If Commercials were Real Life - Chewy

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Frenzied Ferret : Screw you mahk, I thought this said Chevy. EDIT: this was a joke, whatever Mahk does is funny and good

Dronbox CR : This had me dying 😂😂😂

Smaakjeks K : Please alphabetise the boxes when you deliver them , thaaaaaanks

Johnston Journeys : As a FedEx Ground driver I can confirm that this is 100% dead on accurate.

GhettoJesus : "Stop collecting rescue pets like theyre baseball cards" 😂

silveravnt : I love Chewy.com. The price is better and no shipping cost. Thanks Mahk!

It is : I work at FedEx and this video is my soul.


John Wick : That X-Men music just went perfectly.

GFmanaic : How many JD BowWow awards do they have

siLa : "Its on aisle 11 behind the little blond kid yodeling"

JoeScotterpuss : When I worked at FedEx I prayed Chewy would go out of business.

Joshua Arnett : As a former FedEx employee I can confirm chewy sucks and they box their products terriblely. This was a great video

hawkteflon : "I always wanted my spirit animal to be Stephen Hawking" - this is the best line I think I've ever heard.

Sal Petrarca : I guess we know what Mahk did before becoming YouTube famous. That's the kind of rant that can only come from a place of true, hard-learned spite.

Curtis Hoover : As a FedEx Ground driver, I have to agree with everything he said, and laughed at everything. Chewy will be the death of me.

k : Am I the only one that read Chevy instead of Chewy and got excited AF!?

MultiPurposeReviewer : I used to work for UPS. This is accurate. My biggest issue was people who order weight sets or dumbbells online. You're getting this thing so you can lift it repeatedly, and literally the first thing you do with it is ask someone else to carry it home. Come on.

Bethany D : Every line that comes out of this man's mouth is gold. My stomach hurts from laughing so hard, but the X-Men theme just elevated the entire video 👌

Shawn Prather : "You know, I have to freebase IcyHot because of this job." :-)

neb519 : "Harry Pwahter style"

JumboPop TV : “Maybe stop collecting rescue pets like they’re baseball cards” im dead

A Skeptical Charmander : Accurate portrayal of FedEx.

Elemental Airsoft : “Are you shitting in the box too?” This channel has so much potential

O b s c u r e d : chewy>chevy.

Brandon Kilpatrick : Man, I can't be the only one that misread chewy as Chevy...

Tyler Lessmiller : I'm actually a Fed ex driver. Idk if hes a driver as well but it's spot on. Like everything. We aren't fans of chewy

Spanos : Must be hard lugging all that in the Grand Vitara.

Joseph Stalin : Anybody thought the beginning was an AD Edit: Wow ! So many fell for this

Connor : My dad works for the Post Office and he laughed so hard at this and said it was relatable 😂

MasterRuseManz : Bro I work for FedEx and im so sick of chewy we get whole trucks full of it :(

Embrace Racing : Love at the end when you can hear the camera man laughing when mahk is shitting in the box

Pepsiman [OFFICIAL] : Fed Exmen

Nick F : “Chewy” is just “Chevy” with two v’s

Craig Bennett II : To be honest, I prefer USPS. Everyone I know has only had problems with FedEx, and I've had serious problems with UPS. Like some farmers around here have complained how they would drop off a bag of seeds a quarter mile from a house on a dirt road. I think the reason why USPS is so good in many of the areas I've been in when compared to things like FedEx and UPS is FedEx and UPS run their people like dogs. I wouldn't be shocked if the companies were right on the edge of breaking labor laws. Where as USPS seems to take really good care of their people. (I wonder how long it will be before FedEx and UPS replaces their people with robots of some kind. They seem to really not give any care about their workers, and they seem to want to have their people work like robots.)

ADreviews76 : i actually tweeted this to chewy and they liked it

D. A. : Oicy hawt

THUMPER_AHM : See u guys next month

crunchycheeto99 : I work at fedex freight, and I'm so glad I don't have to do that shit.


Jayne Nicoletti : Chewy.com is the best though! They give back too. You should let them see this. They will probably laugh.

Leonidas : Thats why you should always build a relationship with the people that work hard for you to live comfortably.

Michael Flores : It doesn't just pop up on my doorstep :(

EG : Freaking Karen 🙄


South Shepherd : The FedEx outfit is what made it for me 😂😂😂

Calum Readle : "I always wanted Steven Hawkins to be my spirit animal" best quote of 2018

Sneaker Head : Exactly what delivery people go through! Hilarious! More,more,more!

Tyler Lessmiller : I just want everyone to know its peak season at Fed ex and I have to watch this to feel better.

painedumonde : But what did JD Powers have to say about chewy.com?