The HU - Yuve Yuve Yu

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The HU : Download here;

The HU : Now with official English subtitles

Ricky : 4:48 Dude just made it sound like a horse. How epic is that?

The Genes Historian : Whenever I hear Mongolian music I just wish I was Mongolian.

Sandra D'Ambrosio : From the other side of the world (Argentina), I say... unbelievable! Awesome music, vocals, arrangements, visuals. I love it! Congratulations, you're getting to all the corners of the world.

Galbadrah Battulga : морин хууртай рок бол үнэхээр солиотой сонсогдож байна...

Jennifer Reitz : The last time these folks went on tour, they totally slayed. Most of Europe. It was mostly death metal, back then. Serious rockers.

58Rev : Got back from Mongolia mid-January, the country is beautiful and so are the people. If you guys and gals want to check it out, do so, it's worth the time spent airborne and for all you Canadians in the crowd, you can get to Chinggis International without flying through China. When you get to Ulaanbaatar, get a filter mask on because of the air pollution and get your music loving selves to the Fat Cat Jazz Club for some local musicians dropping sweet jazz. The country outside the city is coldly magnificent in the winter, enough that I plan a return trip in the summer to do a motorcycle tour of the parts I missed. Finally, The HU rock, this stuff is fantastic to fill the ears and soul with. баярлалаа, Peace.

Jesus Rodriguez : This is cool, great music The Hu! Greetings from Mexico!

Kurt : To everybody who is getting surprised at 4:47, the horse mimic is one of the main things that a horsehead fiddler has to learn, because many Mongol songs (traditional and modern) start with a horse sound.

Farmace Rhaiden : Those mongols can invade the auditoriums of my country anyday ! :D METAL !

MasterMazeProductions : Can we all just stop for a moment and appreciate that A+ quality cinematography is this video?! :D Everything about this video is awesome! The cinematography, the music, the lyrics (READ THE CAPTIONS), the merger of modern and traditional styles, everything in this is just FANTASTIC!

MrMasabi100 : I'm a finn and when someone calls us "fingols", i feel a little proud.

Abdilatif Omar : Rock and Roll I can now hear the voice of Mongolian Horse 😍Big ❤️all the from Somalia

Dávid Csonka : 1:04 - in case you listen to it agan and again and would like to skip the phone ringing and stuff

D e u s V u l t 口 ボ ム リ : These Mongols make some awesome music! Greetings from the Roman Empire

Wickedstorm gaming : ok i'm gonna need a 10 hour loop of all these guy's songs

Serhat Ozkahraman : Greetings from Turkey, congratulations guys !

Ludivine : 4:48 the horse sound with the instrument is absolutly amazing

Священний Чорнощур : Я вперше чую монгольську музику і вона звучить круто! Молодці, хлопці, наснаги вам своє робити.

Love Wins : The message I'm getting here is that we can do better (doesn't matter the nationality). Don't just bang your chest and say you're great when you haven't done the work. If you want to be a part of something great, also be great and deserving. It takes work, dignity, integrity and good man's character to live up to your ancestors' honor.

rjplant5 : Thank you YouTube recommendations.

я тайна тайна : прикольно, молодцы монголы)

moutaz hag : I don't understand it... But i love it.. really bountiful.. Africa from sudan

Sarah E : I've never heard of this group, but I've already downloaded the song to my ipod before the video finished!

Night Crawler63 : Now you know why China had to build a huge Wall. The Mongols were nothing to trifle with!

Vapor Wave - sama : This sounds like ancient mongol rock of 1000 b.c. Really badass!

Jeune_Turc : He’s got more views than the population of Mongolia... For now 🇲🇳

Amran Sidek : About time!!!! I was waiting for this..something from the great land of Mongols...

Brian Anderson : Youtube is opening me up to some really great music, wtf. WAS THAT A HORSE AT 4:47! DID THAT GUY JUST MIMIC A HORSE??? Amazing.

Ariunbat Ulambayar : Tsomogoo hurdan gargadaguin yu ve yu ve yuv

Justin : 4:49 really nailed that horse sound effect.

Profane Void : Music is the universal language.

tar kora : hey guys ... where are you ? two perfect singles then.... when is the album ?

El Patuh : this is so mongolian i feel like invading china. all hail Genghis Khan

Veselin Altunov : more pls Привет от България

Frosty Phoenix : This makes me want to ride a horse and shoot people with a bow

Ghost Nation : Gengish Khan reloaded from Altaj mountains to Gobi desert. Love Mongolia from Bangladesh 🇲🇳 🇧🇩

weng910 : We need a new movie about the Mongol horde and these guys doing the soundtrack

Данил Щербина : Wow, an actually godlike recommendation from youtube, this song is insane, in good way

Rian Dalton : Ok, Geography Now really did you guys a favor. This is amazing!

Andre Carter : YouTube is finally doing something right with their recommendations

Jen Reynolds : Dude WTF. Why am I just NOW HEARING YOU GUYS!!!! Wooooooweeeeeee. Hella badass🤟🏻🤘🏻

Prince Rana : Proud to have mongol genes mongolian tribe love from Nepal

Arisaga : What a great time to be alive!!! The HU, Nightwish, Sabaton, Myrath etc. etc.

Train Jackson : Here from Geography Now, regret NOTHING.

Parking Lot Batman : You've heard of the Mongol horde now get ready for the Mongol chord.

Pam Jones For Liberty : Purchased! Loved it! Thank You 🙏

Catherine Duong : Why is this my new favourite song and I’m not even Mongol. Simply brilliant

Daniela Delgado : I just simply love this. Much love from Portugal