Rocket Knife -VS- Watermelon

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Floh : Sure you can have more than 1 Joule with a Airsoft =D

Michael Dilger : Please Cut up a lipo

Robert Kitchen : David I would like to see the rocket knife cutting through a DJI phantom 1, whilst hovering.

gagomand : I love your consistent uploads, hahahaha. This is so good! Greetings from Denmark!

Jim Clark : Cut a chicken. Use hay bales for a backstop.

BLeeKiis Too : Every time I watch another episode of Rocket-Knife I think of yet more things I wanna see it take on! This time, I'd like to request a motorcycle helmet- WITH a ballistics gel head inside it... 3:) Thank you again :)

Low Elevation RC : "I've always wondered, can you actually hotglue a watermelon to something?" Uhh... Yeah, I've "always wondered" that too

That Cathedral Guy : Nice David, adjoneses here, I think we all just found the solution to the North Korea threat

Detour FPV : This is why I buy from rcexplorer. David's madness needs funding.

HorrifiedPilot : Cut a rocket knife with a rocket knife.

ABMNS PRODUCTION : Sorry i disliked the video because i hate when people are playing with such precious things like foods! This is wrong! Have a great weekend anyway!

Gustavo Hernan Rodriguez Saraguro : You have a new sub

Daniel Tomas Jr. : Put a mattress on a cord, lead. When the rocket hits, the mattress moves but is connected to the cord. It will slow it down. The easier the better. The physics are there.

Benny Löfgren : I only wish you'd use safety goggles... No point filming it if you can't see the slo-mo of the moment that rocket ignites into your eyes. :-)

PressTube : Subscribed !! What high speed camera are you using? First time on this channel so maybe it's been said before, in that case sorry for asking.

Kevin Hornback : attach the gopro to the sled

Christopher Raff : Deer: I'm going to get the hell out of here; that guy has a knife with a rocket attached to it! No way this ends well for me.

muh1h1 : You should definitly consider putting an actioncamera on the sled itself next time you cut something!

Hakalabakala : 100% sure it isn't copied from the backyard scientist

1041ferret : will you circumcise me with this plz ? <3

g2h0 : David has always been a cut above the rest

chazzbass : to much time on some of our hands

Dylan Fisher : What fuel do you use?

ald88cod : What are you using as ur fuel grain

Jimmy Sippel : Coolt David! 😀 Jag är väldigt nyfiken på vad du har som bränsle till raketen? Har försökt leta om du lagt ut den informationen här någonstans men inte hittat något. Har lekt lite med socker raketer förut. 😉 Så det hade varit trevligt om du ville dela med dig av vad det är för bränsle på något sätt. Jimmy / CarbiX

Claes Wikberg : David you are a smart person... 3000 joule and you expect an old mattress to stop it... ;)

Markus Lindblom : Why you upload so early in the morning

Anas Mhz : who loves david windestal ? his such a great man

Jhon Lewis : Just go all the way and make the rocket knife "a thousand degrees"lol.

Bogdan Markovic : U need a better slow mo camera its a waste of time if u cant see im super slow motion....chronos would work for you. I pretty sure you r familiar with that camera. Its cheap and good

stotheh : Cut an iPhone. I know it's a ripoff but still...

Kumra : Rocket Knife vs Deer

Peter Aksberg : Cutting stuff is nice but can we see it from the sleds point of view? Probably need to work a little on the catching to make camera survive before trying but I guess it would give you a good opportunity to study the knife wobble.

Luisangel Corona : nice work!! I think it"ll cut 5-10 watermelons easy!! maybe a pineapple next?

Ian Davidson : Shouldn't the guide-rail continue PAST the object you want to slice?

Air-headed Aviator : "Lets watch it in slowmo." *rocketknige still zips by.* Also you should cut me up a piece of pie with that Rocket Knife David, to celebrate!

The Smug Doge : Backyard scientist?

Constantine Bovalis : Maybe put multiple watermelons along the line?

Ryan Korniloff : I wonder if the sled is long enough for the rocket to reach it's top speed...

Alec J : I'm curious if you calculated the charge's burn time and constructed the track length to coincide with that.

Chanil Budel : You might want to upgrade your catch with some kevlar.

Marc Egli : Why the knife? The sled would probably go through the melon just as smooth.

Jan Hoffmann : Pls cut a old Nokia. I know its not posible to do that because they are unbreakable.

Digital Wolf FPV : Cut an rc radio/transmitter

Gunner R.A. : Just a thought, is the knife generating lift on one side? Might be why the cut is on the tilt. Also you are INSANE!!!

zendell37 : It's like Henrick is a cliche Swedish party guy. That's not a knock, he's a rad bad dude.

Giaco Whatever : I love that you put it in the centhor...

Nikita Tolochkov : Another knife!

Daniel Kezar : ooooooooooooossssum........

laurent pastorelli : cut a salmon in the length! (sushi rocket)