Super Mario Theme - played by Four calculators

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It's a small world : Hello.about this cover. This calculator doesn't have every tone.and i arrange for easy to play. So..This cover is little different. But i hope you like it..(><) Am i making sense? Thank you for watching.

Jëjê Mitchell : You never cease to amaze me

Lyra'sPlateOfPancakes : How to be Shawn Wasabi without being Shawn Wasabi.

Hammy 101 : The new and improved piano coming in 2018 😂😂😂

Vapor Wave - sama : *Raises hand* Is calculator an instrument?

DJ MIX : О+уенно

It's a small world : Hello. Thank you for watching. I'm japanese. This calculator is made in China. So,i bought on the internet( ´ ▽ ` ) This calculator name is AR-7778. And left one is AR-8001. (Sorry for my English..) All my videos here→ I hope you like it. Thank you for reading. Have a nice day╰(*´︶`*)╯♡

James Becker : so what do you play? "I play the violin how about you?" o......uum i play the calculators

Areeb Khan : Since when did Calculators start making sounds when you pressed the Buttons???


Sophiiie Stylinson : well I ain't solving that equation

KappaKueen : You don't know how bad I need this as my new ringtone!

Alanis Linda : This cured my depression

Harmony Pitt : I didn’t know calculators could make sounds

Un Known : this man could probably make mayonnaise an instrument

とあるモカ推し : 転載されてますよー

Lemon Mia : You’re a creator on the rise! Congrats!

Akbar Fathurrahman : When your musical skill better than math

Andrew Cole : good. Now play it backwards

Jean-Raymond Uwandji : *God level quick mafs*

Arjit Dwivedi : soooo what was the answer XD

Cyranek : I once heard that the Japanese were so good at math that it made beautiful music. I thought it was only a legend...

Maria Ivonete Oliveira Xavier : Q q eu to fazendo da minha vida :')

chicken wing : what kind of fucking calculators are these

Skywalker 47 : even if you're boy or girl i think i found my true person

Natsu M. : *this is real music*

Dee Vinci : That’s some talent right there

Carlosௐ : brazil likes

Bálint Nemes : why do the calculators read 2005-01-016?

LilyCocaFizz : i love this side of YouTube.

Urbankreeperz05 : Such Talent

Tyclone : Are you at least doing your taxes bro?

Joshua Smith : What? I thought four calculators were going to be playing the Super Mario theme what a rip off

BabySoda56 : Ok kids, band starts this year, choose an instrument. Sir, I choose the calculator

eiroc me : HOWWWW???

TheRealKirby : GG AWESOME

Candylollipop 16 : “And what instrument do you play?” *I play the calculator*

SpecialOpsGhost Oh yea : Why do people dislike these things? There just jealous and they think they can try but in reality the fail miserably Point is GREAT JOB 🔥🔥

Laura Hayward-Price : PURE TALENT

Fnitepro_ 22 : Those sounds are FAKE

Tj the Squishy Legomanic! : This man should be the Us president. #youshouldrunfor2020election

MoisZik : YouTube wanted me to watch this really badly -_- so im here now

Andreas Hoppe : Plot twist, someone paying the accordion in the background

Aspect EG : What's your special talent? Him: uhm.. I play music with my calculator?

Shrek the Ogre : so many digits so much music so *bit* memory

Shawn Shawn : Next time, buy a piano, no more calculators.

GodIsTheName : Make all them friends jealous

Owen Ng : Meanwhile during year end exams mario tunes pop out....

Gd Whitehead : :v

Josiel Lobo Gomes : Genial, show