What would happen if every human suddenly disappeared? - Dan Kwartler

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TED-Ed : For a page-turning tour of a post-human earth, we recommend reading "The World Without Us"! Download an e-book version here: https://amzn.to/2QwSPyH. For a limited time, our partners at Picador are offering a steep discount on these downloads, so don't miss this opportunity!

കേണൽ ഔറേലിയനോ : May be a new species superior than us arise and hunt for human fossils in the future.

Thick BMO : So many phones would hit the ground

Marc Hatanpaa : When Thanos snaps twice

Jj Wang : I’m like: hey this all sounds pretty good . . . OH GOD NO THE MOSQUITOES NO PLEASE

Milliana Rakuzen : From this video I learned that human's disapearence is a good thing

Aspect Science : "Life ...uh....Finds a Way" - Jeff Goldblum, Jurassic Park (AKA the best film ever made?)

Square Peg : The only thing that will survive forever that humans made is the nokia 3210

Lion Lance : You’re an alien: your people have just landed on a new planet inhabited with strange unintelligent life forms and rich plant life! You’ve been issued a new life on this planet, and have decided to explore this strange new alien world. After a while of hiking, climbing, and exploring, you finally find something that sends a chill down your spine. A towering structure, a mass carving of four beings you don’t understand. They’ve been worn, eroded, etc. and you realize, maybe you aren’t alone here.

DriftingThroughLife : Looks strangely peaceful. huh, someone should get on this.

Satya Anshary : Its so sad when you said animal like dogs and cats cant survive :(

Xxxtensioncordxx : Well, this video was depressing. But I still liked it

Siddhant Hota : thanos should watch this before doing another snap...

thealexguy1 : Shhhhh you're spoiling what's going to happen after my mass genocide

Mar Celo : Answer: the Earth would be better. The end.

AlphaAmoeba : Conclucion: We are jerks, and i agree

Commander Appo : Pandas would die.

Abhinav Sajid : While Nokia Phones won't have a scratch 😃😃

Vedraj r.m : What if the humans reappear after disappearing for centuries?

Ross ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ Lill : Guess the other species of apes might evolutionize to human beings yet again and start questioning their existence?

platinumarceas : Honestly a better fate than whats to come in a few years

Sigmund Trutt : I think this is the best post-human video I have seen to date. Humans aren’t meant to live forever, our time is limited like everything else in the Universe

Johnny Blaze : Great video but should have been at least twice as long

Angie : What about a nuclear meltdown?

rey mark Sacedon : If thanos claps

Dao Crafts : Anyone else just thinking Thanos but all of the population?

Joaquin Phoenix's forehead face : I wouldn't mind. Let mother nature claim what's truly hers.

Alexander Reinfield : What a beautiful world

Kabute TV : Earth will rebuild itself without the humans..

fuckinvic : This is why time is our most valuable resource. We won't live forever.

Stiltzkin Vanserine : Mother Nature's withdrawal symptoms.

Uzoaku Amadi : 10,000 years later, a Nokia cellphone loses one bar of battery.

error mkay : My dog would be so lonely. Its sad to think about.

TheMiner8627 : But,if robots are in charge with things humans do to the world,then everything will stay the same

Daksh Raturi : What about nuclear reactor ? Who will maitain there colling?

JohnnyG : VERY flawed because there's no mention of radioactive pollution and what that would do to the surviving animals.

Curious Thought : I like how you guys used present-tense in this one, fits well. Awesome animation as always!

Deepa K : A new kind might start a new world and live for years like us....but I hope that they shall live a life free from all those shits that we create between us in today's time. They might use the resources in a proper way and save the Earth from problems that we are in process of creating😞

Opal Griffin : Its simple, Thanos got carried away

The clown fish : Then that would mean Thanos snapped multiple times

Hằng Nguyễn Thị Thanh : Enviroment become fresh if humen disapear

Captain Qwaz Caz : Thanos should've snapped twice.

Panzer Man : This is basically the whole Life After People series summed up in 5 minutes. Which is a series I recommend watching if you want much more in-depth examination of life without man.

Ram Slam08 : Thank God ! Thanos made half of the humanity to disappear...

Bella Sherwin : This would make such a good book

Raphael Chen : 0:25 “So what would happen if every human on Earth suddenly disappeared?” Uh, don’t know. The astronauts on the ISS would probably be really confused.

Moui Moui : last no us

Dragon3557 Vlog : And eventually the sun will explode and it will be as if we never existed

BeaBoo : *What would happen if I disappear?*

fun-with-nickline : "definitely" so keep safe and pray everyone staying alive for love life , God and our Planet full of good resources to built all this materials for our goodness sakes Humanity.🌏👩👨🧑🧒👦👧👶👳‍♂️👱‍♀️👱‍♂️