Rocket Knife -VS- Watermelon

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Michael Dilger : Please Cut up a lipo

Low Elevation RC : "I've always wondered, can you actually hotglue a watermelon to something?" Uhh... Yeah, I've "always wondered" that too

Karl-Emil Storm : I love your consistent uploads, hahahaha. This is so good! Greetings from Denmark!

Robert Kitchen : David I would like to see the rocket knife cutting through a DJI phantom 1, whilst hovering.

Ben Carter : That energy absorption at the end needs to be more progressive. It is always going to cut through a blanket if it is cable tied to the frame. I think it could do with 2 or more frames behind each other. The first one would catch the knife and then go with it, so attached to bungees or cables that are weighted. Then that would hit a second more rigid netted frame. Slow the deceleration down like they do at Circuses or those free fall rides which have double catch nets.

Airborne Images : Try slicing a water balloon. The high speed should be great.

Christopher Raff : Deer: I'm going to get the hell out of here; that guy has a knife with a rocket attached to it! No way this ends well for me.

Daniel Tomas Jr. : Put a mattress on a cord, lead. When the rocket hits, the mattress moves but is connected to the cord. It will slow it down. The easier the better. The physics are there.

HorrifiedPilot : Cut a rocket knife with a rocket knife.

Quinten Moonen : Rocket knife vs wild deer?

Detour FPV : This is why I buy from rcexplorer. David's madness needs funding.

AeroGeek16 : Cut carbon fiber with the rocket knife!

ABSnyder RC : These videos are awesome David! Keep up that crazy Swede stuff! Oooo shiney!! Real nice!

BLeeKiis Too : Every time I watch another episode of Rocket-Knife I think of yet more things I wanna see it take on! This time, I'd like to request a motorcycle helmet- WITH a ballistics gel head inside it... 3:) Thank you again :)

Jonesy Films : Nice David, adjoneses here, I think we all just found the solution to the North Korea threat

John Possum : How about cutting a 5# gummy bear in half?

LowLightVideos : RocketBike 🚀🚴

Hakalabakala : 100% sure it isn't copied from the backyard scientist

gotohell gotohell : Please cut a few libtards in half .

Alexander Shullaw : Ricjet5knife vs AGP Video Card

TheDrMaximum : I love how cartoony this looks

Squirrel FPV : good job on goal much better

matt Yapman : you better add audio effect like sloma guys to get more viewers

PhantomAvenger : cut some dry ice

Glen Bellows : How is that knife not destroyed yet

Glen Bellows : Please cut up a small rc plane in flight

Brett Brown : Rocket knife vs Dear

James Shride : Please cut a laptop.

Muele : Awesome geek-work. But you need to watermark your videos. They are beginning to go viral in GIFform. Watermarking is probably the only way you can get those viewers come here and see the full videos.

johnny llooddte : please..... dont ever lay down near that monster again

Hampus Mellin : What fuel do you use?

Jamie Feldman : David, Please Please Please do spray paint cans!!!!!

Ghost Ryder FPV : Hello David! May I suggest, for your next cut, a North Korean ICBM?

RedneckCanadians : you should do some cans of paint to color you backstop

iwa : デビッドがおっさんになっとる。

Benny Löfgren : I only wish you'd use safety goggles... No point filming it if you can't see the slo-mo of the moment that rocket ignites into your eyes. :-)

Jhon Lewis : Just go all the way and make the rocket knife "a thousand degrees"lol.

Paul Aitchison : hi from Canada, David, You have far to much free time on your hands....... Love it LOL

Rc Dad / Sultans of Wing : you had me at hot glue watermelon

James Mears : Wow that is cool!!

Constantine Bovalis : Maybe put multiple watermelons along the line?

Kevin Hornback : attach the gopro to the sled

Gustavo Hernan : You have a new sub

Coolmanpie : That ooooh was amazing

Jim Clark, N5QL : Cut a chicken. Use hay bales for a backstop.

Digital Wolf FPV : Cut an rc radio/transmitter


231ian1 : 2:30

Luisangel Corona : nice work!! I think it"ll cut 5-10 watermelons easy!! maybe a pineapple next?

ArthurDent0042 : It seems like your engine was burning longer on this run. In your first (successful) full-charge test (Rocket Knife - It's working! But how fast is it?), it seemed as if the fuel had burned out before reaching the end if the rail. On this video, it looked like it was still burning as it passed the watermelon. Have you changed your fuel in some way from your first full-charge test?