Stealing From Toys R Us

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JKP Animation : Most intense Toys R Us heist ever.

LeBeautiful : R.I.P Toy R Us will surely be missed as our kid haven when we go shopping 😢

Hanakin Sidewalker : Rest In Peace Toys R Us.

Steve : I use to go to the car section and sit in the cars.

gregjakobtyler : This is why they went bankrupt 🙃

DaSourOrange : We still have Toys R Us in Canada

CanadianQueen76 : “Shooketh” - I say that... 😬😆

s0ul_xTL : Toys R Us has left the server.

Green Monsta : This aint stealing it's a strategy

Spetsnaz boris : Toys r us closing forever Goodbye old friend, may the force be with you.

DedeRaM1 : Lol this video should be named why toy r us is bankrupt 😂😂

Jackson Wald : That old lady singlehandedly bankrupted toys r us

xXLil ManXx : R.I.P Toys R Us (idk when it was made-2018)

MinionStudios : Who else is a toys r us kid?

One-Byte Studio : I'm from Canada and its staying in Canada. I love toys r us.

Maria Sanchez : 3:30 did he mean oblivious ??😂

Guy Buddy : 1:39 Possibly the most uncomfortable sound I've ever heard

Vreezy Easy : This isn’t a funny a toys r us lost its life today

Abby_Kat : Time to move to canada. why oh *BECAUSE TOYS R US ISNT CLOSING IN CANADA*

Jonalyn Quinonez : Toys R Us actually closed down because of Amazon.

Matt Spicer : Gonna miss Toys R US!!! Good memories!!


bozo 682 : 1:38 ASMR

Alan Servin : Well he's going to hell.

10,000 Subscribers With Videos - Nikkstein Gaming : Toys r us went bankrupt? Never even been there since we dont have those..

Dean Natuno : **Calls 911**

Lillian Alexander : I subed cause you are so funny on that one video about your dream running out naked lol

NWA 171 : R.I.P toys r us

Robsterthe Lobster : No wonder toys r us is closing

Death Dave : There is still toys r us here in the Philippines

itsNotJeffy YT : Susan. The real MVP 😂🙏

Midget Animations : R.I.P Jeffery

pacifist Phoenix : This uploaded days before my birthday

Weird Boii : Lol that old lady though

Dago zuckerberg : Your the reason toys r us ran out of business

Obi-Wan Kenobi : I always knew that Sonic leads to crime...

Vibhishan Singh : 289$ for the system And 39,99$for a game But only took 280$ Seems legit

Gamer Zzz : Lol 😂 love your vid’s 👍👍✌🏼

YaGirlKelly : What if they make a TOYS R US 2.0!! 😱😱

Nayib Cueva : The sad thing about this is that toys r us is no longer with us, R.I.P. toys r us 2018

dande 313 : Swoozie; the man who bankrupted Toys R Us.

KillerCrock Gaming : Toy r us is still on Iceland

Russell Cavan Chew : 15 for a sonic game wow

LeafPandaxx : Aww dude I miss Toys r us, that was the place when I was a kid lol

Finley Bruce : In Canada there is still toys r us and so many Americans are constantly coming up and buying stuff

renaldo forde : Toys were us...

Upload Download : Bolivious

Ender X 360 : I stilll have toys R us

LMNTRIX YT : Yess listen to Susann

ChickenTuna369 : So you can teleport in real life