andy's wiping problem

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Tomanista : "Wiping a marker" never have that problem been described more aptly. 

cameron m : Aubrey Plaza breaking character is probably the best part of this video.

jeramahia123 : Andy and April is like if a cat married a dog.

Graviton1066 : Only Chris Pratt can do that to Aubrey Plaza.  What a GOD.

AWsquared : He's so cute, I'm glad this is the man who's guarding our galaxy. 

Elvire B : I don't know why but today in class I just thought of that scene and I was laughing like a mad person, and nobody knew why

divxsamsung : That little cheek quiver just before she about to break

Sethurai : Sometimes I just give up and take a shower instead.

paco291 : like getting peanut butter out of a thick shaggy carpet.

Boondock : This may LITERALLY be the funniest thing ive ever seen.

Ben Pingree : Yes! It's about time someone asked a doctor about this.

Pillow Talk : Was this a blooper or something? The chick starts laughing almost exactly the moment Andy starts saying, "I wipe.."

SuperBonnie66 : I thought I was the only one...

thornbottle : They should have their own spinoff show together

Urmet Ivask : dude, i just took a crap and i think its for the 1st time ever, i wiped, and there was absolutely no doodoo on the paper, cant even believe it for myself, its usually like Andy says

Sarkkinator : I had this happen to me just a moment ago.

The Interesting Nobody : The meaning of life in 15 seconds.

lomolvr : Oh you know Aubrey is laughing for real! no acting necessary. haha!

santisnow : ....STOP... POOPING.

cause No : Unfortunately, I can relate :(

papapapenis : Aubrey laughing made it so much funnier

Sam Baydoun : This is your guardian of the galaxy

HannesFury : I think I've probably watched this more than Andy has wiped his bum.

Noe Buelna : Are these his lines or is he making them on the spot??

hiccup22 : still poop..still poop

Darregueyra : this is genius, i wish it was included in the episode

Andre B : Sounds like he was pretty *wiped out*.

Tychoxi : This is because you filthy people don't use a bidet!

hengineer : Aubrey couldn't even keep a straight face

Matthew Nguyen : On the toilet right now and oh boy do I relate. It's like a marker Andy !

ElAugedelaFinor : 9gag brought me here.

Andreas Lindskog : Did they tell him it's not a real doctor?

DMS : I don't how many times I've watched this clip but I still find it hilarious.

Hamato Nezwez : Like 👍 if GIF brought u here!

msk msk : Wipes nose at end trying to maintain straight face!

Conor Charlton : As a trained actor, I have to admit I can only aspire to deliver a line like this with such deadpan brilliance. 10/10

David Mosier : I have this problem too!

Eric Maldonado : Was this a deleted scene? Because I didn't see this in the actual episode

Lefeurouge : This should not have been an outtake: This should've been in the show. Just, you know, without the laughter.

Gelli Aramadis : I had this problem in Japan when every meal included sticky rice.

wfl19 : At the end you can hear a guy laugh.

Qiwei Lin : Lol everyone laughed in this vid. The camera turned away from Dr. Harris right after he started smiling though.

kd4sfd2 : I just love Plaza's reaction.

xxluchianxx : People in destiny be like...

Andrew Blackwell : Category: Autos & Vehicles makes sense

Trix Wizz : i usually wipe untill my bum bleeds

Aus H : aubrey is qt 3.14

Pastrami Sandwich : They actually used this footage in the show even though Palaza laughed?

eLGeeJR : This just happened!!! Good thing I have a bidet!

josé Mendes : this scene is from what show or movie? it seems funny xD