Things that are Good

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Prestige Clips : Things that are good: finding this channel.

jayley : when your chair is unexpectedly comfortable .. * OOOOOOoooOOOoOOOOOOoOO *

Jared Sims : the wallet. Jesus chris, this is perfect.

Dale Robinson : Things that are good: Fairbairn Films

tamez man : "It's a modern day miracle!"

Cecilia Gill : *inhales* whAT iS thAT? Honestly, this is the best channel.

Scrawlball : "Shhshshsaisishhshs WHaT is THaT?!"

Smithy YT : How do you only have 16K subs? 😂

Terrorcotta : This is actually the best channel on youtube

Xander Pandre : why did he cut his hair?

FappyFeet : THE MUSIC AT THE END, WHERE IS IT?! WHERE IS SHE?! *batmanning intensifies*

Joel Topich : noooooooooooooooooooooooo his hair

SixThousand Blankets : That wallet part is gold.

eldredo : is that mac demarco

victor vaquero : I had to wipe twice :(

Yofu : Now we just need Things That Are Alright to complete the trilogy.

Ryan Hanna : 0:52 sounded like he was going to climax

Hey Hiro I’m glass : 0:11 women hear: when you take ur bra off after a really long day

Dreamofskies : 0:22 All parents to their kids

Niamhus The Great : What happened to all that luscious hair mate?

DexInfernal : I’m sharing this with all my mates

Billy Jeffs : Grow your hair back immediately.

Pochopo : what is THAT

big slice of toast : The actual best

Mana Wordsworth : When he slaps all over himself

Irie Is a weirdo : "I didn't expect you, but I appreciate you" if I ever get accidentally pregnant saying this to my child.

Caketin72 : Omg 👌 this is gold

FractaLens Portals : ~~Slap Slap Whap Flail Slap Flail~~ ...whap YAAAAAAAASSS!!!!!!!!!

Ashleigh : 1:01 reminds me of that episode of spongebob when they have that body slap contest during the now that were men song

Solara k : Things that are ok next plzzz

Yo Gabba Gabby : *sniff* what is that When you briefly lost your wallet (starts slapping self)

crazybrenden : Things that are good: At least now there is 1 great video where the comments don't turn into a total sh!t show of human depravity! Cheers!

Jason smith : 0:27 what a face lol this kid should be in movies lol


Yo Gabba Gabby : When you briefly think you’ve lost your wallet *starts stalking self* 🤣

Munchkin : What song did you use? Kinda sound like mac demarco

Aesthetic Account : Nooooo he cut his hair out

zeldafan33 : What happened to your hair?

Cian Doyle : Thanks reddit for bringing me here

Chloe_wakeman : Hilarious😂🙌

Michael Karabatos : Bahaha

ThirdAgeFilm : New fav channel

Kelly Flynn : I love this hahah

Tyra Correia : I still think you're a woman...

MontyBLARG : Is that lake out the back of your place good for a swim? I wanna take a massive dip in it mate

CORRDiesel : oy mates i drink my vodka for you, gratz from russia

Franklin Webster : Just binged watched ask the vids of theirs all day and got when when I finished them, got happy when they upload a new one only a few hours later.

CallMeSurely : Best channel on Youtube. Keep up the great work. Love from Canada!

Karrigan Smith : 0:25 I'm dying 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Hugh Daniel Mayer : Haha sooooooo good mate!🤙🤙🤙🤙🤙🤙👍👍👍👍