UNCHARTED - Live Action Fan Film (2018) Nathan Fillion

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SoKrispyMedia : Such a great short! Loved how the getaway scene was shot like the game. Awesome job!

Chandler Gayman : So can we get this on Kickstarter or GoFundMe for a full length movie?

lone_wanderess : he even sounds like Nolan North!

RayMysterXD : Hey there lil guy, what do you wanna be when you grow up? 😂😂💀

Beary Boy : It's actually even too comedic

Browntable : Blown away, devastated. This is incredible. Seriously, I would pay to watch a full length movie in theaters.

Legend Softy Gamer : UNCHARTED: A Thiefs Comeback

CrashBandits : Caught the feel of the game perfectly. Amazing job with such a limited time and budget!

SlumxKingJay : I can’t find this chapter in the game


CriousGamers (Chilled Chaos) : WHERE'S THE KICKSTARTER?!

NoChillChicken : The only problem I have with this is Elena. They should switch the actor in this video with the actual voice actor.

Dani Balla : Man, this is soo amazing. Congratulations! It feels like if this was a professional movie. The only thing makes it independent is that it's short. I love the movement of the cameras, the characters. It truly resembles the Uncharted feeling. There should be an official movie for this series. Again good job!😀

Edward V.D. Meer : Who else wants to see an uncharted with atlantis in it?

ralph jurgen : Love it, nathan was great plus the camerawork zooms and strafes that were game like were awesome. I think a lot of points in Philippine history would tie into the uncharted-like plot elements... Magellan, Spanish colonization for 333 years (like a triad reference) Why Bonifacio, as a rebellion leader of the KKK was killed or betrayed, why the US, Japan and other countries wanted the Philippines, the Philippine dictator that was preserved for a long time, and economic boom during his time and the death of a senator on the flights of a plane upon landing home.

Star Wars Explained : This is everything I've ever wanted, thank you for making it!

Jack Murray : Hollywood needs to start bringing people like this onto video game movies. Only true players know the feel and look that a game holds instead of those simply who makes movies!

Gabby Robinson : I want you all to know that I showed this Literally to everyone I know. No literally, 3 of my cousins are waiting to borrow my uncharted 4 disc. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!! :D This is a great movie. Wish it was longer tho!!!!!!!!! Uncharted!!!!!!


LittleJack : Neil Druckman loved this, Nolan North loved this, how could Sony ignored this?

TheNafig : How to stop throwing money on the monitor? I want to see the full version on the big screen!

Martha Pio : this is a fan film, that is 15 minutes long and still better than movies produced in Hollywood 😂

高麗人参Yung : Not only is the cast amazing but they Nathan sounds exactly like Nathan drake,the fighting is exactly like the game and it feels like this is needs to happen. MAKE IT FULL

Connor Nicholas : This was so well done, I love it! I've always thought Nathan Fillion reminded me so much of Nathan Drake.

Carls Willians : hello: too short history! but the character is quite like Drake! I hope it continues !! it goes my like for the creators! We look forward to new scenes or the movie !! Greetings.

Sefraca : When fan films are better than Hollywood movies 👏👏👏

Porkchop Man : It got me hyped when sully pointed at the philippines!

sephy980 : The official movie will pale in comparison. This was incredible, add some speed to the fist fights and some extra budget for the gun fights and it would be a smash hit.

Niall Ackroyd : Now I'm not saying Tom Holland is a shit actor, he's actually pretty good, especially in homecoming, but Nathan Fillion is the perfect actor to portray Nathan Drake in live action, Tom Holland Just isn't a good fit

StiKz : who are you? really nice

KingSgaming : This is amazing! And we all predicted Nathan Fillion to play Nathan Drake long ago! Good job!


KingLeo : Soo good, only one missing is traylor howard as Elena


FNAF87 04 : 1000/10

jacksfilms : Perfect.

Nate Winchester : I like this film or games Uncharted😄

William Long : Nathan Fillion was made for Nathan Drake

Lassi. : Why don't they just pick Nathan Fillion for the movie?? This is the best fan film i've ever seen!!

Mathias Brandon : PLEASE CONTINUE THIS!!! apply for a netflix show or SOMETHING... Tom Holland as Nathan drake is... not what the fans want... GO NATHAN FILLION!!!

marlinfan1995 : The Deadpool strategy. Take notice, Sony!!

Annialex 18.12.2oo9 : Tom Cruise would be the best actor for this movie ... Not Nathan ... I like him, but is not how the game! how "The Mummy" ^^

Bruce Wayne : Why would anyone dislike this...? Seriously, you just have a stick up your butt if you didn't enjoy this.

dodat : Will there be a nother one ? I hope so

Sean Carvalho : This should be continued or turned into a game.... awesome job ! This is so good and it talks about portuguese discoveries and I get so proud by watching this! I would love to watch this film or play the game with this story! Awesome ...

Jake Baldino : ...I would definitely watch more of this.

Ninja Girl : AMAZING!

Eugin gomez : se me lo a parao el pene

jakedizzle : This makes my heart fill with so much joy.

Alejandro Franco : Cool