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DocHillpower : Hearts on fire, hearts on fire curling, curling with disire!

Yannick Bynens : curling suddenly got interesting :p

Elias Marklund : when i see people not getting the humor in this, as if it was a full blown attempt to a badass music video, i feel like carving my eyes out of my eye sockets and choking on them to death.

KRSPorlaneff : This video is funniest than original, you clearly see that the girls aren't headbangers and doesn't like heavy metal - maybe they even doesn't like rock n' roll, but the video is cool anyway. The only thing I miss in the video: just like the girls were dressed as Hammerfall in the end, Hammerfall guys could use curling clothes in any part.

Staffan Lindsgård : So great. So epic. So metal. This is one of the things that make me proud to be a swede.

smallman : BEST MUSIC VIDEO EVER 10/10

negofritz : Olympic winter games brought me here.... Again

Samuel L. Jackson : Greatest music video of all time!

Anton : HAH remember this... This was made when the swedish woman won gold in curling in the olympics (can't remember What year tho)

Tataru : Why Curling?^^

RS14988 : i definately prefer this to the original video, they actually look like they had fun making it

mexicanblondplayer : This is funny

Lors Dornick : The gurls won the olympic gold in Turin, and upped score by trying for a repeat, in Canada. And they showed that they're not just quite pretty in metal, they can rock the rocks as well.

Anthony Saviano : Still my favorite music video.

Sean S. : Epic & great song! But it is a very odd subject in the music video-haha!

Javier Gonzalez : better than the original video

Dux Joesef : haahaa... i like this vid...

Machinedead : 1:31 scrubbing the wrong side !

Miguel Ángel Quío : Excelente vídeo, excelente perspectiva... ¡Caray! ¡Fantástico trabajo!

Abdel Hamid Shehata : hahahahahahahahahaqha

Madera Paulice Dornpartment : I like the cheesy skeletons and the crappy animation better.

Lawson Russell : WTF????

kevin dalton : Wish I could download this clip I love the song and the clip also a big fan of Hammerfall

Hakkar6993 : 10/10. Best music video.

Phil Kab : Curling is the best sport for women. They get a medal for mopping the floor

Battle_SoniC : Burning Curling :D

Shady Egan : is this a piss pull, like seriously?

Dave Rot : Prefiero la versión anterior un millón de veces porque va a corde con el grupo y con la rola. Pero esto mm... ni al caso Claro las chicas estan guapas pero mm... no va con la temática del grupo o del tema (es mi humilde punto de vista)

Cloud Strife : I think Joakim is sick today xD The sport holiday has started and this what Hammerfall plans to do. XD

Philippe Nix : Harte Eier!

robert mendoza : wtf after i watched the music video and this came........

Moshugaani : I love how into it the chick with the big earrings is!

hursomhelst : mest pinsamma musikvideon i sveriges historia. Ja den slår Friends in need.

Indio : spectacular

Johnny B : they made this video when sweden was up against Canada in the Turin Curling finals 2006. very fitting song I must say, speciallt for the occasion. And they won!

Machinedead : curling curling with desire

Jasper Jaffe : Should've used the Russian curling team... Though they might've melted the ice, 'cause they're smoking!

eribert batz : mal was anderes ich finds cool nehmen sich halt net so ernst

hatfm : I. Love. This video.

simeon gundlach : CLICKBAIT

stormsbane : Hmmmmm this is cool and all but the REAL older video is still not only better but waaaay cheezier and that makes it great

Axel Royer : disaster


Cássio Azevedo : hahahaha. this video is so lame it hurts. i hate curling!

NorthernReptile : Um, it's funny but.. I don't know, I feel strange watching this xD

Josef Řiháček : xD Curling

Wiehahn Mundey : not sure if serious

MrDoozer001 : deadspin brought me here

ot63 : Absolutely BASED

PulpStar85 : Emberrasing... Voice, topic, musicwise... - gg sweden