T-Rex Library Invasion PRANK

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Cuz Viets : AHHHH Where did you guys come from!! Why is this video blowing up!? Also~ I didn't copy Mr. Beast. I've made dino videos waaaaay before he did I also didn't copy Patrick Lyons, we film together for allot of videos, and he's a good friend of mine. Thanks!

Bushido Dragon : Here we see a wild pikachu the natural prey on the T-rex

RavenWing : When you try to study for your finals xD Edit: Omg 42 likes I never ever got so many likes thank you so much ;D Edit: Omg 52 likes srsly? I never even got 2 likes before. :O

charmingkookie : there’s something about the waddling around that has me deaaaaad lmao nice video 😂

Bill’s Dad : It’s a wild T-Rex in its natural habitat.. CrIkEy We’Ve BeEn SpOtTeD

Jason Devine : You killed Pikachu

Just A Girl Sitting In A Sink : Just imagine.... these dinosaurs were walking around town. Suddenly, another dinosaur troop comes up. Everyone is now wielding their respective weapons. There is war between the tribes. Blood everywhere. There are no survivors.

Rocket Gamer : R.I.P PIKACHU

Elijah Roof : 0:44 that girl on the right is dying

Miko Makowski : A wild pikachu appeared! Tyrantrum, use head smash.

Mr. Andretti : I love how pikachu was in it XD

matt the best : pikachu vs t rex

Sushi Gamer88 : Pikachu use iron tail

Al Duty : Oh sorry wrong channel... I thought this was MrBeast

Łps Skÿfałł : You should really have millions of subscribers 👌🏻😂

Cora Jean : *hands in resume* Interviewer, "What can you offer for us" Me..."HUNNHHHHHHHH" Interviewer, "YOURE HIRED, YOU START TOMORROW"

Ashy Diamond : 2:45 the Pikachu killed me XD

Mushroom Animations : I dare you to wear that costume, go to a library and scream MR BEASTTTTTT! MR BEAST!!


Lonelylover 1830 : I absolutely love u 💘 i will laugh so hard and play around in that dinosaur suit with u guys 😂

Ducky Boi : Pikachu Getting Raped So Many Time Xd

dira ayu : It should be could jurassic library 😁😆

alaina jeorge : Hahahahahahahaha poor Pikachu

Darwina Tobby : Lol

godzillafan0425 : Cuz Veits the T-Rex could lift 400 lbs with one arm

Blazing Red : I watched this after watching mrbeasts video

Sia BLOX : We are here with a Fully developed Pikachu With T-Rex’s Still Developing Into Pikachu!!

Pancakes Gaming : *Mrbeast and his dino army attacks*

FAME OZE : When someone steals your peanut butter 3:05

thathoodguy76 : where do you get those dino costumes?

JOHN ALEXANDER CORDOVA COCHACHIN : Agumons and Pikachu really dream!!!!!!! XDD

Fortnightgod 369 : Love the new Jurassic Park movie when is it coming out?

MaskiCatti YT : T-Rex used bite! *It's Super Effective!*

VA Vezavio : Is that Mr.Beast?

SI VENOM : T rex in the house yo😎😎😎😎😎😎😎

Daria Sokolova : 2:36 when my friends du some sing but I don't know what I need to do ;D

Trinity the youtuber : This made day mayne forever 😂😂😂😂😂😂

Ethan Gioshua Tobias : A wild pika appeared catch it with a Dino-ball

HyperFire YT : The T-rex bite packachu it never gets old😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

HS_Pyrrha Nikos : 1:21 omg she got the blue Bell 😱😱

MagikarpThePerson : didn’t me beast do dis? ;a;

Mobile Player : Hahahahahaha XD😂😂😂😂😂

Sarfnic Productions : small arm life

Virus kid : BORK

Topaz 13 : Trex fail

oofer voll : Rip piachu

Doug Chin : My life

Buurblox Production : *rawr*

Senne Piens : jurrasic park? more like jurresic prank xD

Vanessa Garcia : If you see this comment plz like it