Key & Peele - Fraternity Branding

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Jake Stonebraker : By the third omega I knew where this was going...

Kampfhund : And this is why I am avoiding Greek Life....

Maxwell Winters : this video had me in tears

Smooooth : Imagine if he goes to jail...

Zach Haywood : I swear they have unlimited sketches, every single one is funny as hell

Random Preston : I mean it could be a rocket ship

kevin niang : Watch this on 2x speed lmao.

AE : ohh my god my eyes were watering after he did the third one

rap game bob barker : "you can't go back middle now son" LMFAO everytime.

Dom : I kept replaying it until it wasn't funny but it nevr stopped being funny. My throat hurts from LMAOing

Luis Garza Jr. : I love the hesitation in his voice after the first fk up. hahah

BrotherDanTheMan : "That could be a rocket ship...or a lighthouse..."

Thrilla Whale : I lose my shit everytime at "THATS THREE OMEGAS!!"

Bushrod Rust Johnson : Steve O would do this on purpose.

Hunter 'Man Of' Steele : I really want to know what kind of a person presses dislike on Key and Peele videos

FlyKixGaming : Lol I thought it was the Eiffel Tower 😂😂😂😂

Smiley : I promised my self that this would be my last key&peele video............ 12 videos ago

GABOS : As an OPO members myself, I can say this has happened only 3 times in our history. #OMEGAPIOMEGA

idontcare : I wish this show was still on comedy central

Azwaw Loumi : I almost died watching this episode, I Was eating some oreos and Milk and I laughed so hard the cookie almost Blocked my airways

Zoey Chevalier : Pretty sure those are the only two members of OPO lol.

NepaliGamer : Kinda saw it coming after second omega thing!

_TheBringerOfRain_ : thats three omegas! oh man i forgot the pi..lmao

Maddex Asuncion : I laughed so hard cried and lost my their Fake Gangster script..too funny!!

dontBEaSYNk : when im feeling meh... i watch this video... and im good again.

Zach Haywood : The first time I ever watched this, I had to pause the video because I was laughing so goddamn hard and didn't want to miss a line.

Taco Tacotington : Key and Peele are some of the best comedians of our time.

Ivan Singrasabout : 1:30 i love that derp face lol XD

Delorean Williams : S/O to Omega Psi Phi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol

Lazyjulio 20 : OMG this video had me laughing so hard I couldn't stop

David Toese : You already committed to the upside down and to the side lmao 😂🤣

HERROPREASE HERRO : Man key and peele skits murder a lot of people. That's all I see in the comments.

Zach Jaixen : Way funnier than it should have been

Mrod1317 : I'm tearing up right now with this comedy ... Lmfao!

I wish I was High on potenus : who else on a key and peele marathon ✋✋

Steven Friedman : Just tell people you're French and it's the Eiffel tower! lol


asakir othman : Extremely hillarious,, god i hurt my jaw..

wong shihan : I can't breathe

Snuff Daddy : lol jordan sound lik bone crusher

Tony Geesters : Man I laughed so hard I had to replay it again XD

not_a_russian : search term is: omega pi omega.

Edgar Barrientos : STRAIGHT DOWN THE MIDDLE SON!!!! Hahaha!!!

The KTOWN BOYZ : Straight down the middle son !

Coffee Addict : This was so funny I cried a little

Ryan Grant : lmao im weak

Mary Smith : OMG Now how do you get that off your chest LMAOOOO 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

arthurthegreat : It's Vandaveon's and Mike's favorite Key and Peele skit.

Tan Tan : These people who are commenting "blacks don't go to college/university" are just asking for it.