polyphonic overtone singing - Anna-Maria Hefele

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Chase Holfelder : Incredibly impressive.

Madahi Khan : Uhm... This is creepy... I don't like it... But the comment section is hilarious AF!!!

Google User : The video is in black and white to hide her green skin 👽

szesciopak : SCARY. good for self defense

bora bora : I feel trapped in a 50s science fiction.

JessieFaig : Lyrics; you're welcome Errrwweeereweeeeeeeerreewwwwweeewrrrteww Eeeerrrrrreewwwweeer Errrrmmmeereeeewwwwrreewwwww Eeeerrrrrreewwwweeer where're Erwerwewreewreww Erweeeeewweeeeewrrwee errreeeewweerrwerewwe Reeewweerrreewwweeeeeeee errrrrrrreweeeewe Eeeerrrrrreewwwweeer reeewweerrreewwweeeeeeee Rrrrreereeewweweeeewrrrrrerwewerererwrerwrerrewrewrewreewrewrrewerrwqwerrewwerreww Reeeerwerweerwweeww Werwererrrrrrqwweeeerrrrwwwewewewerrrrrrwerrrewwerewrrrrrerrrrweeeeeeerrrrrrrrrwwerwerwereeerrreerrewwewewwwreerrrrr You're welcome

Kan Mi : can you talk to whales?!

John Howerton : I can only do this during prostate examinations.

Amy Espinoza : This is so cool. But why is it that the more I listen to it, the creepier and more unnerving it gets?

Alexis Reed : This is like when squidward swallowed a slide whistle oml

psychobyte00 : she blinked 1.38 times per second in this video

Alec Kozicki : Trying to figure out how I ended up here, because this was not a youtube black hole adventure. Anyways, thank you.

Marqan : Stop swallowing instruments!!

venertoo claudierre : Breakfast : flute Dinner : clarinet

Emiel Kollof : The Mongolians called. They want their throatsinging back.

spartansith : Blue lady alien from fifth element?

Jack Frasier : This is insane that she has such control over harmonic overtones! Amazing!

overlycreative1 : This will come in really handy if I ever get stuck on a desert island. " Ok, Wilson, you take the harmony".

Bill Ramey : "Thanks for watching, humans."

Gavuriru : This could be used BEAUTIFULY in beatboxing. Like HOLY SHAYT.

High Zenburgh : I totall learned how to do this, and Gary Busey apoeared, floating outside my window, eating fish tacos.

Adriano Rosa : Are you sure you're not a theremin? Tbh I was just poking fun... it's awesome that she can sing like that!

JamVlogs : omg these comments are the bestttt i'm literally dying LOL

A Dead Chap Named Spooks : I'm pretty sure this is how aliens communicate....

Oh Damn : *My strange addiction* "I like to swallow recorders whole*

Higor Guedes : I don't know what is hottest, her technique or herself

Jason Summer : I had no idea this was possible and I still can't believe it.

Knotdead : I'm scared. They'll come and get us.

Mayorb : My cat just exploded. Thanks.

Canadianlady2012 : That's a very annoying singing voice.

NCF8710 : She is waving her hand. Is there a Theremin nearby?

Furrowed Brow : She is a fembot.

Krist 수프 : Meanwhile there are little brats who get fame for no talent (lil tay cough cough)

SkullCrusher : I once sneezed and farted at the same time, I can relate to it.

WATCH BTS - IDOL : I've been doing this without knowing what it was the entire time lol. Of course, I'm no where near as good as her, but it sometimes happens.

twenty paphønies : "thanks for watching" *casually disappears*

Vladimir Golev : This is the first time I see woman singing overtones. Really impressive skill!

Yvonne Tomenga : 👍Thank you so much for sharing this technique. I have read authors who refer to polyphonic music🎵, but without an actual demonstration, I haven't known what the description was referring to. The quality of the video also deserves commendation from the staging, audio quality and editing. Very nice to see such professionalism among so many amateur YouTube videos. Kudos to all who contributed to this fine video. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

Core Puncher : She swallowed a whistle. Case closed!

Can vegans eat animal crackers? : Wow. Two singers for the price of one, lol.(jk)

bittersweet : I feel like Im in How To Talk To Girls At Parties

AmiEvil : HOLY SH$T! My 'ol lady has been singing to me the whole time?

Edwin Brink : Which is harder: singing or hearing overtones? I can hear a flute and hear the overtones like someone slapped an organ

Wise Guy : Get the F out of hereeeee. This is not real

jahn hendrix : whistling+humming=polyphonic voice?

47Mortuus : Overtone - yes Polyphonic - not even close

MrSober4now : The poly tones sound cool but the voice doesn’t sound very musical.

Germán Cuervo : impressive the mastery of this technique, congratulations   Historial Guardadas Comunidad Realiza búsquedas con la función manos libres Di “te amo en francés” con Google app. NO, GRACIASPROBAR LA APLICACIÓN Habla con alguien en otro idioma. NO, GRACIASPROBAR LA APLICACIÓN

smashash123 : At least 1M of these views are dr bentley teaching this during musical and mr long saying it’s fake

Raccoon Residence : My dogs are fascinated by this vid. My question is how does this apply to music? I'm thinking heavy metal.