One-Minute Time Machine | Sploid Short Film Festival · Official Selection

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cramsingapore : The Prestige meets Groundhog Day.

Steve Peffer : in terms of story, this is the best short film ive ever seen by far. many short films ive seen before are desperately trying to be deep but in the end the story is kinda dull. but this is pure gold

TheUnseenBlade : -Do you mind if i.... -It's a free country.... Thats the most american reply i've ever heard lol

Vaibhav Shinde : Dormammu I've come here to bargain

Blaise Liu : The best story requires no cost. Two persons on one bench. Enough to kill.

Energyone : Should have definitely seen an after-the-credits scene with him screaming over her dead copies...

Michael Mex : If it was that easy to flirt !

Yankosh Badal : Probably the best romantic time travel short film.

Jed Vassallo : Most unrealistic part of this; Woman: "Finally! I'm so sick of men who just can't ask for what they want." Real life: Man asks for what he wants. Woman accuses him of sexual harassment if she does not find him attractive. Man's life gets ruined. Woman then asks why there are no good men out there that take charge and ask for what they want.

HellHoKitty : This needs to be made into a 2 hour movie OMG! the death scenes had me lose my mind! LMAO!

Vito C : So in one timeline, the guy is freaking out over how many times he's killed himself, and the girl he's with suddenly drops dead

robinkhaira1 : that is a true man right there, fighting death for some sex.

Michael Stokes : This is actually a good example of why women are too difficult.

HiHACKER : Prestige+Forrest Gump+About Time (^o^)

Leon Leo : This is awesome wtf why am I seeing it now, 3 years later???

Hold the door : " - Excuse me, what are you doing with my book?" " - Shh... I need to read this real fast. 95 PAGES????" *dies*

Echo TheEcho : Logically it makes no sense, but it's still very funny.

Arun Issac : Wow... it just showed me how unpredictable our life is .. in a beautiful way

chas ames : Very good, Mistah Palmah.

911 Tech : While there are plot holes this was more enjoyable than many mainstream movies.

Emily Wood : Is everyone fake then or copied

k22mabeck : This just goes to show the complication of women.

Soumyo Mukherjee : Can I say, "still a better love story than Twilight" ??

Pascal Fergani : Excellent !!

julie Wallis : What a beautiful film. So much story in five minutes too.

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) : He gets it right on 16th try Me fails after 160th try

Fry Sause : They both got more action than my love life.

Pandaiskey : 1:30 😂 I die!

Truthd Craford : I'm splitting you all

Vinay Singh : Only if the video was longer, I would have been able to see some hard core porn. But wait.. Did I just write that.. Damn.. *presses the red button* *woooooffff*

Sobhin Thomas : Murder Box😀😀😁🤣

Diehard 270 : HES IN NCIS!!!! ❤️

~ Bright Romeo ~ : This looks written by a 12 years old.

Poe Luphy : Jeysus, what major crap, I am sure it will get some kind of a prize

nova h : Huh got this from UQ Holder anime.🤔

Goku Poker : really good stuff!

FILMMAKER'S STORY : so, so brilliant, is my comment good give be likes or response I have killed myself for like 65 times man

Lostgears : Better love story than twilight.

Abhishek Kumar Tiwari : I don't how the guy would be feeling right now after killing himself 16 times just to see the girl die after pressing the button.

F Mills : Now I know what i want for Christmas.

Daily News : Very good. A refreshing take on GH D.

Iron Guide : *Where can I buy that?*

Martin S : What is the message of this movie?

neutrons _ : 👌👌👌

Jim : Top stuff guys, much respect to everyone involved.

Wasteland of Wonders : This idea is NOT THAT ORIGINAl. It is very similar to a sketch called "sure thing" by David Ives from his play All in the Timing. The director just takes his basic idea and makes it more scientific and realistic with a time machine and dark twist. I still think it is good and adds a nice twist to the concept by thinking about it as time travel rather then just a metaphor but here is the original idea which I prefer:

Katalyzt : Perfectly done. ᵔᴥᵔ ★★★★★ Katalyzt

Deadpankan : So, this character willingly kills herself to increase the immediate odds of her alternate self getting some sex... 10/10!!

EYES OPEN : Very entertaining! Whoever thought this up, has a great imagination, and could be very successful in creating a two hour or more movie for the big screen!!!

Meet Soni : Don't make time machine