UNCHARTED - Live Action Fan Film (2018) Nathan Fillion

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100% Star Wars : How does a 15 minute FAN FILM manage to do a better job than ANY Hollywood, blockbuster game to movie? So good.

Killjoy McQuire : 5 minutes in and this is a better video game movie than any other already.

Milkman Leeroy : Make this a 15 episode series on Netflix!

UniversalLizard : I'm throwing my money at the screen but nothing's happening!

Coming Soon : That camera movement at minute 11:00 wow. Take my money, we need a full film.

Sefraca : When fan films are better than Hollywood movies 👏👏👏

Koji Supaida : This crew did their job. This is seriously EXACTLY what the uncharted move should be. I want to see the rest of the story!!! This was beyond spot on. If only hollywood directors thought like good fan film directors....

Lynnaki Lynn : This man is spot on nathan drake, he even got the facial expressions on 11:19 all correct, it's scary, every detail is paid much attention to, and it's obvious he loves portraying this character.

Neon Relms : I really want everyone who was apart of this to be hired to turn this exact short film into a full movie. I really like where this was going and I think it's the perfect movie for uncharted.

DJ00F 00F : 11:00 that moment when it goes to third person :D

Ramzyrizzle : This is kind of Nathan Fillion's version Ryan Reynolds' leaked Deadpool test footage. Now that we've seen a bit, we *need* more!

Vegetarian Soylent-Green : Fan films are better than Hollywood because Hollywood generally doesn't do it for fans, they do it for cash.

Gaurav Mehra : 1.7k people own xbox

NitroW : Nathan Fillion is just the perfect actor for Nathan Drake

-Auday _Shizzz : Who else Thought El Tigre was Eddie Raja?!😂😂

CKid : Who else got excited for the camera angle when he got off the ground from jumping out the window...absolutely AMAZING.

Ms Erinjohnson : I love Tom Holland, he’s a great actor and a great Spider-Man, but I think Nathan Fillion would make a better Nathan Drake.

Blame Shae : Omg 10:58 is literally a scene out of the game! I felt every bit of Drake right there! Pretty damn good acting!!

[RPR]King : I can already imagine the captions of the poster... "Nathan is Nathan." Uncharted 2018, Coming Soon.

Pickle Strength : OMG! Nathan Fillion IS Nathan Drake! He captured the nuance of Drake perfectly! If Sony continues to go with their crappy choice of Tom Holland instead, I'm out! If ANYONE at Sony has a brain, they'll just sign up all of the same people who made this fan film and have THEM make the movie. Unfortunately, we'll more than likely get some crap-fest of a movie with Tom Holland that will only diminish the gem of a movie that Uncharted could have been! Thank you Allan Ungar, Nathan Fillion, and everyone else involved in this perfectly made fan film! (I just wish that I could see even more of what happens next after the fade to black...)

ToastedShoes : This is like the equivalent of Robert Downy Jr being Iron man Nathan Fillion IS Nathan Drake

Fuck Google : Uhhh, where's part 2 ? Please.....


Kristopher Scholefield : This is brilliant. If they (who ever is in charge of casting) don't cast Nathan Fillion as Nathan Drake I'll consider it an insult. And that would just be bad for advertising, fans, and the movie overall. Fillion absolutely nails this role.

Sam Moerbe : This is literally my perfect idea of a video game movie, and after Cayde I need some more fillion.

Star Wars Explained : This is everything I've ever wanted, thank you for making it!

Platinum_Panzer : Dude, for a fan film, this is pretty damn good. Better than any video game based movie I've seen so far. Good job.

Troy Bush : On behalf of everyone everywhere: Nathan Fillion is one of the coolest actors EVER!!

Lohkyn : You have us all hooked. Forget Tom Holland and Bryan Cranston (although Cranston would be a good addition) and make this happen!

Snow : 10:58 end the cut scene back to the gameplay awesome

Console Wars : That was incredible! Who do I give all my money to for more?

S T : It sucks that hollywood is so bad nowadays that fan made projects are better. NF is ND!!!!

BenArchy Uk : Good to see our favourite space cowboy best selling new York cop writer is trying out new roles

Dark 0Bull : Oh my god! What did i just watch!? Nathan Filion the GENUIS. The Perfect Drake in REAL!! We need him to play this role.

Viko : Dear Sony... Book it!!!

Christian Ramirez : Nathan Fillion is a dedicated actor. He actually knows the story, Nolan Norths speech cues, Nathans fighting style, an actual Game perspective. He did an amazing job and I seriously hope this makes it onto the big screen with a bigger budget

Alexandre Pires : Please reach to naughty dog and movie companys I would pay to see this in the big screens 😍 I played uncharted for years without stopping and this really remembers the game and it feels like the game..10/10 in this...Naughty Dog should d

oPretzel Gamer : What if this ties exactly after Uncharted 4? Nate and Elena have a child (Epilogue of U4) then they move to the Philippines which explains their beach-styled house, or in other terms tropical life style, just like in the Philippines. They move there to search for treasure while they give their child a nice, quiet place to live in. Just a Theory

Che Guevara : Maybe they did this fan film with a good budget to test the public’s reaction & so far it’s safe to say... we need an Uncharted movie or a Netflix series.


marlinfan1995 : The Deadpool strategy. Take notice, Sony!!

Aaron Cabral : When fan films are better than Hollywood movies 👏👏👏

walter white : Nathan killed it. This needs to be a full length movie.

United Potatoes : YES This is the Uncharted Film I and every true Uncharted Fan has been waiting for. I mean it's the goddamn reason the main character is named Nathan ! So make this real guys you already have a great cast :D

J_kick1991 : These actors really captured the chemistry of Nathan drake and sully well done wish I could see more

Devon Palmer : Fillion has got the facial expressions down pat

huzafa dar : I don't think they did justice to elenas character.

Danieru beresu : Nathan Fillion was made for Nathan Drake x2

ugh rina : no offence but i dont really like the actress that played elena...

Stokrotka563 : Wonderful job! Movie Nathan has the exact same character as the game one. 10:58 - In this moment of the video, I instantly wanted to take my PS4 Controller and start to play :D. 11:33 - QTE! Press X to hit the man :P.