One-Minute Time Machine | Sploid Short Film Festival · Official Selection

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cramsingapore : The Prestige meets Groundhog Day.

Vaibhav Shinde : Dormammu I've come here to bargain

Night Rider : This is a perfect example of how difficult it is to approach women

Blaise Liu : The best story requires no cost. Two persons on one bench. Enough to kill.

Soumyo Mukherjee : Can I say, "still a better love story than Twilight" ??

Energyone : Should have definitely seen an after-the-credits scene with him screaming over her dead copies...

Michael Mex : If it was that easy to flirt !

Yankosh Badal : Probably the best romantic time travel short film.

Mue Behlack : -What's your favorite part? =The butt.

Leon Leo : This is awesome wtf why am I seeing it now, 3 years later???

Vito C : So in one timeline, the guy is freaking out over how many times he's killed himself, and the girl he's with suddenly drops dead

HellHoKitty : This needs to be made into a 2 hour movie OMG! the death scenes had me lose my mind! LMAO!

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) : He gets it right on 16th try Me fails after 160th try


Pandaiskey : 1:30 😂 I die!

denis : It's comedy, but drama at the same time. It's brilliant, sad and funny.

Arun Issac : Wow... it just showed me how unpredictable our life is .. in a beautiful way

Jo Kah : How americans think it goes in other countries: -Do you mind if i sit? -No this is not a free country you can't.

Echo TheEcho : Logically it makes no sense, but it's still very funny.

Steve Peffer : in terms of story, this is the best short film ive ever seen by far. many short films ive seen before are desperately trying to be deep but in the end the story is kinda dull. but this is pure gold

chas ames : Very good, Mistah Palmah.

Kev : Wait... I thought this was Forrest Gump... I'll keep watching.

Fry Sause : They both got more action than my love life.

Aysidia : **harder**

TheUnseenBlade : -Do you mind if i.... -It's a free country.... Thats the most american reply i've ever heard lol

nobody : I was thinking of the same thing with the parallel universe thing What if I died in another universe but I can't know because my concusness can't go to a universe where I'm dead?

F Mills : Now I know what i want for Christmas.

Khangenbam Avanjit : Beautiful.... I'd like to start with the simple fact that you used the excuse of time-travelling as the basis to establish this means of moving ahead with the story, it's just simply wonderful that the thought had come into your mind. Plus all the extra you needed was the emotional involvement of the two actors. And also I really liked the fact that you laid stress on the personalities of the individual characters which finally leaded to the involvement of both the characters in time travelling. All in one, terrific job!! Your're a great cinematographer

k22mabeck : This just goes to show the complication of women.

LookBehingYou : "I'm Lames." *die* **girl freaks out**

Jim : Top stuff guys, much respect to everyone involved.

Lostgears : Better love story than twilight.

Carver Smith : So this is what Palmer gets up to outside of NCIS.

Simon WoodburyForget : This is so sweet it made my ice-cream taste like kale.

Hold the door : " - Excuse me, what are you doing with my book?" " - Shh... I need to read this real fast. 95 PAGES????" *dies*

Werty McWerty : Future Gadget #8 has some serious downside. That chick was 100% Kurisu. El Psy Kongroo!

Iron Guide : *Where can I buy that?*

Student Chao Ren : Hahaha! This is so funny! What a wonderful short film !! 👍👍👍👍👍

Wielki Demon Ahzayah na emeryturze : Time travel is like a box of chocolades...

julie Wallis : What a beautiful film. So much story in five minutes too.

Hayden Lau : Horrifying and cute simultaneously

Emily Wood : Is everyone fake then or copied

Pascal Fergani : Excellent !!

Quirk And Quasar : I am glad it showed up in my recommendations

후세인Mustafa.H : الفيديو جميللللل

Nikhilkumar J : What a great extrapolation of the very idea that two opposite genders attracted to each other just approach; minute by minute the very basic needs of their own encripted deep in their dna which is... to pass down the genes and ensure the survival of species.... Other words... this is genuinely the best short movie I've seen.

Clay Hoggins : aaaw I wanna see the guy see the girl die...

Michael Beach : Holy shit that went dark very fast.

Abhishek Kumar Tiwari : I don't how the guy would be feeling right now after killing himself 16 times just to see the girl die after pressing the button.

Deshbandhu ji : Haha Amazing