U.S. Marine Corps | "Chess"

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Squee Gee : Shit makes me wanna LARP rather than enlist in the Corps.

prospermusic : I am one of the singers in this commercial! A privilege!

steve klarke : What a badass commercial i remember this !!

Joe Lubas : The Black Queen is a hottie!

Robert Coleman : Happy 239th birthday to my fellow Marines...

imtheonlysane1here : This and "Gauntlet" are the two Marine ads that got me to enlist. Good memories.

hezbollah95818 : you'll always be a pawn...

tamuz : How come gangam style and rihana are more famous than this piece of epic music?

Alan Bourbeau : I could never join the marines because of 2 reasons. 1, i'm flat footed. 2, I have asthma. And besides, I'm a solder of the messianic savior Jesus Christ. He's recruited me in God's holy army. So that's good enough for me.

Kreszentia Bichlmaier : I remember this spot from AFRTS as well.  Enjoyed the music a lot.  Just loved Tim Tebow's comment below!  Wish I could still comment on it or give it a thumbs up!

SteJK 23 : Lets see the ranks... 1. Pawn 2. Pawn first class 3. Pawnance corporal 4. Pawn corporal 5. Pawn sergeant 6. staff pawn sergeant 7. Pawnery sergeant 8. Master pawn sergeant , First pawn sergeant 9. Master Pawnery sergeant, sergeant pawn major. Sergeant pawn major of the pawn corps...

Jeffrey Cavanaugh : A more accurate depiction as a pawn was probably not the visual they wanted. 

Chris Hennick : So if I join the Marines I can... be a pawn in your game of chess?

Chris Hennick : From groups.google.c om/forum/#!topic/rec.music.classical/9sJGRAVwya4, it's an unpublished song that's only 30 seconds long and used only for ads. Maybe ES Posthumus or Immediate Music will do an extended cover if enough of us ask.

DoUEvenOper8Bro : Yut

Matthew Russell : The greatest commercial of all time.

MotoGuy75aaa : One of my favorite Marine commercials, and I was in the Army.

Chuck Joseph : Love this commercial. They don't make them like they used to. This was probably an intricated setup if you look at all the detail they put into it..Kinda wish it was longer.

pointman127 : I thought the slaying the dragon commercial was the one that got most of you guys:)

TheRavenfreak : ...Am I the only one who was afraid of this commercial when I was a kid? Whenever it would air I'd beg my mother to turn down the tv, and I'd close my eyes. Sometimes in the middle of the night if this commercial would air I'd wake my mom up so she could mute the tv... xD I must have been 3 or 4 years old. :V

driftartist : That's true. Sign up and become a pawn of the government

brized : Fuck the rules of chess, Marines Improvise, Adapt, and Overcome. ;)

Eileen O'Brien : God, what a wonderful recruitment ad this is!  And what a blast from my (checkered) past!  This spot played in place of real commercials over on AFN/AFRTS in Germany when I lived there and was active duty.  I just loved this ad, especially the music.  I even recorded it on VHS, but my collection got lost when we moved back to the US.  It is so great to find this!  Thanks for uploading!  

Tsuneo625 : Why hasn't this commercial been remastered yet?

TheRagingBerserker : @samisyosam First of all I am not a marine. Second of all there are two types of marines, the psycho killer type, and then there are the people who join for personal improvement but you clearly would rather paint people with broad negative brush. You are clearly to lazy to find the good in people, you are truly pathetic I am blocking you.

gxxxumpy : the white horse was mine his name was ace,,,he pasted away @ 32 years of age 2014 the rider is dale gibson A stunt man,,outstanding commercial 

Jennifer Harris : The Marines:  both strong and smart.Their Commander in Chief:  neither strong nor smart.

risingsonseven : Best advertising for military recruitment ever

TheRagingBerserker : @samisyosam How dare you dishonor the marines you'll feel different when you are kidnapped by terrorists. You should be ashamed of yourself you little fag.

Gerald Blake : I remember dis commercial!

PallyPowerXIX : @sunac I hate that guy!

TheJarhead133 : YUT YUT

Excalibur01 : Marines are the ultimate larpers!

Emmanuel Suarez : How did this get approved lmao

MrOmnos : The few 195,338 of them.

tehsma : I appreciate they straight up lifted the light sabet on / off noises from Star Wars.

DieWeltIstSchlecht : Nice spot, but the dumb looking soldier in the end destroys all... :(

dukenukemani07 : Anyone know where to find the music from this without the voice speech at the end?

Britton Sprouse : To compete, you have to be strong. To win, you have to be smart. Oorah!

Luis Martinez : Also samisyosam if you dislike the military so much why are you spending your time watching videos supporting it? ohh I Know why just to bash them

Luis Martinez : most epic commercial ever. makes me proud that i will be a part of the Corps

Luis Martinez : samisyosam just go away and take your comments elsewhere

Luis Martinez : I'm in the Marines Delayed Entry Program. if this cock sucker samisyosam got a problem with people in the military I want him to come to my face and call me a killer or baby killer and see what happens. I'm tired of lazy ass people like that who disrespect the military yet they would never even think of saying half that shit to their faces.

Luis Martinez : @Yumlemmingkebobs I know that my comment was uncalled for but I'm just sick of people calling our military veterans baby killers and such. I know their entitled to freedom of speech but these veterans already deal with enough stress in their lives. and no I am not a troll.

Sargonarhes : Or maybe ask Two Steps from Hell to make an extended version of it.

Channel Q : I joined the the Marines because of this ad. Seriously.

DiMieriTheaters : @Rolled1990 This comment does not have nearly enough likes.

Amanda Coder : Oh man, I love the song that goes with this.

voltshock99 : The Marines: We need nerds to work our computers.

Andre Stone Sr. : Semper fi!!! Checkmate to all who oppose a devil dog!!!