The nightmare videos of childrens' YouTube — and what's wrong with the internet today | James Bridle

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Godo : He didn’t even bother talking about how the oddly sexual and violent videos are all made by certain channels that may or may not be fetish conditioning for children and not just an inside joke made by trolls

Minaz : And yet...YouTube is doing NOTHING ... absolutely nothing about this..

Commenter Number One : I can't stand those creepy computer generated marvel ones (usually Spiderman is the lead running around) that play skip to my lou on repeat for 30 minutes!

RyanNickelsPK : its not that hard to be a responsible parent... our 3 year old has an ipad he watches youtube kids with and we noticed really early on that there was some messed up stuff showing up on the videos. Immediately we set a lock and filter on the app to ONLY allow videos from channels that we have approved. So video content from real creators of childrens content like Dave and Ava, Blippi, Little Baby Bum, Pocoyo, etc, are the ones that show up on his playlist. occasionally we come across a new channel with appropriate content like Baby Bus and Tayo and we add them to the list. Havent had any troubles since.

Joshua Harmening : My kids have zero unsupervised access to the internet. Period.

ally the lave - vaisselle : you'd think with as many people calling it out, YouTube would actually _do_ something

Anuojat : Permissive parenting isint loving. Its lazy and neglectful. Using your phone instead of talking and chatting with your kid on the bus/car drive is truly sad affair that this is the hole left where BONDING ought to be.

Elsa Frost : Who tf gives their toddler a tablet?

MirandaK321 : Very young children don’t need any “screen time.” It’s just lazy parenting. We already know that a lot of screen time can lead to anxiety and depression.

superWTF64lol : I will *never* understand why some parents find it more appealing to let their kids watch these kids videos instead of traditional cartoons Like, what's the point? Sure, there are vulgar cartoons too, but there are also literally decades of material to work with that are just as easily accessible too. And, to top it all off, traditional cartoons are a million times better too! When the parent enjoys watching a show with their kids, it's always a good sign, but with this YouTube stuff? Generic characters, awkward computer animation, lesson or moral of story isn't interesting, feels like you are being brainwashed from just watching, feels forced and doesn't have any soul, etc. I mean, why would anybody think its better to let kids watch that instead of traditional cartoons? Edit: Ok, sure, these videos ARE easier to find because they get plastered all over the kids section, unlike traditional cartoons because of reasons like copyright. However! I've seen snippets of cartoons all over YouTube, from the Flinstones to Pokemon to Cartoon Network to whatever kids are watching nowadays, I've been around the block on this website for years.) All I'm saying is that parents should look for these cartoons instead of instantly choosing what they see on the kids section (Just type into the search bar, its literally one extra step)

Are You Thicc? : -Kids- Parents these days

eddie gonzalez : well he got me. my kids officially are banned from youtube unless its pbs kids

SagooBoy : I hate those finger videos. They are so monotonous and creepy.

-- : We’re surrounded by children, who since they were born, watch us living like robots, and think it’s the norm. It’s not very likely you will make world’s greatest mom nor dad, if you can't entertain a child without a using an iPad.

starter1261 : its gotten bad enough to where TED themselves are talking about the videos. jesus.

not a bot : Many people have talked about this topic, but nobody ever takes action against it.

Springlock Gamer : When was little, I watched SpongeBob, Nick Jr, and PBS kids. Little Kids these days are really missing out...

Rain Aqua : Families nowadays are becoming less intimate and the parents I observe around me are busy with something else and find their children's whining and attention-grabbing activities mostly bothersome so these parents just give their phone. My younger cousins spend more time with their phone than with their parents. I am guilty of holding my phone as often, too. But because I am conscious... i learn to put it away when I am with my family... However, its becoming a trend to keep the kids busy on the phone, letting them get used to looking at the screen than paying attention to their environment. So you tube isn't at fault with what kids watch... its the parents who let their kids aimlessly stream them. You tube is a tool... Parents are the agent we need to inform and mobilize.. (which is seriously difficult and highly subjective to how much these parents care)

Scrimshaw Games : When I have kids they wont be allowed on YouTube

SpaghettiWombat : When I was younger, my mom didn’t allow my brother and I to watch YouTube, despite both him and I thinking we were old enough to handle whatever the internet could throw at our young faces. I’m glad now that she enforced that rule.

Taka Brute : Say it with me people: CONTROL. WHAT. YOUR. KIDS. WATCH. PERIOD. Because a few people have commented on this with absolutely no critical thinking skills: this comment, and this video, where made in concern for toddlers. In case you dont know what those are, toddlers are defined as little people between the ages of 2-4. The face that people couldn't figure this out boggles my mind. Im not talking about pre-teens or teens, im talking about the kids who CAN BARELY WALK AND TALK. And so was this guy.

Professor Plum : All my little brother does is watch Minecraft videos on YouTube. Now every other sentence contain "yeet" and if he even sees a camera he says "don't forget to like and subscribe and ring that bell" he's 5 and I'm kinda scared what he is gonna be like when he is older. Idk...

Aamna Here : I am in my mid 20s and grew up not just without ipads and the internet but also without a cell phone. The first time I got a nokia one was when I was 18. I can't imagine giving my child an ipad or a phone when they are toddlers. People think it makes them smarter but it doesn't. It just makes them sharper and reduces their attention span. I have seen 2 years old's attached to their iPads as if their lives depended on them and the parents gave it to them to have more uninterrupted time for themselves or to quieten a crying baby. No matter how interesting and informative some stuff can be for them, it's more important to encourage them to befriend books, playing outside and getting their hands dirty, drawing, camping, hiking, traveling, cooking, swimming, learning to dance, cuddling and interacting with friends and grandparents. They'll grow up to be healthier individuals than perpetually hunching over an IPad jumping from one video to another which actually makes a child and even adults sometimes, not appreciate and have fun with what they have seen but anxious to watch 'more'. In the quest of more and more, we forget to enjoy the small happy moments in life. It's not just about lack of monitoring but the activity itself that's unhealthy to rely upon at such an impressionable age.

nick.k.06 : I was just born in 2006, and I could have been one of those kids that had parents that would just sit them in front of the screen for hours on end, and I am so grateful my parents didn't do that cause then those kids who had that happen to them are gonna grow up to be spoiled little brats... just a random thought...

Tallulah The Conquerer : I was a child YouTube user in 2008. It wasn’t very kid-friendly. I think I watched a lot of cat videos and satire on the 2008 election, which I wanted to understand. I also wanted to know why everybody was so focused on this Osama Bin-Laden guy...

『snoopii』 : finally someone made a damn video about this

Mr Orc Shaman : This is why, and I've said it many times on forums or other youtube videos, the fact youtube keeps trying to push this platform as some family friendly thing, and how their trying to cut away all original creators from putting things up on the platform because 'oh won't somebody please think of the children!', the fact youtube allows this crap as mentioned here to keep being put up, but silences content made for an adult audience, says how out of touch youtube is with its own audience. Youtube was made by people, for people, it wasn't made by a company or brand with intent to sell to children or other such demographics.

Liz Skelton : Yes my daughter loves these videos ( she’s 2 1/2) she’s not allowed to watch them anymore, because some of these give her naughty ideas. She dumped a whole jar of change on the floor and in her doll house, because they did something similar on the YouTube shows.

General Jackson : I think that the better question is: "What isn't wrong with the internet?"

Fifi Healthbody Healthymind : I don't let my sons watch those videos

Zodayn : This is something a lot of parents should be really wary off. I wouldn't say that you shouldn't let young children use YouTube at all. But don't let them alone with it. Use it as bonding and curate the videos. A tablet isn't a babysitter.

SeaRose : By the way, you tube itself seems to intentionally put intensely disturbing and frighten Ads on childrens videos. Slasher movie trailers do not need to run on Mister Rogers episodes....yet that isn't the result of gaming the algortihms...that is intentional choice by YouTube to expose children to anything and everything via Ads.

WetDroiD Edition : This guy is scared about what kids are watching now. He is right. Time ago I was scared about what this guy generation watch when they were kids. I was right too.

Ikcatcher : The sad reality that kids are being exploiting for ad revenue and YouTube cares more about banning a channel because someone punched a feminist in Red Dead Redemption 2

angry teapod : how to fix this 1.use your usb and download cartoons you trust 2.dont use internet 3.profit.

Leotardoification : Leaving your kid with an ipad and youtube is no different than the days of leaving your kid with a tv with cable; it can very quickly go from Cartoon Network to horror and adult movies. Keep an eye out on your kids and manage their screen time!

bitesizefirst : Finally an intelligent TED speech again, interesting views on this phenomenon of constant media abuse bombarding us. Most people don't get this though it's exactly these low level parenting skills from lazy parents that plant their kids behind a computer or hand them an ipad so they shut up for a few hours so they can live 'proper'. Than they have the audacity to expect they'll turn out to be o so special. . . because I am willing to bet that instead of these algorithms the view count started by parents looking stuff up for their kids and say hey go watch this for a while ..mommy and daddy have to do so and so.

paul w : this is all capitalism-- endless production for endless exploitation and dumbing down. Parents and the state have been promoting this for a century and few have noticed its disastrous effects It's just more efficient with media

Kwint : glad 2018 is almost over. This was by far the worst year in my life because of just pure cancer like this dude describes.. im praying 2019 will be better

Hello There : My mom works in kid's television, and one day she called me into her room to show me these videos, of her characters being mutilated or killed, and she is devastated, but at the rate these are being churned out, there's no stopping them, even if big corporations try to stop them.

PhantomStrider : This was really helpful to better understanding these bizarrely high-viewed videos we can find. Phenomenal speaker. Thanks for clearing this strange subject up for me.

AJuliaH : Not everything is bad about YouTube kids. My son learned his ABC’s, how to count, shapes, and colors. He just turned 4 and he can already read and write. He is now beginning to understand addition and subtraction. A lot of it has to do with watching repetitive things over and over. I know he probably just has a natural gravitation towards educational things but I’m not sure he would learn as much without YouTube kids. But he does like to watch some of the weird opening eggs videos and stuff sometimes. And he absolutely does get bored of his tablet at times. Just watch your kids. Pay attention.

Jessica Syms : Why isn’t YouTube doing anything

Ugly Games : Wow, I’m only 14 but this makes me feel super old, like what happened to nick jr or pbs kids?

FruitRollUp : I look down on parents that cram a tablet into their children's hands just to shut them up don't have kids if your just going to turn them into zombies!!!!!

Spinnno : I agree with everything in this. Also, why is there a Teletubbies GTA SA mod at 8:13?

The main cause of warps in all of reality : _"I guess when you want kids beaten, you gotta do it yourself"_

吉大森 : This video was one part eye opening and one part infuriating. It's pretty obvious he's advocating for a "direct democracy" kind of solution and a sort of moral enforcement via the collective for a greater good and all that. He's clearly a collectivist. He also probably falls into that group of people that are absolutely convinced that they have the right to tell parents what they can and can't do with their kids and that the government (or the "village") knows better than the parent. He isn't wrong in pointing out the harmfulness of videos that basically have little to know intellectual or artistic value, or worse have intentionally harmful content. He isn't wrong about the "mindlessness" of the algorithm and all that stuff. But ironically he wants the village to decide what kids should or shouldn't have....while failing to recognize, it was the village that created the weirdness of youtube. The antidote isn't more of the same's less, obviously. INDIVIDUAL responsibility that is, PARENTAL involvement and supervision and intervention are the keys. My kids watch youtube sometimes, but I always know what they watch. I let them control it, but I supervise. Also I don't think he's familiar with how children work. My 2 year old figured out how to operate the remote and now that he is 4 we can discuss what he wants to watch, that he needs to take turns with his 2 year old brother, and they can explain which show is more or less interesting and why. They both have naturally gravitated towards shows with narratives and intellectual stimulation and quickly grew bored of the repetitive kinder egg stuff. Maybe if parents played with their kids more and were a bigger source of novelty than electronic media, perhaps this would simply be a non issue. Our kids ALWAYS prefer hanging out with my wife and I over watching TV or playing with a tablet because they know whatever we do is way more exciting. We go on walks, go to parks, gyms, restaurants, bookstores, go kart tracks, rivers, airports, mountains, the bay, over bridges, to look at ponies, and on and on and on. The world we show them is infinitely more interesting than the confined one ont he electronic screen. Full disclosure: I'm a full time stay at home dad. I think one parent should be a stay at home parent. Don't care which one, but someone should be there with them if at all possible.

Soldrakenn : wow, this was the best stuff I've seen in a looooong while, finally someone who actually talks about the deep connection between things and not just moralise whatever! great.

Gh0sT : This is no accident This is By Design!