murphy ate our buns

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John Scanlon : My name's murph This is my turf While you pet my head I steal the bread Dont care about your refusal Dis here a bamboozle

JP B : Pure Bread Doggo

Nokio : Terrible dog owner. No discipline. Bad doggo. Purrr

Pony Salvaje : Like si estas aquí por Plech Un Poco De Todo

Deeply Disturbed : Glad to see people take a situation lighthearted and laugh about it:) Peace and love. And always remember kids if someone is sneeking up on ya with a razorblade you gotta turn around and puch them in the face

rkotm : isnt that marv alberts dog?

Graham Miller : I would be so pissed if someone let their dog slobber all over my food.

MGS V : nice ad trader joe's

Snooby66 : Just move your fingers to the back of it's gums where it has no teeth and is very sensitive, it will open it's mouth.

Mister Natural : Take your loss like a man.

chan4est : Is that Brian?

Edward Carnby : This is because someone taught Murphy about carbs.

Simon S : bad dog

Cyan The Man : MURPH!

Noise Pollution : Grown american men refering to dogs as doggos should be deported.

Kindergarden Terms : did u try punching the dog?

Andrew Estonrell : When ever a dog wont let go like this, the best course of action is to strangle them, they will almost always release in an attempt to breath.

Michel Renbarre : But the real question is, did Murphy get the buns?

Create Your Future : Dog with a "bun" hahaha

The Dare 2 Dream : Clickbait should've let go!

Mark Fulton : You "don't allowed ? Even for US English thats awful....

Ryan No Thanks : Hi! I'm from Reddit! May I use this on my website? The website is thank you for your time and consideration.