What would happen if every human suddenly disappeared? - Dan Kwartler

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Thick BMO : So many phones would hit the ground

starry figs : Alright, but seriously, how is no one talking about how beautiful this art-style is?

Jj Wang : I’m like: hey this all sounds pretty good . . . OH GOD NO THE MOSQUITOES NO PLEASE

Lion Lance : You’re an alien: your people have just landed on a new planet inhabited with strange unintelligent life forms and rich plant life! You’ve been issued a new life on this planet, and have decided to explore this strange new alien world. After a while of hiking, climbing, and exploring, you finally find something that sends a chill down your spine. A towering structure, a mass carving of four beings you don’t understand. They’ve been worn, eroded, etc. and you realize, maybe you aren’t alone here.

Milliana Rakuzen : From this video I learned that human's disapearence is a good thing

rey mark Sacedon : If thanos claps

Chanel Hanson : Damn sounds like Earth is living her best life without us😂😂💀

Vedraj r.m : What if the humans reappear after disappearing for centuries?

Gian Ramirez : Earth will rebuild itself without the humans..

Meokriz : Nothing about nuclear plants? Im Disappointed

1,000 Subscribers With No Videos? : The real question is how did the humans disappear

Rundown Galaxy : While Nokia Phones won't have a scratch 😃😃

Raphael Chen : 0:25 “So what would happen if every human on Earth suddenly disappeared?” Uh, don’t know. The astronauts on the ISS would probably be really confused.

EvilUnicornLord : Everyone in the comments: "Hey Earth would be better." Me: "NOT DOGGOS!"

Phet Pham : “What would happen if every human suddenly disappeared?” *there would be no humans.. \o-o/*

error mkay : My dog would be so lonely. Its sad to think about.

Angie : What about a nuclear meltdown?

Commander Appo : Pandas would die.

Opal Griffin : Its simple, Thanos got carried away

hala a : Q: what would happen if every human suddenly disappeared? me: it well be a very great thing, humans are terrible.

DongChan Kim : Looks like Life after people from History channel

AlphaAmoeba : Conclucion: We are jerks, and i agree

കേണൽ ഔറേലിയനോ : May be a new species superior than us arise and hunt for human fossils in the future.

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Sharukh Mastan : This made me happy for some reason. We are the bad guys.

thisissparta300ful : What about nuclear meltdowns. Probably would have more of an effect than the oil refineries

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Pranil Raja : ...And still, a Nokia 3210 will still be working, thousands of years later.

Ross ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ Lill : Guess the other species of apes might evolutionize to human beings yet again and start questioning their existence?

Aaron West : This gave me shivers down my spine so many times!

Nuniii NAM555 : Video: the earth will be dark for the first time Me: wait so when it’s night time it’s not Dark?

Paul Castillo : Duh, everyone would dissape-

Defiant GTI : house cats can survive without human

Me : If humans disappeared, we would have another Chernobyl.

Ms. Zombangle : Similar things would probably happen during a zombie apocalypse

Tryptamine Odyssey : I can’t wait for future species to find Nokia fossils buried deep in the earth

Xu Bin Ooi : Who else flinched when hearing the mosquitoes. lol

chatsworth777 : This is completely ridiculous. You make NO mention of 238,000 fuel rods that must be cooled by circulating water. Forget for the moment all the thousands of fuel rods in reactors. You completely ignore that Earth's climate is cyclical bringing regular ice ages. Your beliefs about manmade CO2 show ignorance. Look at long term CO2 levels,,, UP and Down. You make no mention of long-term solar cycles. Earth is moving out of an area of dust protection from a big part of the background cosmic rays. The mutation rate will go way up. NASA says that we are currently going into a temperature minimum. Nobody knows just how low the temps will go. There is growing evidence that Sol sends us a micro-nova on a regular basis (Suspicious Observers)

My name is Mr. Meme now : Good question Nothing will happen the earth will continue to live on just like every other species that went extinct

JohnnyG : VERY flawed because there's no mention of radioactive pollution and what that would do to the surviving animals.

Melanie Ortiz : You didn't even touch the impact nuclear energy would have🤦🤦

DAY : Thanks for making me feel like more of a parasite on the earth

Dice Boy : The art style was so good I watched the vid about 5 times. Also here is a comic joke thing... Me: Mosquitos? Kill em with fire.. War me: and if that fails? Me:then bomb them with nukes War me:and plan c? Me: USE A GOT DAM TSAR BOMBA! War me: and that fails? Me:*summons creative powers* them I'll delete them.... Scientific me: but then there would be consequences. Me: then I'll make more Mosquitos....but it won't be annoying.(and deadly)

Bernicia Angel Tirta : Infinity war but Thanos accidentally snapped twice

Justice Dodson : The biggest rip off of “Life After People” I’ve ever seen lol

octopisashimi : one human from each different civilization on earth survives, but live upon this "new earth"

Miguel Martinez : This documentary started all wrong if there is darknes caused by artificial clouds then the climate would see a dramatic cooldown possibly starting a mini ice age than it would cause a hole range of diferent outcomes than the ones shown

June A : This really ruin all post apocalyptic movies I’ve watched 🤣