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DocHillpower : Hearts on fire, hearts on fire curling, curling with disire!

Yannick Bynens : curling suddenly got interesting :p

Elias Marklund : when i see people not getting the humor in this, as if it was a full blown attempt to a badass music video, i feel like carving my eyes out of my eye sockets and choking on them to death.

KRSPorlaneff : This video is funniest than original, you clearly see that the girls aren't headbangers and doesn't like heavy metal - maybe they even doesn't like rock n' roll, but the video is cool anyway. The only thing I miss in the video: just like the girls were dressed as Hammerfall in the end, Hammerfall guys could use curling clothes in any part.

smallman : BEST MUSIC VIDEO EVER 10/10

Samuel L. Jackson : Greatest music video of all time!

Staffan Lindsgård : So great. So epic. So metal. This is one of the things that make me proud to be a swede.

Anton : HAH remember this... This was made when the swedish woman won gold in curling in the olympics (can't remember What year tho)

RS14988 : i definately prefer this to the original video, they actually look like they had fun making it

mexicanblondplayer : This is funny

negofritz : Olympic winter games brought me here.... Again

Tataru : Why Curling?^^

Sean S. : Epic & great song! But it is a very odd subject in the music video-haha!

Lors Dornick : The gurls won the olympic gold in Turin, and upped score by trying for a repeat, in Canada. And they showed that they're not just quite pretty in metal, they can rock the rocks as well.

Javier Gonzalez : better than the original video

Anthony Saviano : Still my favorite music video.

Machinedead : 1:31 scrubbing the wrong side !

KRSPorlaneff : I could watch this video 3 times a day every day. Both HammerFall and Swedish curling team liked the recording time, we see it clearly. Sometimes a little fun time do a better video than an overproduction. The girls entered on the heavy metal spirit, but I bet that no one of them likes heavy metal. Cathrine Lindahl (the brunette) and Anna Le Moine (the blondie with big earrings) maybe likes a rock and roll while driving. Eva Lund (blondie without earrings) perhaps change radio station if a rock and roll starts - unless if the radio is playing a music she likes. But Anette Norberg (the "chubby"), I bet that she is a big fan of... ABBA! rsssssssssssssssssss Anyway, I liked a lot the video, but the same way the girls be dressed as headbangers at the final part of the video, it will be so funny the band dressed with Swedish curling uniforms.

Dux Joesef : haahaa... i like this vid...

Miguel Ángel Quío : Excelente vídeo, excelente perspectiva... ¡Caray! ¡Fantástico trabajo!

Madera Paulice Dornpartment : I like the cheesy skeletons and the crappy animation better.

kevin dalton : Wish I could download this clip I love the song and the clip also a big fan of Hammerfall

Battle_SoniC : Burning Curling :D

Abdel Hamid Shehata : hahahahahahahahahaqha

Lawson Russell : WTF????

Phil Kab : Curling is the best sport for women. They get a medal for mopping the floor

Shady Egan : is this a piss pull, like seriously?

Antifa Gate 7 : what a masterpiece!!!

Antifa Gate 7 : whata a masterpiece!!!

Dave Rot : Prefiero la versión anterior un millón de veces porque va a corde con el grupo y con la rola. Pero esto mm... ni al caso Claro las chicas estan guapas pero mm... no va con la temática del grupo o del tema (es mi humilde punto de vista)

robert mendoza : wtf after i watched the music video and this came........

Indio : spectacular

Philippe Nix : Harte Eier!

Johnny B : they made this video when sweden was up against Canada in the Turin Curling finals 2006. very fitting song I must say, speciallt for the occasion. And they won!

Jasper Jaffe : Should've used the Russian curling team... Though they might've melted the ice, 'cause they're smoking!

simeon gundlach : CLICKBAIT

Axel Royer : disaster

Machinedead : curling curling with desire

Moshugaani : I love how into it the chick with the big earrings is!

Cloud Strife : I think Joakim is sick today xD The sport holiday has started and this what Hammerfall plans to do. XD

hatfm : I. Love. This video.

hursomhelst : mest pinsamma musikvideon i sveriges historia. Ja den slår Friends in need.

ot63 : Absolutely BASED

EPurpl3 : just what the f... ...  nvm :D

NorthernReptile : Um, it's funny but.. I don't know, I feel strange watching this xD

blackflask : The chick with the big loopy earrings is so hot. She looks like some kind of ancient Viking princess lol!

Cássio Azevedo : hahahaha. this video is so lame it hurts. i hate curling!

stormsbane : Hmmmmm this is cool and all but the REAL older video is still not only better but waaaay cheezier and that makes it great


JackswastedlifeLP : Curling and metal kinda match now. Epic Video :D