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Official Music Video for Hearts On Fire by Hammerfall SUBSCRIBE to HAMMERFALL: http://bit.ly/subs-ham-yt SUBSCRIBE to NUCLEAR BLAST: http://bit.ly/subs-nb-yt Taken from the EP "Hearts On Fire"!


Anton : HAH remember this... This was made when the swedish woman won gold in curling in the olympics (can't remember What year tho)

Yannick Bynens : curling suddenly got interesting :p

smallman : BEST MUSIC VIDEO EVER 10/10

Staffan Lindsgård : So great. So epic. So metal. This is one of the things that make me proud to be a swede.

negofritz : Olympic winter games brought me here.... Again

KRSPorlaneff : This video is funniest than original, you clearly see that the girls aren't headbangers and doesn't like heavy metal - maybe they even doesn't like rock n' roll, but the video is cool anyway. The only thing I miss in the video: just like the girls were dressed as Hammerfall in the end, Hammerfall guys could use curling clothes in any part.

RS14988 : i definately prefer this to the original video, they actually look like they had fun making it

Anthony Saviano : Still my favorite music video.

Lors Dornick : The gurls won the olympic gold in Turin, and upped score by trying for a repeat, in Canada. And they showed that they're not just quite pretty in metal, they can rock the rocks as well.

mexicanblondplayer : This is funny

Miguel Ángel Quío : Excelente vídeo, excelente perspectiva... ¡Caray! ¡Fantástico trabajo!

Javier Gonzalez : better than the original video

Dux Joesef : haahaa... i like this vid...

Elias Marklund : when i see people not getting the humor in this, as if it was a full blown attempt to a badass music video, i feel like carving my eyes out of my eye sockets and choking on them to death.

Machinedead : 1:31 scrubbing the wrong side !

Tataru : Why Curling?^^

MrDoozer001 : deadspin brought me here

JackswastedlifeLP : Curling and metal kinda match now. Epic Video :D

Battle_SoniC : Burning Curling :D

Malkor1 : Epic video for the song, great job guys ;)


BrokenPrelude : I'm falling in love with those gurls <3

hursomhelst : mest pinsamma musikvideon i sveriges historia. Ja den slår Friends in need.

Wiehahn Mundey : not sure if serious

Samuel L. Jackson : Greatest music video of all time!

Ben Wright : Haha epic!

eribert batz : mal was anderes ich finds cool nehmen sich halt net so ernst

Lawson Russell : WTF????

stormsbane : Hmmmmm this is cool and all but the REAL older video is still not only better but waaaay cheezier and that makes it great

Dave Beam : not up to par. week

Abdel Hamid Shehata : hahahahahahahahahaqha

Hallå Eller : curling is metal.

Patrick William : i like curling

Davi Stanesco : Arses on fire, arses of fire!!

John Wayne Brady : Hey, guys. Remember that time Hammerfall did a music video with a womens' curling team? That was fucking awesome.

Roger Garcia : Lo mejor del metal

DavidSixSixFive : 15 peoples hearts were not on fire, nor burned with desire.

Killian Hackenschmidt : Or when Annette Joined Nightwish?

Estevão Caramori : lol

hardwark99 : A swedish journalist wrote "curling isn't exactly heavy metal". HF and the female swedish curling team responded. HF mainly with this video, the team by defending their olympic gold, Canada, versus Canada. I think they showed a bit of metal in that, even if gold might be regarded as a soft metal ;)

Killian Hackenschmidt : Curling just got Metal

DeathToAllHamsters : Curling is fucking metal

Dauphin : Good fun ey! Love HF!

Estevão Caramori : kkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

Dennis Scheer : These girls know what good music (Hammerfall) and what a good Laptop (ThinkPad) is :)

Pan Mateusz : I joł ty tu był i widzioł tyn teledysk ;)

hardwark99 : Almost. There was an editorial in one the tabloids that said "Curling isn't exactly rock'n'roll" Hammerfall and the female Swedish team took it as a challenge and delivered a reply. It could be seen as saying F*ck You in a polite way ;) And yes, this was before the gold in 2006, and the repeat in 2010. So, it seems that Hammerfall called the winners in advance, and the repeats by far.

zacho6661 : WOW, They looked good while sucking at curling XD best band ever

Code Sisoine : pretty gay music, too soft... and gay