Casually Explained: Travel

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Come check out my neat stream: This of course begs the question: what’s the deal with airline food? And every time I open up the same foil lined plastic tray gilded with condensation along with every other pleb in economy, I can’t help but prod at my reheated lasagna and think “you know, this is incredibly respectable given the circumstances. Good job everyone.” Real talk though book directly with the airline and probably don't miss your flight. Check out the new merch if you'd like ► ► ► ►

Comments from Youtube

Caden Chu : Wow cant believe you made it on trending with an anne frank joke

Cody Maclean : Handed her .25cents to close the wage gap 😂😂😂

Chelseamonster : "What's she gonna do? Put me in handcuffs?" *wiggly eyebrows*

ryeas201 : That eyebrow raise is where all the budget went for this video

Yash Yash : That wage gap joke was brutal ...

Darius Sabat : "The truth was, I just finally had something to talk about." #RELATABLE

Trevor : "Do other countries think Canadian accents are hot" never related harder

Joseph Chopra : The bit about McDonald's touchscreens is so true. Those things are a godsend

demilishing : wow that was pure gold, cried at the wage gap joke

Barbarian Aggressor : How dare you compare my beloved state of California to the fiery pits of Hell! This is why Hell gets such a bad rap; too much misrepresentation.

It's Alex Clark : Loved it

MADHATTA415 : today at work due to some problems i had a anxiety attack. luckily i held it together and got thru the day. anyways that’s just some context to tell you this. i just found your channel today and it already helped me decompress because of your comedy and style. im currently binging your videos so i just wanted to thank you for making this cool videos. i’ve never written a comment like this (i think?). but u really helped me today!

ZHC : #8 on trending!!!

AGreedyTurtle : Just a little fyi. I am an aircraft mechanic and the mechanic didn't forget his tools. The aircraft is just being held together by 10% nuts and bolts, 10% rivets, and a good 80% speed tape. So have fun flying knowing that. Final thing, loved the vid.

Zooper Dooper : Don’t think the ‘Air America-Lite’ went unnoticed I’m the thumbnail😂

Zoya B : "I like a woman in uniform... Guess I'm really attracted to employability. Want what you can't have" I'm crying 😭

D2M : That Anne frank joke was killer....

tomatoanus : you wear that striped french shirt so well

Rebu Uber : Anyone rewatch these just to see all the hidden jokes?

Dean Orendozi : 4:46 it's so hot in Africa that even the sun is sweating

• Matt • : 1:40 the computer says: True or false the french recognize they are fond of the Canadian accent

N P : Damnnn that was a cold Anne Frank joke. You mad Casuallly Explained you madd

TJ Toons : Expectation: Study abroad and come back expecting to gain some form of inspiration or cultural experience. *Reality : I'm broke*

Harvey Spector : bro im not gay but ur canadian accent is hot 1:31

Melody snow : Has america discovered the metric system? this is so true it hurts, darn it america.

Memetastic : Travel is when you move

nathan hensn : These jokes are from a straight savage. The African/California jokes were brilliant.

Eviltonicwater : “That certainly didn’t work out well for Ann Frank”

Our Founding Liars : I realize it’s harder to “casually explain” inter dimensional travel, but we have to bring attention to it in order to bring the reptilian army down! Keep asking questions

internalized oppression : Your voice sounds like my will to live

Jackson Bridges : i like this new edgy feel to the channel good change

Nahiyan : One punch man is looking hella crisp

The Enthusiasm Project : Are you interested in selling that Tim Horton’s voucher?

Highway Tv : “At least I know what they mean by separating the colors from the whites” XDD HOW DID HE GET ON TRENDING

Spotastic : Just use a Rift-to-go to travel lol SMH!!

lolageez1 : France did make you more confident Mr. Explained, you threw so much shade in this video

Peter Lopez : The Anne Frank joke .... 💀🥚

Suvrath Hegde : This must be the most controversial video of yours.

Fishy Trout : 2:13... just noticed the magnum condom box ;D

CAN I GET TO 1000 SUBS WITH NO VIDEOS?!?! : casually explained subtly roasting everybody, nobody's safe, hide your wife in the basement

Lethal Bacon : Kingdom Hearts casually explained

am i suppost to write my name here or something? : ayyyy looks like that one youtube enployee who is cool got to choose the trending topic today

f0lie : “I finally understand what they mean by separate your colors from whites”

Reynaldo Q : Legit funniest video you've ever made. Love the dark humor, 10/10

exaMAB : Haven't had a laugh like that in a long while. Merci mon ami.

Hydrate Plays : Travel: Out of School, I never changed

Rooben Keeros : This is by far the most savage video he’s posted 😂 Savage level over 9000

Double Deluxe : I travel to my bathroom now and then

Tom : Man... I chatted up a Singapore Girl.... The flight attendants from Singapore Airlines....she was AMAZING.