The nightmare videos of childrens' YouTube — and what's wrong with the internet today | James Bridle

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ally : you'd think with as many people calling it out, YouTube would actually _do_ something

Leotardoification : Leaving your kid with an ipad and youtube is no different than the days of leaving your kid with a tv with cable; it can very quickly go from Cartoon Network to horror and adult movies. Keep an eye out on your kids and manage their screen time!

Derek DeVita : I'm curious what this new "generation" will be like. I'm in Gen Z, but the kids who grew up with this and are obsessed with fortnite dances..... This will be interesting

MissMiia : Barney didn't die for this.

Wesley Whiteside : I saw a child watching these videos on YouTube at Walmart and told her guardian about it. And she was her aunt and was like "Not my child." Then I was like, "Yeah, but I don't think you should let her watch that." Then she's like "Whenever we do she starts screaming. It's just easier to let her watch it." ... that's it in a nutshell. Spoiled brats with bad parenting. We have a whole generation of bad parents raising another generation of bad kids.

Godo : He didn’t even bother talking about how the oddly sexual and violent videos are all made by certain channels that may or may not be fetish conditioning for children and not just an inside joke made by trolls

Prince Vegeta : Johnny Johnny Yes Papa? Scaring Children? No papa

Vanilla Voodoo : Or... you could do your job as a parent and actually *watch* your kids? It's such a foreign concept I know.

jackman12359 [Jackman Games] : Remember when cat memes were the internet?

Huntley Cantin : kids won’t remember that urge to get home from school to watch the new episode of dragon tales, clifford, or arthur. this is so sad, alexa play despacito

not a bot : Many people have talked about this topic, but nobody ever takes action against it.

Ludmila Marešová : I am genuinely scared of what will the next generation turn out to be like because the consequences of their parents' irresponsibility can be much more serious.

Maxatal : Early Gen Z (1995-2005) got off lucky with this stuff, they’re too old. Can’t say the same about Late Gen Z (2006-2012) though.

superWTF64lol : I will *never* understand why some parents find it more appealing to let their kids watch these kids videos instead of traditional cartoons Like, what's the point? Sure, there are vulgar cartoons too, but there are also literally decades of material to work with that are just as easily accessible too. And, to top it all off, traditional cartoons are a million times better too! When the parent enjoys watching a show with their kids, it's always a good sign, but with this YouTube stuff? Generic characters, awkward computer animation, lesson or moral of story isn't interesting, feels like you are being brainwashed from just watching, feels forced and doesn't have any soul, etc. I mean, why would anybody think its better to let kids watch that instead of traditional cartoons? Edit: Ok, sure, these videos ARE easier to find because they get plastered all over the kids section, unlike traditional cartoons because of reasons like copyright. However! I've seen snippets of cartoons all over YouTube, from the Flinstones to Pokemon to Cartoon Network to whatever kids are watching nowadays, I've been around the block on this website for years.) All I'm saying is that parents should look for these cartoons instead of instantly choosing what they see on the kids section (Just type into the search bar, its literally one extra step)

The Student Official : Dear my beloved son Jonathan. Yes, my paternal figure? Are you currently consuming the crystalline substance of glucose? Father, i can confirm that is the most untrue Just speak the truth you stinky baby

Are You Thicc? : -Kids- Parents these days

Spanishdog17 : Youtube will never fix this problem because it makes them money and also THEY NEVER LISTEN TO FEEDBACK!! Youtube is also a lazy company that lets bots take down videos for them.

Maria Sincere : The new YouTube kids app should have a time limit option where it locks the child out for the day after a certain amount of time. And allow the parents create a playlist of what the children watch during that time it'll help limit the access to the dark side of youtube

Jate Naigelh : When i was 6 stepped on a colony of ants physically and my foot hurt so much And now kids are just watching hitler in a bikini fighting a skeleton

The Samurai : I'd love to hunt down every last one of those content creators, who get *REVENUE* out of harming the minds of children, and personally give em a good whack.

[snoopii] : finally someone made a damn video about this

D3VC0N1 : When will Ted come to the TED talk? I'm waiting.

Brittany Barber : If you think your small child who is mindlessly clicking the next video based on the icon has not come by an inappropriate video then you are not paying attention.

Anuojat : Permissive parenting isint loving. Its lazy and neglectful. Using your phone instead of talking and chatting with your kid on the bus/car drive is truly sad affair that this is the hole left where BONDING ought to be.

Vagabond : I am no expert on this topic but in my opinion, I believe the most important thing for a child is to feel loved. I think if a child is brought up in an environment where they are loved and able to love others, they would naturally gravitate away from the disturbing content shown because they would want to spend their time with the people and things they care about. Not trying to be controverssial, but if you let your child on youtube all day, do you really want to spend time with them, or just keep them quiet while you do your own thing. And would a child even feel loved in that scenario?

Taka Brute : Say it with me people: CONTROL. WHAT. YOUR. KIDS. WATCH. PERIOD. Because a few people have commented on this with absolutely no critical thinking skills: this comment, and this video, where made in concern for toddlers. In case you dont know what those are, toddlers are defined as little people between the ages of 2-4. The face that people couldn't figure this out boggles my mind. Im not talking about pre-teens or teens, im talking about the kids who CAN BARELY WALK AND TALK. And so was this guy.

The Student Official : 8:03 top left You pick the wrong house, *_P O O H_*

Diya Densil Nellissery : Kid said “Don’t forget to subscribe” Thinking it was a way of saying goodbye **BOI**

AVeryGenericName : I was lucky enough to pry my sister away from these kind of videos

Springlock Gamer : When was little, I watched SpongeBob, Nick Jr, and PBS kids. Little Kids these days are really missing out...

Zodayn : This is something a lot of parents should be really wary off. I wouldn't say that you shouldn't let young children use YouTube at all. But don't let them alone with it. Use it as bonding and curate the videos. A tablet isn't a babysitter.

The Student Official : So glad my parents provided me with a full rack of children books and encyclopedia.

Chantal Said : Every generation has something. I mean, there was a time when books were thought to rot your mind (or radio, or Tv etc). But I don't agree with children having cellphones or unlimited access to tablets. I see a lot of toddlers sitting in shopping carts, playing with their parents phone to keep them quiet. You can't 100% keep kids from all technology. They are growing up in a world where technology is moving fast, so they have to be able to keep up. But watching hours of garbage TV and YouTube videos isn't teaching them anything.

The main cause of warps in all of reality : _"I guess when you want kids beaten, you gotta do it yourself"_

a n u nah : Tonka. Dirt. Catipillars. Hose water. Trees. Wind. Rivers. Woods. Swing ropes . Trails. Plants. Trees. Sunlight. Mud. Thanks. --my childhood

PhantomStrider : This was really helpful to better understanding these bizarrely high-viewed videos we can find. Phenomenal speaker. Thanks for clearing this strange subject up for me.

- - : We’re surrounded by children, who since they were born, watch us living like robots, and think it’s the norm. It’s not very likely you will make world’s greatest mom nor dad, if you can't entertain a child without a using an iPad.

Rain Aqua : Families nowadays are becoming less intimate and the parents I observe around me are busy with something else and find their children's whining and attention-grabbing activities mostly bothersome so these parents just give their phone. My younger cousins spend more time with their phone than with their parents. I am guilty of holding my phone as often, too. But because I am conscious... i learn to put it away when I am with my family... However, its becoming a trend to keep the kids busy on the phone, letting them get used to looking at the screen than paying attention to their environment. So you tube isn't at fault with what kids watch... its the parents who let their kids aimlessly stream them. You tube is a tool... Parents are the agent we need to inform and mobilize.. (which is seriously difficult and highly subjective to how much these parents care)

Christopher Kelly : Be aware and monitor what your kids watch. You don't have to get hysterical about all this. Just be mindful

Tallulah The Conquerer : I was a child YouTube user in 2008. It wasn’t very kid-friendly. I think I watched a lot of cat videos and satire on the 2008 election, which I wanted to understand. I also wanted to know why everybody was so focused on this Osama Bin-Laden guy...

Jobin : Those egg videos are the kid equivalent of the channels that review phones

Lady Phoenix : Parents need to sit down and watch stuff with their kids. Youtube needs to have more human interaction. It’s stupid that they cant be bothered yo hire people to sit and moderate this content when WE created this stuff.

Lucy K.L : Some people are saying 'oh gen Z will be so *insert insult*.' while that is true to an extent, there are a lot of gen Z kids that don't watch those stuff. I never watched that kind of stuff, I watched stuff like Stampy and other stuff. There will be strange kids because they watched that stuff, but there are loads of people that didn't watch that stuff. Other than that, I totally I agreed with everything in this video.

itzaf6official : One day I saw my little sister watching a poorly animated video for toddlers containing Disney Princesses such as Elsa, Merida, Rapunzel, etc. And Tmthey were singing a badly written nursery rhyme. She was watching it on a computer, no earbuds, full volume. She was 7 at time.

TobyCat : I found my nephews (age 9 and 4) watching “Infinite Lists” on YouTube on their father’s phone on Saturday morning (while mom and dad were still sleeping). The older nephew said dad had given him the password once, and he’d never forgotten it. Grandma arrived, heard the host’s voice, and said, “turn that off; he talks about random things, and when he brought up Pennywise, the kids had nightmares.” Which the older nephew denied. He begged me throughout my visit to let him watch that channel on my iPad, but I refused. Seems like everything made for kids these days is mind numbingly stupid.

Spinnno : I agree with everything in this. Also, why is there a Teletubbies GTA SA mod at 8:13?

starter 16 : its gotten bad enough to where TED themselves are talking about the videos. jesus.

AdrielFox : This is how you know our new generation are doomed.

Mr Orc Shaman : This is why, and I've said it many times on forums or other youtube videos, the fact youtube keeps trying to push this platform as some family friendly thing, and how their trying to cut away all original creators from putting things up on the platform because 'oh won't somebody please think of the children!', the fact youtube allows this crap as mentioned here to keep being put up, but silences content made for an adult audience, says how out of touch youtube is with its own audience. Youtube was made by people, for people, it wasn't made by a company or brand with intent to sell to children or other such demographics.

Maxatal : The worst thing on YouTube when I was a young kid was stickfight battles made on flipnote or free club penguin scams