Super Mario Theme - played by Four calculators

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It's a small world : Hello.about this cover. This calculator doesn't have every tone.and i arrange for easy to play. So..This cover is little different. But i hope you like it..(><) Am i making sense? Thank you for watching.

Cyranek : I once heard that the Japanese were so good at math that it made beautiful music. I thought it was only a legend...

Vapor Wave - sama : *Raises hand* Is calculator an instrument?

Lyra'sPlateOfPancakes : How to be Shawn Wasabi without being Shawn Wasabi.

Kendylle Emersyon : The new and improved piano coming in 2018 😂😂😂

James Becker : so what do you play? "I play the violin how about you?" o......uum i play the calculators

Tiffany Hidalgo : You are the god among humans

Un Known : this man could probably make mayonnaise an instrument

Areeb'skk : Since when did Calculators start making sounds when you pressed the Buttons???

Akbar Fathurrahman : When your musical skill better than math

Sophiiie Stylinson : well I ain't solving that equation

_Oatmelia_ : You’re a creator on the rise! Congrats!

Alanis Linda : This cured my depression

《超低頻度》もんすたぁ : 転載されてますよー

Harmony Pitt : I didn’t know calculators could make sounds

AndrewCTV : good. Now play it backwards

MoisZik : YouTube wanted me to watch this really badly -_- so im here now


Jean-Raymond Uwandji : *God level quick mafs*

DJ MIX : О+уенно

Maria Ivonete Oliveira Xavier : Q q eu to fazendo da minha vida :')

kathryn.grace. : Friends: What kind of music do you listen to? Me: I only listen to REAL music. *Pulls this up*

Skywalker 47 : even if you're boy or girl i think i found my true person

carlosfuhyobih : brazil likes

Mayara Gabriely Da Silva : Eis que você não tem dinheiro pra comprar um piano profissional e chega a esse ponto, tocar na calculadora ;-;

田井中文佳 : 転載されてますよ?

shebaz khan : Can you do this with one calculator?

MC Tiger : is this possible on 1 calculator?

lunah hardcore : Calculators forever☺🎶🎶🎵♩

JohnnyBear : Where can I get 1 of those.. *I mean 4*

iNeon Gaming YT : When your teacher asks you what your doing: I’m playing the piano 😂

Syahdanu AP : old : do re mi fa si do in 2020: 7201973+2810419-329103:839101,829 lololol

Agastya Singh : What if these calculators were used in exams 😂😂

Icycoin : i love this side of YouTube.

EREN FUCKING JAEGER : Damn, how many calculators do you have?

Natsu M. : *this is real music*

Exquisite Drifting : You don't know how bad I need this as my new ringtone!

Ciriam Negrão : Vim só marcar presença

Owen Ng : Meanwhile during year end exams mario tunes pop out....

Belabee .11 : Someone: hey what instrument do you play Me: the calculator😝

Gabriel Duarte : Que instrumento você toca? Eu toco calculadora kkkk

your mum communist : Japanese calculators are the best.

Tropixilty : Friend:Hey what instrument you play? Me:The calculator *Logan paul:Are you good bro? you need a survey*

David Kuzma : 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂Mdr comment il y arrive?moi j aimerai veun savoir le faire ,tu peut m apprendre?😂😂😂😅😅

Rafaela Soares : Quanto deu moço? Deu: 16$638474674838373837287339 Kkkkkk Alguém Br

daniel sasiad : Friend: listen to Justin Beiber *turns on baby* Me: I only listen to real music *plays this*

Lochie Filiten : Teacher: WHOS PHONE IS IT? Person: Miss, it's my calculator

Paul Antiporda : Where do u buy this kind of calculator??

Arjit Dwivedi : soooo what was the answer XD

Carlos :D : Así eran los celulares en esos tiempos? :v