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Aye Sara : I hope to see this on Ellen soon

Jenna Bowie : Trevor, thank you for inspiring the people of Dublin High, day in and day out. You are one of the calmest, kindest people on our campus. Please come visit when you get famous from this awesome video.

Ashlee Osborne : This is beautiful, Trevor. Thank you for being such a light at Dublin High, we truly appreciate you. Can’t wait to see you soon.

Matthew Elises : Trevor you deserve the world. Opening up like this ain’t easy man, and It’s truly inspiring to see that you did. Hope all goes well brother.

Matthew Kang : Best of luck to you Trevor. All the love from DHS students. I hope everything goes well for you

Minjee Kang : Trevor! It’s always a pleasure speaking to you because you hold so much insight & I’m glad you got to express it in such a beautiful way! This turned out even better than I anticipated ! Keep on doing you man👍🏻

Brenden Warren : Beyond inspiring and touching Trevor! Hope to see you soon brother!!

Donkey 56x : New principle of DHS. No more ms. Burnes

Arian E : This is amazing bro! All of Dublin High is behind you and can't wait to see you again


Alexia Choochagi : this was amazing and so eye opening ! hope to see you soon

Nihar Patel : This is amazing. Keep spreading your messages and inspiration. It was beautiful to watch.

Rohit Soma : Trevor the G.O.A.T....Hope I have you as a sub again!!! P.S. this is about to be on Ellen :)

Owen Svantner : you truly inspired us all with this video. you’re a role model for us. thank you

Ganeev Ahluwalia : Hoping to thank you in person but fr thank you for this and all the times you were there for us all before Trevor, it truly speaks volumes.

Nick Suneja : this is hella inspiring and well made, thanks for being a good sub and role model for all of us bro. hope you reach your dream of being famous

Brandon Wheeler : Definitely the best sub ive ever had, hope to see you soon bro and thank you for sharing this

Maegan Endaya : This is so amazing Trevor, it must've taken a lot to put yourself out there and you did it so well! Dublin High's looking forward to seeing you again bro

Katya Ramos : Wow. That fact that he wants to set us an example that you can do what you can control is really inspiring. Amazing job Trevor

Jared Nugent : keep inspiring my dude:)

Pranav Viswanathan : Trevor, you're something special to this world man. Such a tough, yet great lesson and inspiration by you should be extremely appreciated. Destiny made you the leader you are for everyone. Let it keep going man. Be yourself. Bless up. 🙏🙏

Kameron Hernandez : Thank you for being an inspiration to all of us Trevor. Your message speaks a thousand words and we’re all here to support you

Vanilla Bomo Boy : Trever, this is Josh, from physics not too long ago. You really shined a light on me when it came to school and my education. I finally feel like I got a career set in stone for myself all thank to you. Much love from me and everyone you've subbed for at Dublin High ❤❤

Jonah Min Music : God Bless you bro! I wish I could see you again. I will ☺️ amazing video

Mitchell Morrison : A genuine inspiration and amazing person. All of DHS is thankful to have had the opportunity of working with you. Thank you.

Ryan McCorriston : Thank you for opening up like this it takes a lot man 🙏🏽🙏🏽

SkyRyze : This is so heartfelt and awesome to see. I cant wait for you to become a teacher and spread your love to all the children.

Nikhila Papolu : this genuinely made me smile

Strandburger : This is so freaking amazing. Good job with inspiring other people and giving us some very important. You're really special man. Just . . . Thank you.

Maddie O. : This is just a reminder to myself and everyone else that you really don’t know anything about anyone. This truly was an eye-opener for me because we always refer to you as the “chill substitute” of DHS. Know that you have our support. You’re amazing!

Bella Warlich : thank you for being able to open up and share this journey with us Trevor! you are one of a kind and your heart is made of gold. never change.

Aditya Venkatesh : this was so inspiring. this was personally relatable to me and rn i’m just trying to move on and do what i gotta do in life the best i can, like you have in this video, you’re awesome and dublin high is so lucky to have you as a sub

Rachana M. : this was absolutely beautiful and inspiring— you really made today so much better. i can tell many others feel the same way. thank you for sharing this bit of your story. keep doing what you’re doing, and Dublin High loves you! <3

Amari Tidwell : trev my guy!! You would always tell me to follow my dreams and no one can stop me but me. i really appreciate everything you have done for me and the students at Dublin High! Amazing video

Justin Fok : This is great, thanks for being a awesome sub at DHS and inspiring us to chase our dreams.

Bria Doakes : This was so inspiring!! you are truly a great sub for the students at Dublin High

Josh : This is truly inspiring Trevor, thanks for bringing in such wisdom to the people around you

Arthur James Chin : I’m not going to lie, this video almost made me cry...

Pyskopath : E

Michael Partridge : Damn Trevor this video is beyond beautiful!!! Hope you get on Ellen!!!

Trinity Wong : you’re my fav sub and i wish you the best

Justinian Tan : You're such a strong person ! Super inspiring and courageous to show who you are and what you've been through. 💜

Seems Legit : This is just so inspiring. Wow.

HH-Chan : Lol get your prostate checked

HH-Chan : Whitepages is such a good website...

Billy Happ : Yo Trevor congratulations your the best sub ever can wait to see u again

Gowri Datta : trevor, thank you for being such an inspiration to all of us at dhs -- this video came just in time for all of us seniors as ea/ed decisions(aka rejections) are coming out x_x. you're the most amazing (and chillest) sub we've ever had and please don't forget me and cherie (and the bonbons she sold you in ap chem last year) when you become famous :P -me and cherie <3

K Shum : skygodkingdom and emojimatt r quaking

GeekOnABudget : Keep it up Bro. Stay you. Way to always push through for us.

Kyle Elias : Trevor, you’ve set a tone for us all. You sent out a powerful message that no one saw coming which is amazing. Your story of your journey will carry on and not be forgotten. You had a goal in mind and you didn’t let anything stop you. This video shows drive and passion that you have. Thank you for sharing your story with the internet. You’ve touched the community at Dublin High School and you shall continue to touch the world with your story. The video concept was amazing. Huge fan of the editing. Again, thank you Trevor.