Stealing From Toys R Us

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JKP Animation : Most intense Toys R Us heist ever.

ncA&Tstate : SMART!!! Wait for the company to go Bankrupt _and then_ confess! Brilliant! 😆

DaSourOrange : We still have Toys R Us in Canada

Lauren Lesiuk : Here's a thought Toys R Us: Maybe if you lower the price, people will buy more stuff, then maybe you wouldn't have gone bankrupt.

iconic.joanelle : i loved toys r us but honestly....THEM TOYS WERE EXPENSIVE BRO.

ImThatSAMUEL : Toys R Us is still open in Canada. So if you really miss it just take a trip to the north ^_^

dande 313 : Swoozie; the man who bankrupted Toys R Us.


Vibhishan Singh : 289$ for the system And 39,99$for a game But only took 280$ Seems legit

Kristin Cummins : Damn this is why they’re closed. Thanks.

Dominic de Martigny : You single handed lay shut down Toys R Us. You monster....

renaldo forde : Toys were us...

Snaggy EzE : No wonder toys or us went bankrupt like if u agree😂

Snoop : Lmao there’s still a Toys R Us in my town. I live in Texas....

Charlotte Fenstermaker : "I bought my first crack pipe there..."

Bella Hernandez : I just watched a video of him sayin "there better be a *mansion* in heaven for me bc of how much i respected my friends relationships" and then I see this.. Im sorry to break it to ya buddy but...

Cantoons : *i was too poor for toys r us!* 😭

Trippess : we still have it in canada

Hendawg93 : Damn games were that expensive back then?

James Of Lancaster : How old were you when you got the Dreamcast just wanna ask and on October 16 I am picking up LEGO dc super villains just wanna let you know

Weird Boii : Lol that old lady though

itsNotJeffy YT : Susan. The real MVP 😂🙏

Indyturner : Toys r us didn't feel too good

Death Dave : There is still toys r us here in the Philippines

JustinePlayZ Minecraft : SSSSSOOONNICC CCC!?!?!?!!!?!? Pls come back toy ru s I don't know available in the Philippines

lps_ galaxywish : R.I.P toysrus I will miss going and getting my figures there😢😢😢😢😭😭😭😭

Dean Natuno : **Calls 911**

Bunny Shark : R.I.P toys RS and I'm sad my baby sis never got to

Ju ju : U know what's sad? I've never been to toys r us, not once!!! Not as a kid....yeah....

Asuna Kirigaya : You like: i can finally tell this story now their shutting down and cant sue me.


I'm Not Mexican : I remember crying at Toys R Us because my parents wouldn’t buy me Pokémon Blue. I was 10.

Diana da potato •-• : I just lost 6 brain cells

UFC android : Drugs R Us

SourPatchKid 69 : Rip Toys R Us they gone

Galaxy Rex : Blame the kids for using electronics

Izzy : **police sirens in the distance.** RUN SWOOZIE. RUN. I’LL HOLD EM OFF AS BEST I CAN!

Nikkstein Gaming : Toys r us went bankrupt? Never even been there since we dont have those..

Gator Productions : How old were u

LeafPandaxx : Aww dude I miss Toys r us, that was the place when I was a kid lol

Cassidy Valadez : 👨🏽 👕👍🏿 thes is you 👖 👞👞

candiigurl7893 : Swoozie is still alive! Kidding. Lol I'm excited for the new video though. 😀

Donovan Walker : RIP toysrus I was in that LEGO section ALL DAY!

Samuel Hensley : U came for the whole video :-)😊

Javier DeJesus : It’s coming back as Geoffrey’s toy box 😁 like forreals no bull dookie

hamilton trash : I never been to toys R us (T▽T)

Jackson Wald : That old lady singlehandedly bankrupted toys r us


Craftyminer887 : You're the reason why toys r us got bankrupt 😂

the penguin king : FBI OPEN UP!!!!!!