Stealing From Toys R Us

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JKP Animation : Most intense Toys R Us heist ever.

ncA&Tstate : SMART!!! Wait for the company to go Bankrupt _and then_ confess! Brilliant! 😆

DaSourOrange : We still have Toys R Us in Canada

Lauren Lesiuk : Here's a thought Toys R Us: Maybe if you lower the price, people will buy more stuff, then maybe you wouldn't have gone bankrupt.

iconic.joanelle : i loved toys r us but honestly....THEM TOYS WERE EXPENSIVE BRO.

KXT productions : Tecnicly he didnt steal it he payed 15$ to pre order so....he got a 95% discount

dande 313 : Swoozie; the man who bankrupted Toys R Us.

ImThatSAMUEL : Toys R Us is still open in Canada. So if you really miss it just take a trip to the north ^_^


Dominic de Martigny : You single handed lay shut down Toys R Us. You monster....

Kristin Cummins : Damn this is why they’re closed. Thanks.

Jackson Wald : That old lady singlehandedly bankrupted toys r us

Hendawg93 : Damn games were that expensive back then?

Snoop : Lmao there’s still a Toys R Us in my town. I live in Texas....

Bella Hernandez : I just watched a video of him sayin "there better be a *mansion* in heaven for me bc of how much i respected my friends relationships" and then I see this.. Im sorry to break it to ya buddy but...

- S a d G i r l - : 2018 anybody?

Izzy : **police sirens in the distance.** RUN SWOOZIE. RUN. I’LL HOLD EM OFF AS BEST I CAN!

Trippess : we still have it in canada

Charlotte Fenstermaker : "I bought my first crack pipe there..."

Hype Hascall : Swoozie= ━╤デ╦︻(▀̿̿Ĺ̯̿̿▀̿ ̿)

JustinePlayZ [PH] - YouTube : SSSSSOOONNICC CCC!?!?!?!!!?!? Pls come back toy ru s I don't know available in the Philippines

Craftyminer887 : You're the reason why toys r us got bankrupt 😂

LeafPandaxx : Aww dude I miss Toys r us, that was the place when I was a kid lol

-Bliżż - : I just lost 6 brain cells

James Of Lancaster : How old were you when you got the Dreamcast just wanna ask and on October 16 I am picking up LEGO dc super villains just wanna let you know

renaldo forde : Toys were us...

Bunny Shark : R.I.P toys RS and I'm sad my baby sis never got to

UFC android : Drugs R Us

Franklin Fish Man : toys were us

Johnny Roberts : 2:07 The X-Files theme was perfect, thank you for making me laugh 😂

I'm Not Mexican : I remember crying at Toys R Us because my parents wouldn’t buy me Pokémon Blue. I was 10.


lps_ galaxywish : R.I.P toysrus I will miss going and getting my figures there😢😢😢😢😭😭😭😭

FBI : U came for the whole video :-)😊


SleepyBoyJeffy : Susan. The real MVP 😂🙏

Donovan Walker : RIP toysrus I was in that LEGO section ALL DAY!

Cassidy Valadez : 👨🏽 👕👍🏿 thes is you 👖 👞👞

Someguy 42 : I hear that Toys r’ us is re-opening

Gator Productions : How old were u

LeBeautiful : R.I.P Toy R Us will surely be missed as our kid haven when we go shopping 😢

SourPatchKid 69 : Rip Toys R Us they gone

5amukai /Fortnite : Toys R us is still here inn norway

Grace draws cartoons : His cousin was confusion. Com XD

The_Lone _Wolf287 : I still have toys r us in Perth W.A

Simple Kenny : Lets be honest, who wouldn't take advantage of this opportunity???

Star Brand : When corporations make EVERYTHING so damn complicated, and refuse to hire QUALITY people, things like this happen. The exact same thing happened to me at HH Gregg. I even tried to explain that they might have made a mistake (but not too forcefully), and was told twice "No, you're good. " And... The same thing happened to my Mother. She and Dad bought a window air conditioner from Sears for $500. She used her Sears credit card, a card she hadn't used in years, but it WAS still valid. Two months later she never got a bill for it, so she called Sears and explained. Sears told her that they had NO record of the transaction and that it was impossible for her to have used the card she "claimed" to use. She offered to pay for the AC but was told (with attitude) that there was NO record so no payment could be taken. My Mom tried a few more times to explain and PAY for the AC unit, then finally just gave up. She said "I shouldn't have to work this hard to give them my money."


Messiah Scott : Friend: we still have toys R us in Canada Me :well looks like I’m moving

flo pz : *top 10 succesful heists*