Stealing From Toys R Us

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Animated remix of a video I uploaded in 2008 but took down a few months later. I left a few details out of the original but now I'm sharing all the juicy intel of the time I had a not fully honest exchange at Toys R Us. Outro Music: Jared Oakes - Understand (Audio) // ✖️Stalk me Mystery Video:

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KXT productions : Tecnicly he didnt steal it he payed 15$ to pre order so....he got a 95% discount

Pola L : 2:07 Me with Homework Edit: OMG 3 LIKES THE MOST I HAVE EVER GOTTEN!! (Actually not being sarcastic)

ιтz куку : 1:38 when I don't understand homework

This is a load of barnacles : *level one crook* Steals dream cast and sonic adventure. *level 30 boss*

dande 313 : Swoozie; the man who bankrupted Toys R Us.

Baby Smurf16 : Hey man. Things happen...and uhhh...sometimes...ya know you save $280 dollars.

1000 subs with no vids? : **FBI would like to know your location**

Noah Cartwright : Anybody watching in 2019 Like if u are!

Mario Ciocan : the sonic game you were playing yeah i have it on my ps3 but my ps3 is broken 1 like =100 prayer nah jk

ncA&Tstate : SMART!!! Wait for the company to go Bankrupt _and then_ confess! Brilliant! 😆

flo pz : *top 10 succesful heists*

Hexfinity : But they’re back... plot twist

Ocarrollthekilla HD : Oh hes stealing

David Canelas : 9/9/1999! - Dreamcast launch date

Jackson Wald : That old lady singlehandedly bankrupted toys r us

Grace draws cartoons : His cousin was confusion. Com XD

Geronomatix : Bro starting your childhood off with sonic is literally the best thing possible

Provide The Fun : 2947 any one?

5 subs without vids : Oh crap here come the fbi agents, RUN!!!!

SleepyBoyJeffy Animations : Susan. The real MVP 😂🙏


łøser_ Jasmine : when I saw the title my first question was DiD tHeY cAtCh YoU

citreaisweird : 3:02 👌

Sub 2 my channel 4 a Big Mac : I played that game when I was 2 years old bruh

Arch Angel : Thats legally not stealing, if the employees stamped the receipt and handed you the system thats a legal transaction. Its their responsibility to make sure they got all the money, not yours. (I work retail)

Doritos Fan : *You wanna bag?* -sWooZie walks away with no one questioning him- *I guess that's a no....* *wait hold up*

drjoeproductions : That x files music was golden bro!!!

Viki Petrovic : I pretty sure swoozie copied the part where he talks about the Dreamcast in the intro from bhd's storytime #5 look it up

Mr. Wyrzykowski : toys r us is still some places in NoRwaY

renaldo forde : Toys were us...

Camden S : Stealth bank robbery. MISSON COMPLETE. *Gods plan starts*

asianfasian : Your the reason why they closed down

The Famous Potato : "What's the worst that could happen?" Ha *me*

Five Night's At Ethan's Pint Size Heroes : Apr 4 is my birthday :D

Rachel Zegler : so YOU'RE the reason they're closing

Itz Unicorn : You posted this on my birthday :D

Portable House : “You want a bag?” The way he said that has me dead

Star Brand : When corporations make EVERYTHING so damn complicated, and refuse to hire QUALITY people, things like this happen. The exact same thing happened to me at HH Gregg. I even tried to explain that they might have made a mistake (but not too forcefully), and was told twice "No, you're good. " And... The same thing happened to my Mother. She and Dad bought a window air conditioner from Sears for $500. She used her Sears credit card, a card she hadn't used in years, but it WAS still valid. Two months later she never got a bill for it, so she called Sears and explained. Sears told her that they had NO record of the transaction and that it was impossible for her to have used the card she "claimed" to use. She offered to pay for the AC but was told (with attitude) that there was NO record so no payment could be taken. My Mom tried a few more times to explain and PAY for the AC unit, then finally just gave up. She said "I shouldn't have to work this hard to give them my money."


GoldenSeahawk30 : so this is why they went out of business...

Pretcil : **DreamCast**

Gaming boiboi : *FBI OPEN UP*

[NST]Parkour Assassin : Toys WERE us, want to know your location!!

Big Bucky7 : Mission passed respect earned

lil ACROSM YT : Im just gonna like my own comment cause no one else is


Ded sec : On ps3 sonic game That part is there too

UnorthdoxCleric : Best vid ever. U had me rolling hard bro.

Tracer 11032 : I have a Dreamcast and I have sonic adventure 1 and 2