The HU - Yuve Yuve Yu

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The HU : Download here;

The HU : Now with official English subtitles

Ricky : 4:48 Dude just made it sound like a horse. How epic is that?

badopinionsrighthere : I never knew how much I needed Mongol Rock. This is awesome!

MaD LoUgHeR : My cat listened to this.............. Now its a mountain lion

The Genes Historian : Whenever I hear Mongolian music I just wish I was Mongolian.

Jennifer Reitz : The last time these folks went on tour, they totally slayed. Most of Europe. It was mostly death metal, back then. Serious rockers.

Gilberto Guillen : I Just say a few words WOW, I listen both songs you have in youtube, you blew my mind with such an amazing and wonderful music, KUDOS and keep up the great art you guys are doing I already downloaded both songs, just dammed love them

Sam Brickey : In before 10 million views!

Dan Cossette : Why is this so great, WHY?!

MrMasabi100 : I'm a finn and when someone calls us "fingols", i feel a little proud.

MasterMazeProductions : Can we all just stop for a moment and appreciate that A+ quality cinematography is this video?! :D Everything about this video is awesome! The cinematography, the music, the lyrics (READ THE CAPTIONS), the merger of modern and traditional styles, everything in this is just FANTASTIC!

Daniela Delgado : I just simply love this. Much love from Portugal

Kurt : To everybody who is getting surprised at 4:47, the horse mimic is one of the main things that a horsehead fiddler has to learn, because many Mongol songs (traditional and modern) start with a horse sound.

Allison Paul : You guys have become one of my favorite bands. Something just draws me to this music

Love Wins : The message I'm getting here is that we can do better (doesn't matter the nationality). Don't just bang your chest and say you're great when you haven't done the work. If you want to be a part of something great, also be great and deserving. It takes work, dignity, integrity and good man's character to live up to your ancestors' honor.

Wickedstorm gaming : ok i'm gonna need a 10 hour loop of all these guy's songs

Farmace Rhaiden : Those mongols can invade the auditoriums of my country anyday ! :D METAL !

Dávid Csonka : 1:04 - in case you listen to it agan and again and would like to skip the phone ringing and stuff

Sarah E : I've never heard of this group, but I've already downloaded the song to my ipod before the video finished!

Sandra D'Ambrosio : From the other side of the world (Argentina), I say... unbelievable! Awesome music, vocals, arrangements, visuals. I love it! Congratulations, you're getting to all the corners of the world.

rjplant5 : Thank you YouTube recommendations.

Jeune_Turc : He’s got more views than the population of Mongolia... For now 🇲🇳

D e u s V u l t 口 ボ ム リ : These Mongols make some awesome music! Greetings from the Roman Empire

moutaz hag : I don't understand it... But i love it.. really bountiful.. Africa from sudan

Ariunbat Ulambayar : Tsomogoo hurdan gargadaguin yu ve yu ve yuv

Vapor Wave - sama : This sounds like ancient mongol rock of 1000 b.c. Really badass!

Brian Anderson : Youtube is opening me up to some really great music, wtf. WAS THAT A HORSE AT 4:47! DID THAT GUY JUST MIMIC A HORSE??? Amazing.

Night Crawler63 : Now you know why China had to build a huge Wall. The Mongols were nothing to trifle with!

Katja S.P : I’m slowly questioning YouTubes algorithm... because it recommends something “weird” that I really enjoy watching

Amran Sidek : About time!!!! I was waiting for this..something from the great land of Mongols...

Justin : 4:49 really nailed that horse sound effect.

Korkrag Steelblood : And now I know that Mongolian Metal is awesome. Good. I needed to know this. I am proud to know this.

Roma Сулейманов : Это самый лучший рок когда-либо Я слышал

Catherine Duong : Why is this my new favourite song and I’m not even Mongol. Simply brilliant

Jesus Rodriguez : This is cool, great music The Hu! Greetings from Mexico!

Frosty Phoenix : This makes me want to ride a horse and shoot people with a bow

AR Hamidi : Damn thanks to geo now, i came here cz the metal episode

Dodo Forka : I'm enjoining this Mongolian horse . Thanks

Lou Thengel : This song basically says that the ancestors must be ashamed of our modern fragility and lack of purpose. And I totally agree.

dvdwmplr : Mongolians.... Proof a wall doesn't work....Right?......?

Andre Carter : YouTube is finally doing something right with their recommendations

국수주의자 : Mongolia music is better than kpop

Священний Чорнощур : Я вперше чую монгольську музику і вона звучить круто! Молодці, хлопці, наснаги вам своє робити.

linnea michelle hermone : I saw a Genghis Khan exhibit at the Regan museum.... genghis kaun was brilliant...and smart...and fair...truely great...did you know he was the first ruler to give his citizens religious teach common people to read and elect officers based off Merritt ,not their social class...offered newly concored territorys the chance to read and write, practice their religion and have free trade....military positions for men and WOMEN....his only mistake was leaving his land to his sons instead of electing someone within the ranks to rule after he died...truely great...a visionary

Song Whisperer : Music says - The language is in the melodies . No matter how you say it , the message will always remain the same . Great song , great melodies , and great band .

Parking Lot Batman : You've heard of the Mongol horde now get ready for the Mongol chord.

Galbadrah Battulga : морин хууртай рок бол үнэхээр солиотой сонсогдож байна...

Bijou123g : Holy crap this is whicked 🤟🤟🎤🥁 what a beat!! Downloaded both these songs...cant wait to listen to these in my car🤟🎤

я тайна тайна : прикольно, молодцы монголы)