What would happen if every human suddenly disappeared? - Dan Kwartler

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TED-Ed : For a page-turning tour of a post-human earth, we recommend reading "The World Without Us"! Download an e-book version here: https://amzn.to/2QwSPyH. For a limited time, our partners at Picador are offering a steep discount on these downloads, so don't miss this opportunity!

കേണൽ ഔറേലിയനോ : May be a new species superior than us arise and hunt for human fossils in the future.

Curious Thought : I like how you guys used present-tense in this one, fits well. Awesome animation as always!

Raphael Chen : 0:25 “So what would happen if every human on Earth suddenly disappeared?” Uh, don’t know. The astronauts on the ISS would probably be really confused.

Thick BMO : So many phones would hit the ground

Antonio Giuseppe : *...and what would happen if we suddenly reappear.*

Aspect Science : "Life ...uh....Finds a Way" - Jeff Goldblum, Jurassic Park (AKA the best film ever made?)

Tryptamine Odyssey : I can’t wait for future species to find Nokia fossils buried deep in the earth

Milliana Rakuzen : From this video I learned that human's disapearence is a good thing

thealexguy1 : Shhhhh you're spoiling what's going to happen after my mass genocide

DriftingThroughLife : Looks strangely peaceful. huh, someone should get on this.

Commander Appo : Pandas would die.

Siddhant Hota : thanos should watch this before doing another snap...

Jj Wang : I’m like: hey this all sounds pretty good . . . OH GOD NO THE MOSQUITOES NO PLEASE

Square Peg : The only thing that will survive forever that humans made is the nokia 3210

someonepleasecalltheambulancebecausemycatisonfire : I don't know why but I feel so nostalgic watching this video, probably because it's about nature and stuff, and the animation too, it's really beautiful. Feels like a 2000 documentary film about nature

Xxxtensioncordxx : Well, this video was depressing. But I still liked it

Marc Hatanpaa : When Thanos snaps twice

Lion Lance : You’re an alien: your people have just landed on a new planet inhabited with strange unintelligent life forms and rich plant life! You’ve been issued a new life on this planet, and have decided to explore this strange new alien world. After a while of hiking, climbing, and exploring, you finally find something that sends a chill down your spine. A towering structure, a mass carving of four beings you don’t understand. They’ve been worn, eroded, etc. and you realize, maybe you aren’t alone here.

Eye of the Tiger [][][] : If humans were to suddenly disappear, life on Earth will finally be able to flourish.

Satya Anshary : Its so sad when you said animal like dogs and cats cant survive :(

Sigmund Trutt : I think this is the best post-human video I have seen to date. Humans aren’t meant to live forever, our time is limited like everything else in the Universe

Abhinav Sajid : While Nokia Phones won't have a scratch 😃😃

hanyk06 : Someone make a video game that takes place 100 years into this post human world....? Please?

AlphaAmoeba : Conclucion: We are jerks, and i agree

Johnny Blaze : Great video but should have been at least twice as long

Dao Crafts : Anyone else just thinking Thanos but all of the population?

Alexander Reinfield : What a beautiful world

Vedraj r.m : What if the humans reappear after disappearing for centuries?

B To The T To The S To The BTS : People need to realise that once humans are gone the earth won't just magically be better. It will be, for sometime since we aren't there to destroy it anymore but evolution hasn't stopped. Another species will eventually come to our place and redo everything

Joaquin Phoenix's forehead face : I wouldn't mind. Let mother nature claim what's truly hers.

Ross Lill : Guess the other species of apes might evolutionize to human beings yet again and start questioning their existence?

Mar Celo : Answer: the Earth would be better. The end.

Angie : What about a nuclear meltdown?

Stiltzkin Vanserine : Mother Nature's withdrawal symptoms.

Uzoaku Amadi : 10,000 years later, a Nokia cellphone loses one bar of battery.

The clown fish : Then that would mean Thanos snapped multiple times

ME 1 : What will happen? *we will turn into dust*

RandomdudeZ9 : If we're dead, no one will know what would happen to humans

Jie Li : Who else here got a nightmare after watching this

Captain Qwaz Caz : Thanos should've snapped twice.

Gerard Cada : Adventure time! It looks like the musroom war

Tropical the RainWing : 1,000,000,000,000,000 the Nokia phone loses half of it's battery

TheMiner8627 : But,if robots are in charge with things humans do to the world,then everything will stay the same

Andro Gamer08 : Thank God ! Thanos made half of the humanity to disappear...

aperson22222 : Sounds like spring herself, when she wakes at dawn, would very much notice that we were gone.

AlphaAmoeba : Life uh.... Finds a way...

Awesome Adrian : after reading the title....... thanos confirmed!!!!!

Bella Sherwin : This would make such a good book

Sidhusan Devamanoharan : "Humanity hasn't always been here, and we won't be here forever. But by investigating the world without us, perhaps we can learn more about the world we live in now."