Key & Peele - Fraternity Branding

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regular everyday normal modafuka : this video had me in tears

Kampfhund : And this is why I am avoiding Greek Life....


that90sguy : I love how Key normalized his voice just to tell Peele that a dick is indeed straight up on his chest.

Jake Stonebraker : By the third omega I knew where this was going...

Zach Haywood : I swear they have unlimited sketches, every single one is funny as hell

Smooooth : Imagine if he goes to jail...

Random Preston : I mean it could be a rocket ship

kevin niang : Watch this on 2x speed lmao.

AE : ohh my god my eyes were watering after he did the third one

Pulkit Sharma : This is how black on black crime starts

Luis Garza Jr. : I love the hesitation in his voice after the first fk up. hahah

BrotherDanTheMan : "That could be a rocket ship...or a lighthouse..."

rap game bob barker : "you can't go back middle now son" LMFAO everytime.

OverthereLook : All the morons in the comments saying blacks don't go to college don't attend college themselves, because every college student knows anyone can go to college. Universities actually recruit students from every ethnicity by the boatload.

Bushrod Rust Johnson : Steve O would do this on purpose.

Arjun Gupta : Key & Peele MUST reunite and return

idontcare : I wish this show was still on comedy central

FlyKixGaming : Lol I thought it was the Eiffel Tower 😂😂😂😂

mahendra singh : finally a key and Peele video where my comment will be noticed! hahaha

Hunter 'Man Of' Steele : I really want to know what kind of a person presses dislike on Key and Peele videos

Azwaw Loumi : I almost died watching this episode, I Was eating some oreos and Milk and I laughed so hard the cookie almost Blocked my airways

Smiley : I promised my self that this would be my last key&peele video............ 12 videos ago


GABOS : As an OPO members myself, I can say this has happened only 3 times in our history. #OMEGAPIOMEGA

The KTOWN BOYZ : Straight down the middle son !

_TheBringerOfRain_ : thats three omegas! oh man i forgot the pi..lmao

Santiago Gutierrez : “It could be a lighthouse.” 😂😂😂

Jen Charmaine : Omega Pie Balls

Delorean Williams : S/O to Omega Psi Phi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol

David Toese : You already committed to the upside down and to the side lmao 😂🤣

Zach Jaixen : Way funnier than it should have been

NepaliGamer : Kinda saw it coming after second omega thing!

I wish I was High on potenus : who else on a key and peele marathon ✋✋

Maddex Asuncion : I laughed so hard cried and lost my their Fake Gangster script..too funny!!

Steven Friedman : Just tell people you're French and it's the Eiffel tower! lol

Andrew Novitsky : its a RIPPLE biatch!

Tony Geesters : Man I laughed so hard I had to replay it again XD

Ivan Singrasabout : 1:30 i love that derp face lol XD

Elizabeth lizz : I live their dub step part. has anyone seen that one?

Taco Tacotington : Key and Peele are some of the best comedians of our time.

Thomas Chacko : This is by far one of the funniest Key and Peele skit. Top 5 for sure. I was literally in tears by the end.

Daisy Winxstar : lmao i did not see that coming! x_x

Edgar Barrientos : STRAIGHT DOWN THE MIDDLE SON!!!! Hahaha!!!

Rahul Khamamkar : I gotta stop watching them... People might think I live a happy life.

dontBEaSYNk : when im feeling meh... i watch this video... and im good again.

Snuff Daddy : lol jordan sound lik bone crusher


Dom : I kept replaying it until it wasn't funny but it nevr stopped being funny. My throat hurts from LMAOing

Mrod1317 : I'm tearing up right now with this comedy ... Lmfao!