T-Rex Library Invasion PRANK

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Bushido Dragon : Here we see a wild pikachu the natural prey on the T-rex

charmingkookie : there’s something about the waddling around that has me deaaaaad lmao nice video 😂

Lonelylover 1830 : I absolutely love u 💘 i will laugh so hard and play around in that dinosaur suit with u guys 😂

Łps Skÿfałł : You should really have millions of subscribers 👌🏻😂

Cuz Viets : AHHHH Where did you guys come from!! Why is this video blowing up!? Also~ I didn't copy Mr. Beast. I've made dino videos waaaaay before he did I also didn't copy Patrick Lyons, we film together for allot of videos, and he's a good friend of mine. Thanks!


Darwina Tobby : Lol

godzillafan0425 : Cuz Veits the T-Rex could lift 400 lbs with one arm

Rocket Gamer : R.I.P PIKACHU

Doug Chin : My life

dira ayu : It should be could jurassic library 😁😆

Sarfnic Games : small arm life

Mobile Player : Hahahahahaha XD😂😂😂😂😂

trinity Lee's blogs : This made day mayne forever 😂😂😂😂😂😂

Senne Piens : jurrasic park? more like jurresic prank xD

Elijah Roof : 0:44 that girl on the right is dying

Sia BLOX : We are here with a Fully developed Pikachu With T-Rex’s Still Developing Into Pikachu!!

YOU THOUGHT : This isnt his video guys. The original video is by the Youtuber "Patrick Lyons"

Mr. Andretti : I love how pikachu was in it XD

FAME OZE : When someone steals your peanut butter 3:05

Minh hoang Dinh ngoc : No hate but did you copy from other YouTuber and you just add the edit

mario sparky : awesome video I have a inflatable t-rex and a Pikachu I wish I could do something like this but i'm the only t-rex and Pikachu in my town

Blueberry Sans Skeleton : Wait....won’t the picachu zap them?

Blueberry Sans Skeleton : Pfffff hahahaahahah

Hector1530 : I totally need one of those dino suits


Georgina Rowland : Where do you get the T-Rex costume from please?

ExplodingRage : Copycat

NETRIX : Now i have seen everything...

Harrison Jay : Do a video called how to be a dinosaur

83D : Whar you rally crying?

Ace Of Luck : This is literally a mr beast wannabe

Keity Lukken : Dinisours bulling pikacu

Amanda AL : WTF

Alvin Steviro : The sit up killed me 😂😂😂😂😂

Morgan Pierce : I feel bad for the people trying to study 😂

Ethan Bewley : Pikachu NuUU

Arriana Dominguez : I swear them doing push ups and other stuff has my dying😂😂

B4conBoyZ : why did it sound like the camra person was crying

The Very shiny Galaxy Slime : YOU COPY MR BEAST THE ALMIGHTY GOD?

The Very shiny Galaxy Slime : never copy mr beast unless you shout out to the god mr beast

Braden Nitsch : can you die from secondhand embarrassment?

Kawaii Exxe : This was the greatest 4 minuets of my life. Thank you.

Tammy Page : You should have asked if you had Harry Potter

photography complitations : I subbed this shit was amazing😂😂

Cora Larson : *hands in resume* Interviewer, "What can you offer for us" Me..."HUNNHHHHHHHH" Interviewer, "YOURE HIRED, YOU START TOMORROW"

brenpen05 : the music makes it 100% funnier

Buttercup 1579 : THAT WAS LEGITNESS

Kaotic Kai : XD