So what if I don't have teeth! (Spoon Lady)
Abby the Spoon Lady talks self image in this candid video

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When "Angels In Heaven" went viral in 2017, my life changed in a lot of ways. This video is about the flood of comments tha followed the video. If you thought this was a video about how I lost my teeth, it's not. That defeats the purpose of this video. FOLLOW ME ON PATREON: Read about me in the Washington Post: Come and see a show - EVENTS LISTINGS: ABBY THE SPOON LADY on the web: on Facebook: on Instagram: on Twitter: Streaming and store links: iTunes: Spotify: Find the Spoon Lady on the airwaves! ASHEVILLE FM 103.3 Busker Broadcast hosted by Abby the Spoon Lady Wednesdays 11am - 1pm EST SUBSCRIBE TO THE CHANNEL: Sign up for our mailing list: SPOON LADY FAN GROUP: