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boondocks : She handled that with pure class. She used that emailers own words to clap back. What a lady.

Kim Fuller : Classiest clap back in the world! that’s how you handle it! #goals

suckafree_Nicole Marie : People who make these comments don't care what her response is. They are going to say it anyway. Folks get real tough online but be waving good morning to their black neighbors.

DJ Soul : Mama don’t take no mess 😎👍

SEFYH : That look she gave at the end tho... 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 #Priceless

Ramses Stafford : Kathe Ray is a racist imbecile. Sharon Reed is finer than 200 year old champagne from France.

iLL Pearce : When you have so much white privilege you don't even have to be racist correctly do you misspell the "N word" lmfao

Ellessandra Ramsay : Congratulations Kathy Rae. You played yourself.

FrakU2 : I think she handled it extremely well! A thoroughly racist person said horrible things, and has strange ideas, and the Anchor took the high road. Hopefully that racist woman learned something. Hopefully...

Dymond B. : Chile she was tryna stay professional asf she did good

Ro Jay : she just help Kathy paint a scarlet letter on her own chest once ppl start digging her job, facebook neighbors will all know.  If that's her real name shes done-even after her apology tour lol

TheAmericanIdol : Best damn way to clapback ever. Sharon you classy, sassy, and gurlll Kathy Rae you got so lucky. Pure class.

Viktoria Martin : this was already hilarious with her co-anchor's facial reactions... but that charlie murphy scene at the end put it over the top. too funny.

Anthony Brown : I miss you doing news in St Louis wish you were still here

alicia brown : She kept it classy that's why we miss her here in Cleveland!

Gsibingo : Kathy Rae better not have used her real name in that email or else she's done!

Tezza Flows : And that's is how you take down a racist. Sharon Reed showed pure class in her response.

Jay dee : "Niger" !? 😂😂😂 leave the Nigerians out of your bullshit Kathy Ray😂😂😂

mike meneo : well im White and im 30 yrs old and id wifey that in a heartbeat you are beautiful u handled that with class good for u 💋

Beanie Sigel : You can just hear/see Sharon holding that anger back.

R Ramnarine : EPIC!!! Sharon Handle it with the best Clap Back...that head turn with the clap....damn..I was scared!!!


Anna G : That was brilliant.


Taunya Booker : 👏👏👏 LOVED IT!!

Monáe Fashion : wendy brought me here

Shirley Broadnax : ✊✊✊:-)💣💥👏👏👏😎

Maggie Moore : Ben Swann has the best poker face I’ve seen in a long time.

Eric Matterson : These racists are so stupid they invalidate themselves immediately. Niger?! LOL Niger is a country in Africa.

sandinyourshoes : Sharon looked like she wanted to break someone's neck when she stared into the camera so intensely.

Joey Thornton : This is how you handle business!

Scottie Huff : Race-Baiting: Code word whites use to hide and deny any racism they ...themselves created and know exists. The cave complained of racism but used a racial slur. 😅😅😅

32 Frazier : Just watch the white dude.

Honey Chiles : That was a weak comeback. She was almost apologizing to her. She could have did better. PLEASE!

VampCaff : Taking down one racist at a time. Love this!

Buster Brown : Little Sister your my new Hero !!!!! With you Bad Self !!!!! HooooRAH !!!!!

Sean Corcoran : Although Kathy is out of line, did this news anchor really say previously that white people can't have an opinion on race? Also, does this news anchor not realize that every comment section, twitter feed, and public email are flooded with ludicrous comments and opinions by people. Why would she take one assholes opinion and bring it up during a newscast? Looks like she's playing racial politics and victim hood here. She's a women of color with an awesome job, and if Kathy is right that she said white people are not allowed to talk about race or racial issues, then this is not right either. She's a successful woman making 6 figures and probably shouldn't be bringing up 1 email that is a racist overreaction to something she herself said that was racist. This isn't professional or appropriate, and you're not a civil rights leader because you noticed that there's someone on the internet that says the n-word, especially if you had just made racist comments yourself. Maybe stick to real news#fakenews#fakevictim#2racistsdon'tmakearight

majik hickerson : I am NOT a RACIST , I treat as I am treated, There is race baiters on both fronts, over the last 6 years , this racial thing has gotten way out of the lines , We the people have turned our heads instead of stopping it sooner, YES we as in ALL of us have let it get bad, NOW WE as a NATION have to watch over our shoulders because , When a group or unity is fighting among themselves , they leave the back door unwatched which will allow the real enemy in to destroy. I do hope that this can be slowed down, It is a pipe dream to think it can be stopped at this time, I did say ALL of us, We are fussing over things that happened over 200 years ago, That puts us as acting like school bullies as children,,,,, I have friends in all colors of skin and I have the same as people that dont like me, that is life, just think about whats going on

James J : 👀😮😂💀

Philip Bridges : Best way to deal with a racist person. Just show the world how weak they are hahah goood move

c c : Why do black people have low IQ on average?

Brain Rush : Facts as I see them: 1. Sharon and most journalists are liberally biased and it shows....particularly black journalists with black political candidates. Indeed, Sharon's bias came through loud and clear. 2. Kathy is probably a racist. Although Kathy accurately identified Sharon's bias, Kathy was just looking for a reason to call someone the N-word. 3. Kathy pulled the old Chris Rock "Black person vs N-word" act to slip in her racist attack....which ironically, supports the concept that blacks can talk about certain things that whites can't. 4. Whites actually can talk about everything and anything, but they'd better learn how to do it better, as the days of whites being able to get away with it easily are over. But I believe most whites try to live up to the new higher standards. Sadly, most non-whites are either unwilling or unable to live up to those high standards. 5. After so many blacks voted for Obama simply "because he was black", whites politicians had better be prepared to deal with this. Bottoms was losing and played the race card, boom, victory. 6. A ton of people didn't if you live in Atlanta and didn't like Bottoms winning, vote. Personally, I don't mind Bottoms winning. I have family that know both her and Norwood. Both are good people. Also, I am watching CBS 46 right now. They are showing video after video of white people who chose to live downtown Atlanta getting burglarized and attacked by black people. I don't know whether to laugh at the people who naively chose to live there...or chide CBS for showing blacks in a negative light every night (they can't be THAT bad, can they?). One way or another, all Atlanta citizens are being terrorized...either through actual crime or through perceived crime. And it's that way for all cities. But people choose to live there...they choose to be terrorized.

dameyale royster : Damn she fine

Keish : Did she have a baby by Lebron

Lydia Forney : Why did she even take the time to respond. It’s not worth it.

Ghostdoctor : One day we'll get rid of the anonymous nonsense on the internet. Until that day comes, have fun white people.

Chad Freeman : I wanna marry her.

Youri Kemp : I'm sure she gets emails like that on a regular basis. Quite certain she got even more of them after this segment aired. She just decided to use it because she was sensitive about the matter they were discussing, nad she also wanted to make a further political point. Kinda like dry-campaigning during the mayoral race in ATL.

RL Driver : She's the only reason I watch channel 46, THE ONLY REASON 😍

jbn675478 : Sharon Reed is super hot and awesome and that email was ridiculous. However, this response was so tame and proper it was strait up boring. And "clapback" is a pretty sophomoric saying.