fasse7 : يعنى انا اخش ادور على طريقه عمل الميكانزم الاقى انت اللى حاطه؟ :D...عاش يا عم سامى :D

car : Could you kindly do a tutorial on modeling and animating this in fusion 360?

Sayed Ahmed : اسمه ايه البرنامج ده لو تكرمت

Riccardo Panza : Hi, very beautiful video. I'm trying to build a lift from this it. Can you send me the plans please? riccardo.panza@gmail.com

Pavel Chernov : Well, Mohamed, I've actually built one table of similar design for myself. It has a great problem - it is not firm. It yields like a spring if you press left or right side of table. Because it's left and right scissors are not connected firmly with each other. To get rid of this bouncing one should replace two bottom tube rails with a screws and apply rotation to both of them. Now I'm planning to build another table.

Caliptoz : Making a similar idea to this for a project and was wondering what the name of the items allowing the object to slide along the rod are called.Any help appreciated

Herminigildo Jakosalem : Very nice animation. Thank you for sharing.

Above All Co. : Fantastic! thanks for making this video! Keep up the fantastic work!

Antonio Cardinale : Stupendo lavoro, si possono avere i disegni per realizzarlo in formato pdf, dwg, dxf o cdr. Grazie

Carlo Abballe : Hi Mohamed, What would be the maximum lift capacity?

Abousamah Saleh : فكره جميله شكرا اخ محمد

Matchlight : Something so simple, shown in a simple way. Thank you.

Asfand Yaar : Thanks for sharing. Jazakallah

Estebansenseis : impressive, and very useful. Thanks for sharing

L Malino : Crank handle appears to be digging trough to make loop if unit is sitting on the ground.

Pauline Verbeke : Hi, I was wondering if it would  be at all possible to get the solidworks files for the single stage scissor lift assembly (+ all the parts) ? I really need a well constructed model (no underdefined sketches and the right assembly mates) of a scissor lift to analyse for my engineering class. Kind regards, Pauline Verbeke - University of Antwerp

kisan PATIL : Ramdas

Hisham Shaaban : الله ينور

Starr Stroh : Just go to woodprix website if you want to know how to make it yourself.