polyphonic overtone singing - Anna-Maria Hefele

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Chase Holfelder : Incredibly impressive.

Alexis Reed : This is like when squidward swallowed a slide whistle oml

Wayne : How the heck do you do that?!?

Geek Power : Instructions unclear, I invaded China

Robert Tuner : Wow.! I've seen Mongolian singers 15 yrs ago, sing simply in overtones, but this is wonderfully advanced. It sounds good, and it's admirable. I respect all the work you've put into this craft and salute your natural talent.

Paddy's Piano : Are her parents theremins?

Marqan : Stop swallowing instruments!!

Duke the meister : All the damn glasses in my house just broke!!! Thanks

JessieFaig : Lyrics; you're welcome Errrwweeereweeeeeeeerreewwwwweeewrrrteww Eeeerrrrrreewwwweeer Errrrmmmeereeeewwwwrreewwwww Eeeerrrrrreewwwweeer where're Erwerwewreewreww Erweeeeewweeeeewrrwee errreeeewweerrwerewwe Reeewweerrreewwweeeeeeee errrrrrrreweeeewe Eeeerrrrrreewwwweeer reeewweerrreewwweeeeeeee Rrrrreereeewweweeeewrrrrrerwewerererwrerwrerrewrewrewreewrewrrewerrwqwerrewwerreww Reeeerwerweerwweeww Werwererrrrrrqwweeeerrrrwwwewewewerrrrrrwerrrewwerewrrrrrerrrrweeeeeeerrrrrrrrrwwerwerwereeerrreerrewwewewwwreerrrrr You're welcome

InsertName130 : 3:28 is amazing.

Sebastian ASMR : This is the sound of the apocalypse

Cleveland Brown : Worst neighbor ever!!

psychobyte00 : she blinked 1.38 times per second in this video

Alec Kozicki : Trying to figure out how I ended up here, because this was not a youtube black hole adventure. Anyways, thank you.

WuTangIsFoTheChildren : LAUREL

Emiel Kollof : The Mongolians called. They want their throatsinging back.

Abby Babby : Holy moly, this is amazing.

Noriel Sylvire : How she talks at like 0.1 decibels then sings at 1000

Adriano Rosa : Are you sure you're not a theremin?

Heavy Metal Vixxen : Wow this is actual talent

NRfun : That is amazing! I'm mindblown!

vasco de gama : Wtf is happening?

Brandon Chai : At 1:07 she sounds like an erhu. Amazing.

Rodrigo Brito : dafuk

Charles The Handsome And Brave : is SETI picking this up?

Knotdead : I'm scared. They'll come and get us.

Loveworthy : omg im so shook im just finding out this exists and i have no words to describe how I feel about it! this is beyond amazing, im absolutely aww struck!

Jilly the Kid : It's actually not that hard to do this

SoYaThinkUcanRide : I just got these wine glasses. Somebody's paying for this

Mayorb : My cat just exploded. Thanks.

MrCubuc : 03:00 harmonic minor scale? O.o impressive

Giorgio Giorgini : La voce in "maschera" produce effetti sonori poiché la voce crea il "vibrato" e modificando la "pronuncia" si ottengono suoni imitativi.

Furrowed Brow : She is a fembot.

Lee Xaree : Awesome! Can you sing and rap simultaneously?

andyguy0610 : Started off With a Gregorian Video, then some Finnish pagan music, a siberan neo shamanic woman and then here, You tube has a lot to answer for :-)

Amandeep Singh : It's called throat singing, being practiced and tough by Buddhist monks. awesome !!!!!!!!!

Terry Frederickson : now if she can do that wile doing porn she would be famous

Ken : Wonder what she sounds like when making crazy mad love to her????

Jagi Frisbee : I didn't know how to react when she first started singing.

Jack Frasier : This is insane that she has such control over harmonic overtones! Amazing!


MITCHELL WIGGS : would you really want to be good at something that sounds horrible tho

Bilal Shah : Freaky Bitch...

Rebecca Vocal Athlete : I think I can do this.

Tell Me More About it : Is this thing for real?

Higor Guedes : She has a built in lfo

Connor Bigelow : ooweeooweeoowee

jahn hendrix : whistling+humming=polyphonic voice?

Eric Cantu : This woman is from another dimension

Kan Mi : can you talk to whales?!