UNCHARTED - Live Action Fan Film (2018) Nathan Fillion

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Ramzyrizzle : This is kind of Nathan Fillion's version Ryan Reynolds' leaked Deadpool test footage. Now that we've seen a bit, we *need* more!

James Sturrs : Damn the ps5 looks very realistic.

Tanya Roach : Dear Nathan everyone is so waiting for this feature film. Sincerely, Planet Earth.

UniversalLizard : I'm throwing my money at the screen but nothing's happening!

[RPR]King : I can already imagine the captions of the poster... "Nathan is Nathan." Uncharted 2018, Coming Soon.

Sefraca : When fan films are better than Hollywood movies 👏👏👏

Neon Relms : I really want everyone who was apart of this to be hired to turn this exact short film into a full movie. I really like where this was going and I think it's the perfect movie for uncharted.

Che Guevara : Maybe they did this fan film with a good budget to test the public’s reaction & so far it’s safe to say... we need an Uncharted movie or a Netflix series.

Rogred : Nathan Fillion > Tom Holland

Shawn Thornhill : I would pay so much money to see this as a full length movie

CKid : Who else got excited for the camera angle when he got off the ground from jumping out the window...absolutely AMAZING.

Au Pair Favila : Does anybody else imagine Bruce Campbell as Sully right now


Panda : The 2,000 dislikes are Tomb Raider fans🤪

Captainsting : tom holland as young nathan drake and nathan fillion as the adult version. Netflix should buy the rights already!

Hayden Michelussi : I can't get over how much he looks like Drake in the games.

Andy Abdullah : Nolan North is Nathan Drake in the game. But Nathan Fillion is Nathan Drake in the movie. This needs to happen. The attention to detail and the story is incredible. Also, that camera shot is just like in the game. Damn. It's like playing the game without even playing but we can feel like we are still playing it. This is the live action adaptation of game done right.

DragAndDrop : They nailed the writing!

Torbjorn Main : When a fan film does casting right instead of actual Hollywood trying to cast Mark Wahlberg for Nathan Drake

ToastedShoes : This is like the equivalent of Robert Downy Jr being Iron man Nathan Fillion IS Nathan Drake

Chris Turner : Leave it to Hollywood to screw up a good idea and franchise. They have done it to every game to movie so far. They will probably do it to this one. Tom Holland as Nathan Drake...... No!!! No Way!!!! He’s way to twerpy. Nathan Fillion did an outstanding job. He’s a fantastic adventure genre actor. He does not get the credit he deserves. This was the best take on a game series I have seen. Wished it was an hour and forty-five minutes longer. Everyone who is an UNCHARTED fan should express your voices and thoughts to every social media outlet about this. Keep Hollywood from screwing up anything else.

Ronald Ochoa : Holy shit this PS5 graphics are incredible

walter white : Nathan killed it. This needs to be a full length movie.

Drawboy66 : Why couldn't Hollywood make something this good? Oh wait. THEY FAIL TO RESPECT THE SOURCE MATERIAL!!!

Christian Ramirez : Nathan Fillion is a dedicated actor. He actually knows the story, Nolan Norths speech cues, Nathans fighting style, an actual Game perspective. He did an amazing job and I seriously hope this makes it onto the big screen with a bigger budget

Noctis Lucis Caelum : I like the transition from wide screen to full screen from 10:55-11:00. It really reminded me of the Uncharted games when it comes to him engaging in combat with the enemy

Eagle Eye : Hollywood doesn’t deserve you

ThatOneDaxSter : Normally film adaptations of video games turn out to be complete garbage. But I would pay good money to see this become a full-length feature film!

Roe Cruz : THIS WAS SO ACCURATE!! THE ACTING AND THE FIGHT SCENES. Although it'd be better if the Nathan's running wasn't awkward af

100% Star Wars : How does a 15 minute FAN FILM manage to do a better job than ANY Hollywood, blockbuster game to movie? So good.

DragonGamerCookerlolXD_1 : 14 minute cutscene everyone shall grab their popcorn

Your FBI Agent : Nathan Fillon was born to play Nathan Drake, such a disappointment they’re casting Tom Holland

Slick Daddy : Hugh Laurie is Gordon Freeman. Jason Stathom is Vegeta. Nathan Fillion is Nathan Drake. Make it happen.

Jack O’Halloran : they need to make a full movie of the game like if you agree

Star Wars Explained : This is everything I've ever wanted, thank you for making it!

Alix Gerzich : I'm a forever fan of Uncharted and Nathan Drake... This movie was so good and nostalgic that I have to play all my Uncharted collection once again! Thank you SIR ALLAN UNGAR for this great movie,It was better made than any Hollywood crap... You're the best!!!

Xardass : Sully zapalał cygaro tylko zapałkami

damon4421 - Damon Cecil : SERIOUS WORDS OF ADVICE FOR THE STUDIO & A FEW MORE FOR THIS CREW - THAT SHOULD NOT BE OVERLOOKED! Nathan Fillion was born to play this role..this not only proves it, but throws a massive wrench at the upcoming movie casting Tom Holland. If it does poorly or tanks, the reason already exists as proof (and a lesson). A demon in the closet for the studio head to contend with,..I’m sure among many others of course..but a pretty big one. This is well produced, well written, perfectly cast with the person true fans wanted all along ..seems they (studio) maybe preferred to have a long term foundation for a franchise starting off with a very young Nathan Drake (Holland) with many years to grow on. The Nathan Drake character starts off with plenty experience under his belt. Imagine the fist Iron Man being a college kid living with his parents,..I don’t see that working out. Maybe the studio is only thinking about the potential $$$$$ of multiple movies over 10+ years before the first one is even made. It’s an expensive crap shoot with a new movie franchise..the first movie could totally bomb.. not to mention starting off with a young drake is dumb...but then again I have 0 experience in film and tv..lol That said, simply put..this concept film is excellent work with incredible potential. Any decision makers involved in the pre-production of the upcoming studio project would be smart to pause for consideration..regardless if Alan’s concept can’t matter at this point. In the back of ones mind, if you feel this shot (direction/characters/prod crew/script/audience connection/) is bout as good a scene as you hope the studio wishes for, then DO something about it. Understanding that Shawn Levy is an excellent Director with some serious creds..but the director (Alan), crew & Fillion took the bull by the horns in great fashion to make a strong statement and prove a valuable point! This is one of those incredible auditions (all-in-one package..director, set crew, actors..casting..etc.), for a major movie franchise that was either completely ignored for all the wrong reasons/excuses..and sets the example once again (like Ryan Reynolds & crew did with the original Deadpool video leak..that sparked the films). Only two outcomes here: A. The studio, knowing this is one of those auditions that is so good it STOPS EVERYTHING..chooses to hide behind deals already made & contracts signed,..“promises” and moves forward. Could still be a decent money maker..or maybe not..it’s still in the realm of the unknown. B. The studio, recognizes the audition as a smart, bold move..the type that STOPS EVERYTHING because it fits like it’s supposed to..and decides to suck it up and make the right move..even if it costs a little promised coin going in the negative..never heard of Alan Unger, but seems not only he is the man for the job, he already filmed the studio trailer-pitch and knocked it out the park. That’s what you do when people spend great cost just to step up to the plate and SHOW UP like this crew did,.. and kill it! You recognize it and make the move. The upcoming film has a great director and could turn out ok with Holland.. I think about the “National Treasure” movies,..awesome and made bank..didn’t Star a young version of the real character because it didn’t need to. This production is already liked by millions & for all the right reasons. It is everything fans already wanted..and people who have never heard of Uncharted will still come to the theater to enjoy. For the big studios...When things are starting to get in motion, sometimes giant wrenches can get thrown in it.. or usually they do. In this case a giant present filled with the awesomeness you been waiting for is wrapped in silk bows & lands on your doorstep. Don’t close the door on it because you already accepted your limited number of gifts for the day..do the right thing and the make right move..It’s a test..not just of faith in a project, but of bold leadership and business management. Ok now I’ve said my peace. Damon

Js Master : Me only knowing Nathan Fillion through Cayde-6 (May he Rest In Peace) I was pleasantly surprised with how he did Nathan Drake! But, that’s coming from a millennial that hasn’t experienced Fillion’s acting career I’ve heard about. I’ve been liking his role for Cayde these last few years on Destiny, and I was kinda asking for more. And if this doesn’t show how he does work, then I dunno what does! Great job with the team and the acting, and hopefully there’ll be more for the future!

Olivia Martin : If they started a Kickstarter to make this into a full movie, I wouldn’t even hesitate when it came to donating!

Venom LeTitan : Jeremy renner would have been a good Nathan drake also

Robyson Aquino Hartter Scassyotthy : Actor Nathan Fillion is Perfect Nathan Drake ❤️❤️❤️

BSKD Jewels : Where's the rest? lol jk. That was so good!! Props to the writers for nailing the Naughty Dog style and doing their research on Alberquerque and the filming crew for incredible shots. The actors were amazing and to whoever produced... thank you. This was phenomenal and I wish there was a full length one. I am impressed by everyone who helped in this mini movie and I thank you for making it a thing.

PhoenixFIrebird : Nathan Fillion just nails it. No question about that

Console Wars : That was incredible! Who do I give all my money to for more?

diego lopez : Fantastic. But I eould like a different actress as Elena.

Chris Griffin : Why do they make films like Rampage whereas such amazing films exist ?

Kirmu Karmu : Where can i donate funds to make this film happen? He is Nathan Drake 😳

Stakmaster : More spirit than fully funded video game movies and Fillion is the perfect Drake. Lang is a classic but not my first pick for Sully. I wish so much this was a full film...

Tumosgroup : See?? This is what happens when people who actually care about the source material make a film