polyphonic overtone singing - Anna-Maria Hefele

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Chase Holfelder : Incredibly impressive.

Alexis Reed : This is like when squidward swallowed a slide whistle oml

JessieFaig : Lyrics; you're welcome Errrwweeereweeeeeeeerreewwwwweeewrrrteww Eeeerrrrrreewwwweeer Errrrmmmeereeeewwwwrreewwwww Eeeerrrrrreewwwweeer where're Erwerwewreewreww Erweeeeewweeeeewrrwee errreeeewweerrwerewwe Reeewweerrreewwweeeeeeee errrrrrrreweeeewe Eeeerrrrrreewwwweeer reeewweerrreewwweeeeeeee Rrrrreereeewweweeeewrrrrrerwewerererwrerwrerrewrewrewreewrewrrewerrwqwerrewwerreww Reeeerwerweerwweeww Werwererrrrrrqwweeeerrrrwwwewewewerrrrrrwerrrewwerewrrrrrerrrrweeeeeeerrrrrrrrrwwerwerwereeerrreerrewwewewwwreerrrrr You're welcome

Colby and Brennen : When you're contacting the mothership

Alec Kozicki : Trying to figure out how I ended up here, because this was not a youtube black hole adventure. Anyways, thank you.

psychobyte00 : she blinked 1.38 times per second in this video

Kan Mi : can you talk to whales?!

Robert Tuner : Wow.! I've seen Mongolian singers 15 yrs ago, sing simply in overtones, but this is wonderfully advanced. It sounds good, and it's admirable. I respect all the work you've put into this craft and salute your natural talent.

Marqan : Stop swallowing instruments!!

A Dead Chap Named Spooks : I'm pretty sure this is how aliens communicate....

Emiel Kollof : The Mongolians called. They want their throatsinging back.

Adriano Rosa : Are you sure you're not a theremin? Tbh I was just poking fun... it's awesome that she can sing like that!

Filipe Bayde : Dr. Who: DON'T BLINK!! Anna-Maria:

SoYaThinkUcanRide : I just got these wine glasses. Somebody's paying for this

Mayorb : My cat just exploded. Thanks.

InsertName130 : 3:28 is amazing.

Cleveland Brown : Worst neighbor ever!!

Higor Guedes : I don't know what is hottest, her technique or herself

andyguy0610 : Started off With a Gregorian Video, then some Finnish pagan music, a siberan neo shamanic woman and then here, You tube has a lot to answer for :-)

Bill Ramey : "Thanks for watching, humans."

Jack Frasier : This is insane that she has such control over harmonic overtones! Amazing!

WuTangIsFoTheChildren : LAUREL

Knotdead : I'm scared. They'll come and get us.

Gavuriru : This could be used BEAUTIFULY in beatboxing. Like HOLY SHAYT.

SkullCrusher : I once sneezed and farted at the same time, I can relate to it.

spartansith : Blue lady alien from fifth element?

wurly164 : You must have strong lungs to do this, and she looks like she has strong ...lungs

High Zenburgh : I totall learned how to do this, and Gary Busey apoeared, floating outside my window, eating fish tacos.

Furrowed Brow : She is a fembot.

Paddy's Piano : Are her parents theremins?

Loveworthy : omg im so shook im just finding out this exists and i have no words to describe how I feel about it! this is beyond amazing, im absolutely aww struck!

Brandon Chai : At 1:07 she sounds like an erhu. Amazing.

Synystr7 : 2:19 Halo?

jahn hendrix : whistling+humming=polyphonic voice?

Sebastian ASMR : This is the sound of the apocalypse

vasco de gama : Wtf is happening?

Tom Stulc : Very impressive and even more bizarre. Awsome cleavage. Dont start singing like that on the first date.

Germán Cuervo : impressive the mastery of this technique, congratulations   Historial Guardadas Comunidad Realiza búsquedas con la función manos libres Di “te amo en francés” con Google app. NO, GRACIASPROBAR LA APLICACIÓN Habla con alguien en otro idioma. NO, GRACIASPROBAR LA APLICACIÓN

Krist 수프 : Meanwhile there are little brats who get fame for no talent (lil tay cough cough)

MrSober4now : The poly tones sound cool but the voice doesn’t sound very musical.

Higor Guedes : She has a built in lfo

Abby Babby : Holy moly, this is amazing.

Raymond K Petry : *_...sans linguistic articulation it sounds good for an ancient-archaic 'Bali-Ha'i' background..._* *_...sidebar: in Bruce Willis' Fifth Element there's a blue singer with blue tubes from her head and I'd expected her to sound like a multi-polyphonic-organ opera singer...but she wasn't..._*

Rodrigo Brito : dafuk

Jagi Frisbee : I didn't know how to react when she first started singing.

Lee Xaree : Awesome! Can you sing and rap simultaneously?

MITCHELL WIGGS : would you really want to be good at something that sounds horrible tho

Jason Summer : I had no idea this was possible and I still can't believe it.

John Howerton : I can only do this during prostate examinations.

mrxexes : I accidentally played this with my speakers blasting loud, long story short I now have a freaking portal vortex thingy in my living room... Should I be worried?