LIVE North Carolina Hurricane Florence Cam - Hurricane Florence Tracking and Beach Footage

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mushwtf : Anyone surfing today?

nu : ive never seen a video with one million views and only 3 comments lol

moo moo : no comments? guess I'm first? hope the ponies are OK, wish one had a GoPro on it to see what they do. Ya'll be safe over there on the east coast. No clouds at all here in NM, come on out for some splendid fallish weather! The Aspens are starting to turn, the Chamissa and Asters are blooming and it's a beautiful day.

Coolshark : im glad i liv in califonya im sorry for miss spelling

Nazz : all people in the comment got washed away and it kinda make me feel worried

Somaiya Alam : Why is there no comments lol

De Todo de todo : Como HACES para transmitir en vivo las Cámaras en vivo???

Deluxe Knight : 20th

The gaming Cheese : My goodness

ScagliettiYellow : This cant be live..... im in wilmington not far from the battleship and its pitch fkn black outside smh..... people and this "view" game

Kozak22 : 3rd. But isn't working...


kiachris76712 : Not live, eye is over Myrtle beach now 7 minutes til10pm and dark. Why is it light out on the cam?

Warrior4Jesus71 : Got Jesus Christ Everyone?

Cross Sans : Omg

Josh S : 10th :D

sketti boi : 2nd LUL

Josh S : 8th

Josh S : 9th