Australia Cinematic Video - Bird's Eye View - HD Drone Footage
Australia Travel Video

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Have you ever dreamed to be a bird that you could explore the world and fly whenever you like? Dreams come true. You don’t even need to leave your house! Just watch this majestic UHD ambient drone film about Australia from the bird's eye view and enjoy your virtual tour! It’s fantastic! Every time planning your trip you want to find out as more as possible about the country you are going to visit. This UHD video will help you see the country from a new perspective, enjoy and relax! Take in the breathtaking views and listen to amazing music! Watching this video you will be enchanted by the magnificent skylines, views of the ocean, wildlife, harbors, underwater views, ships, outback racing and all things that a bird can see flying in the sky. Feel yourself free and let your imagination soar! Please Subscribe to my channel for more content like this!


Manouk Schrier : Great video 👏 Australia is so beautiful!

Christian Morata : what's the music?