polyphonic overtone singing - Anna-Maria Hefele

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Chase Holfelder : Incredibly impressive.

Rachel Lane : Instructions weren’t clear, I summoned several toaster demons.

Chado : One of the most beautiful nerds i've ever seen.

Mcl : But can you do Africa by Toto?

wlazare1 : Yeah but can you pat your head while rubbing your stomach ?????

Alexis Reed : This is like when squidward swallowed a slide whistle oml

David C. : I saw this in an old film once. They ate the humans shortly after.

Niemaa aaand : Weird flex but ok

lєиα_ Gᗩᑕᕼᗩ : She kinda sounds like an electric toothbrush

Jeremy Kiahsobyk : If Dissociative Disorder had a theme song...

SkullCrusher : I once sneezed and farted at the same time, I can relate to it.

Oh : *My strange addiction* "I like to swallow recorders whole"

Jimin 4life : The video is funny but the comments are a whole another level of hilariousness in its own self 😂

twenty paphønies : "thanks for watching" *casually disappears*

Tawny Evergreen : Woah, this is super impressive but the black and white really brings out to the eerieness of the sound jesus christ

szesciopak : SCARY. good for self defense

Liquid Rainbow : I can do this too when i'm choking on a potato, i swear.

Alice de la peschardière : Marry me and I'll let you lay your eggs in me, alien queen

Cole Dalton : Human.exe has stopped working!

shlups : She looked normal in the thumbnail but now she looks terrifying

NCF8710 : She is waving her hand. Is there a Theremin nearby?

dlwatib : Sounds like something that you would go to a Tibetan monastery to learn to do... and they would only teach you after you proved your worthiness by sitting on a mountaintop for 20 years.

Korkee Konrad : It's like Tuvan throat singing but without the scraggly facial hair and furry hats.

Chris Kelemen : I too am a human who likes walking with my human leg and singing with my human voice.

Bill Ramey : "Thanks for watching, humans."

attaboy azza : Comes with sign language for hearing impaired.

Seth McIntosh : She'd be great to take hunting elk.

Philip : Like a good young person she got plenty of exercise and made sure to take all her theramins.

AKS : I am a classical tenor, and I find this very interesting. I have a high degree of control over my voice, and the manipulations of overtones allow me to sing over an orchestra and to control vowels, and I sometimes play around making sounds like these for fun......but I have never tried doing it to this level of creating two scales. But now I will try it as well....thanks for the wonderful display....brava.

Google User : The video is in black and white to hide her green skin 👽

Sgt. Jayden Eveleigh : “Thanks for watching” *gets summoned by her tractor beam*

Kelsey Bell : It's one am Why did I click on this? Why is there a knock on my door? Why are there two men in black suits waiting for me on my stoop? Why is there a space sh-

Sophia Townsend : I feel like Im in How To Talk To Girls At Parties

Ploopybear : She generates singing power with massive amounts of blinking

Sebastian ASMR : This is the sound of the apocalypse

Taxtro : Odd to hear those sounds coming from a human.

Tryptamine Odyssey : This woman is my cat’s worst nightmare made flesh

Alexis Mandelias : Subtitles be like: *[singing]*

Joe Lai Lim : Is she singing chest voice with whistle register??!! This is incredible

Mayorb : My cat just exploded. Thanks.

Chado : Wow. Two singers for the price of one, lol.(jk)

Raccoon Residence : My dogs are fascinated by this vid. My question is how does this apply to music? I'm thinking heavy metal.

Rich H : Alien mating tones.

Jane Heimbichner : But the the real question is why? Why would you do this this?

Nathan Videos : O m g. Beautifully done. I didn’t even know this was possible until now *mind blown*

Ploopybear : Take a shot every time she blinks.

Just a Youtuber : But can she sing 2 songs at the same time?

Miktecrep : I want to marry her

Itor Lamop : so they do walk among us....

Alex Dobre : To be scared, or not to be scared, that is the question!