The nightmare videos of childrens' YouTube — and what's wrong with the internet today | James Bridle

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ally : you'd think with as many people calling it out, YouTube would actually _do_ something

Derek DeVita : I'm curious what this new "generation" will be like. I'm in Gen Z, but the kids who grew up with this and are obsessed with fortnite dances..... This will be interesting

GiveMeShrubs : parents: violent video games cause violent people also parents: A U T O P L A Y

THEFLYINGACE242 - : I used to watch lego stop motion. Good times.

CHEEKI BREEKI : im glad i grew up with legos and pop up books instead of an animated dancing hitler

Godo : He didn’t even bother talking about how the oddly sexual and violent videos are all made by certain channels that may or may not be fetish conditioning for children and not just an inside joke made by trolls

Potato Slices : Minecraft videos from 2011 are literally better than this

Widdle Burd : My cousin manually saves educational youtube videos, all Pocoyo and a lot of disney classics (yay) he and his wife personally select into an external hard drive. His kids (ages 6-9) have a shared user account that has password protected access to internet. Whenever they want to watch cartoons outside of netflixs options, its fun to see them hop on the computer and soak in the gems of our childhood, safe from finger family videos! Hope this helps somebody else!

CynicalHell : Damn we even got a TED talk about this topic

Olivia hye Will shoot you in the eye : Ok this is actually scary. And whats even scarier is, parents are not doing anything. This is the future. B L A C K MI R R O R

Taka Brute : Say it with me people: CONTROL. WHAT. YOUR. KIDS. WATCH. PERIOD. Because a few people have commented on this with absolutely no critical thinking skills: this comment, and this video, where made in concern for toddlers. In case you dont know what those are, toddlers are defined as little people between the ages of 2-4. The face that people couldn't figure this out boggles my mind. Im not talking about pre-teens or teens, im talking about the kids who CAN BARELY WALK AND TALK. And so was this guy.

Puste Blume : It's insane! I told my mother about this because my five-year-old sister often is on youtube and she just completely ignores it. She thinks I'm over-dramatizing and that there aren't such videos on this platform. I just do not understand why parents don't see the need to control their children's actions on the internet...

Alexandre Abi Habib : Being a teen now, I grew up with technology but I am shocked when I see what media children are consuming now. I remember a few PC games that were on discs, and were actually educational. Now, it seems that making profit has completely taken over educational value and that educational games have all but disappeared. Parents are using iPads and phones to babysit their children, I have witnessed this first hand. When their iPad is taken away, they cry, as they are as dependent on these devices as drug addicts are on drugs. I love technology and surround myself with it but there are limits and children this young should NOT be on YouTube alone. Also, older kids and teens spend too much time on social media wasting their time, everyone needs a break and it feels amazing. It's disgusting to see that people are knowingly EXPLOITING CHILDREN to make profit.

Mather Family : “My childhood is ruined” said no one in 2020

Shadowuser Fighter : These kids gonna grow up into psychopaths & society will fall apart starting WW3

Snoopii : finally someone made a damn video about this

AccusingEyes92 : My child is 3 and has learned so much from youtube. She doesnt watch unless someone is in the room, or if im in the kitchen 5 feet from the living room, and the volume is up and i can easily peek over the counter and see thr screen. anything questionable is immedietely removed from her viewing and reported, and then I navigate back to something appropriate.

Isuru Nanayakkara : Day by day, our reality is getting closer to a Black Mirror episode.

Amelia EverythingBabyNames : The one thing he didn't talk about was how there is such a thing as parents... You can monitor what their kids are watching. It sounds like kids are just left there with the device, for hours and hours. That is called neglect. I'm sorry, you can choose what your kids watch, even if you want to leave them alone for an hour. There are hour-long blippi videos, hour-long videos of your kid's favorite show. If you aren't monitoring what your kids are watching, then you are neglecting them.

OP eLaniM : Some of these people are also offenders that went to jail for sexual assault against kids, so it is probably a fetish or something weird they enjoy more than a normal adult should.

Zodayn : This is something a lot of parents should be really wary off. I wouldn't say that you shouldn't let young children use YouTube at all. But don't let them alone with it. Use it as bonding and curate the videos. A tablet isn't a babysitter.

Unicron4ever : There's an old Anime/Manga/Cartoon called "Captain Harlock" of the 1970's that predicted that very problem. In the future (year 2977), humans are so addicted to entertainment and are completely desensitized to violence. They've also become so lazy that machines do most of the work, have allowed dictators to take over and follow them like sheep. In that world, there are screens everywhere, telling you "government approved" news and entertainment, 24/7, said entertainment including the execution of criminals / opponents to the Regime under the form of gameshows. Because of that, some people have fled to space, trying to escape that way of life. They either live as space-pirates or build colonies on nearby worlds, where technology is highly restricted, making everything look like it's set in the Old West. Screens are nowhere to be found and holograms are restricted. I think we've reach that point where we have to restrict the amount of interactive technology we allow into our homes: cellphones, tablets, TV's, that "Google Home" things that never stops listening...

Eamon Mulholland : How about parents make their own curated playlists for their children to watch if they're young enough to need oversight? While we're waiting for (and working on) technological change, lets's effect some societal change by being more responsible parents.

coopawesome : This is a parenting problem, and it applies to fake news and other algorithmic problems only so far as we are not teaching children to be aware of content quality.

kyo shou : That's messed up to try and put the blame on the internet, on YouTube or anything else. The minimum age for creating a google and YouTube account is - surprise surprise - 13 whooping years. A kid does not need a tablet or access to the internet at all when it's still a toddler and doesn't even know what it's doing, as well as a grade schooler. Parents just need to sit down with their children and instead of letting them watch whatever on oh so "dangerous" sites like YouTube, just read them a bedtime story or spend some time with them in general. That's just sad.

not a bot : Many people have talked about this topic, but nobody ever takes action against it.

Generalpacman64 : Man I remember when I heard of this problem back in 2016 and it’s still a thing in 2018.

ollopa1 : I think it's more nuanced than this. My daughter is 3 and she has been on YouTube since about the time she could walk. She learned to count to 10, she learned the ABCs, and she learned several songs from YouTube videos before all of the other kids her age at the time who were not on YouTube. Some of these videos are repetitive and annoying but she also learned colors, shapes, and different types of play through them. If you limit the time and supervise then you can control the risk and the videos are a great learning tool. As others have pointed out, the content creators are more responsible than YouTube is for the garbage videos that are out there. This is just more alarmist "radio, I mean TV, I mean video games, I mean the Internet, I mean YouTube rots your brain out!" Teach your kids not to mindlessly consume garbage all day and you won't have a problem -- no need to completely cut the cord.

Nagadir-chan : I wonder how much these youtube-parenting kids know about nature, history and world they live in. When I was kid my grandparents were hiking with me or we just go to woods and have fun there, my grandfather tought me so much about animals, plants and survival that even when I was 10 I know what to do if i got lost, how to navigate, what is dangerous and what is not. Which plants are edible and which are not. And because I was naturally curious kid I've read a lot. I also remeber playing with my grandma a game: Guess that animal, when we were watching documents about nature. Those were pretty fun times.I was 10 and I was able to take care of myself at home waiting for mother or to take care of my younger brother because my parents at least taught me some responsibility and spent a lot of time with me to teach me important things and they worked a lot. Father was policemen and mother did a lot of different kinds of jobs.Yeah I was watching TV or playing on PC but the amount of time spent on it was controlled and parents talked about stuff with me or my brother.I guess despite beying very busy my parents knew how to parent...So no, if you have kids it is your responsibility to teach them and watch what they came across, if they do mistakes talk to them about that, educate themYou are the parent, not TV, tablet, PC or iPhone

happy channel : my opinion is that some of the "learning colors " videos are subconsiously gambling is sooo obvious,the type of games , the voice that interracts and announces the :result " aka score , then the repeating music that is a little casino atmoshpere , just watch it ... and see for your self

Stormy Revolvers : -Kids- Parents these days

AccusingEyes92 : The earworm thing, I dont get. The entire point of kids songs are to be easy, catchy, educational songs that kids can easily remember and sing along. Literally all you have to do is use youtube kids, and MONITOR what your kid is watching. If you see a questionable video, flag the video AND the creator. Be proactive.

**wHy** : When I was growing up all I watched was Nick Jr., and SpongeBob. Damn these kids are missing out.

VGames 1 : No other Media for kids than the TV until the age of ten. And even then TV usage only under the watchful eyes of Parents. -Period

Lia Shlevich : There's a reason you can't use YouTube until you're 13. YouTube, and the internet, is aware that this will happen, so at this point I don't think it's the internet's fault. It's the parents fault if they aren't monitoring their child. Heck, there's a kids version for YouTube, but parents still don't care enough to download that app. It's the parents fault for neglecting their child, NOT THE INTERNET'S FAULT.

Spinnno : I agree with everything in this. Also, why is there a Teletubbies GTA SA mod at 8:13?

Hello : This should be the most viewed video on YouTube. Everyone needs to watch this, especially parents.

fri 502 : I remember watching a video of Pinkypie cutting open Rainbow Dash. That memory still haunts me...

A Touch of Fun : I swear these younger kids growing up on technology is actually a problem and i dont think it has anything to do with algorithms or any bs it has to do with the parents. It is the parents who for one arent monitoring what their children watch and two think its a great idea to have their kids on technology all afternoon. I was lucky that i just missed the new generation of tech-addicted kids. And the thing is its mainly the teens and people in their early 20s that are seeing this problem as fault of the parents. Can the 30 year olds who cant stop obsessing over being a "90s kid" get their act together honestly.

Joshua Turrisi : Cartoon network has been doing this exact thing for years.

Jobin : Those egg videos are the kid equivalent of the channels that review phones

Spanishdog17 : Youtube will never fix this problem because it makes them money and also THEY NEVER LISTEN TO FEEDBACK!! Youtube is also a lazy company that lets bots take down videos for them.

Cupriferous Catalyst : This is what happens when media moguls refuse to hire real people. So many online media and entertainment platforms are suffering from the same issue; computers are made responsible for sorting through uploaded content, and inevitably someone figures out a way to game the system and make money. Tags, descriptions and metadata are all becoming useless because everyone just fills in the most searched, and therefore most profitable information regardless. All this instead of just hiring a real QA team.

The Samurai : I'd love to hunt down every last one of those content creators, who get *REVENUE* out of harming the minds of children, and personally give em a good whack.

Ava Ewah97 : My friends children don't even want to watch any crap. They haven't been raised by technology, instead she is a parent who takes them outside, engages with them, plays with toys, set games up & arts and crafts for them - ages 9 & 5 now but was the same at 6 & 2. She doesn't watch live tv, only has a tv to watch the small collection of films-sometimes will put one on whilst she cooks dinner&knows exactly what her children watch. Kids are up at 5am, in bed before 7pm. Cleans when theyre in bed, eat fresh foods mostly, always clean&well dressed, It's not an easy job being a parent but nor is it supposed to be. She doesnt have it easy either, single parent with mental illness, one child is autistic but that doesnt stop her from being a grade A parent-she takes responsibility&puts in the work to raise her kids properly.

inkblotCrisis : (edited 07/19/18: Wow, didn't think my comment would get this much likes. Thanks to everybody saying to be wary of YouTube Kids, we've since then put heavy restrictions on his gadget use, weekends only, child friendly apps/games only, locked PlayStore down, etc. Thanks again to deal with his potty mouth) Oh god, when the finger family video came up I could hear the song at the back of my mind. I have a nephew who watches these type of videos on end and I've long since had him on YouTube Kids rather than regular YouTube, he was emulating a lot of what he saw on those Peppa Pig, Elsa, Moana, Thomas, Spider-man videos (and you thought Infinity War was an ambitious crossover).

Kavina Derrow : I remember Charlie the Unicorn being the most messed up thing on Youtube. That was a decade-and-a-half ago.

freetrader : My sister once had to turn off my baby cousin's TV cause they ended up watching Happy Tree Friends...

IshtGamez : I am old enough to know that to NEVER watch those.

just an alternative emo kid : who else thought of "johny johny yes papa" when they read the title