George Carlin Dubbing Thomas the Tank Engine: Vol 3 (18+)
This guy edited clips of George Carlin narrating Thomas the Tank Engine with George Carlins audiobooks and the result is absolutely hilarious

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*Don't watch this with your kids!* In this third volume of mashing together George Carlin's audiobooks with his Thomas narrations, Duke reflects on his life, Duncan threatens those who piss him off, and Sir Topham Hatt's wife offers him an interesting sandwich. Thanks for watching!


Jack McCarron : 4:32-4:41 is what George Carlin said before he died.

BigEngines87 : 3:34 Note to self... Watch out for Duncan.

DeltaSceptile : Thomas was impatient. "I'm so focken impatient." said Thomas.

The EverGuy : 6:15 Big bats down to one-five five over cross up the thing-o nose baseball hieroglyphics hopscotch pouch, inevitably 2 4 8 4 8 4 8 4 8, I, I with the toot toot, 2, 3, 4, 5, down here mother, we're all home now.

FancyPantsLand : Gotta be 18? Pff, I'm 17 and watched it... Why are there blue and red lights outside my house?!

cudak888 : "HOLY GUACAMOLE..." and I lost it.

AnimeComedy Entertainment : 0:50 "Someone defecated..." OOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHH!!!

TIsaacs : "Someone defecating!"

Matthew Stepanovich : Good stuff. It’s better when it’s a part of your childhood.

Brendan Barney : "Adios motherfucker!"

Justin Kwong : This is literal gold in a forgotten mine. I'm falling down it.

Bonzaiboy617 : 1:44 Me when it comes to math.

ScottishTwinsFan120 : 1:16 when she says “Harder!”

Samuel Bedsole : Somehow, said Duck. I enjoy watching people suffer. Surprisingly relatable.

Nate Vercetti : *GEORGE CARLIN LIVES!!!*

TimesNewLogan : What we need... is for you to do one of these, but instead of it being several snippets, make a whole episode! Also, I love how every episode has had Sit Topham Hatt and his wife arguing over food.

Toa Sully : 0:49 Someone defecated. O Face!

Jonathan Asiamah : Long time, no see! It's been, like, two years!

MarkTheBlueShunter13 : 1:08 my dad said that same sentence before I showed him this Video XD

Royal Rails : 1:43 I have been waiting for Thomas to say that to the police man ever since I saw the episode.

ThomasHDClassics : Most of the footage from ThomasHDClassics!

Shining Luna Productions : "Big bats down to one five five. Over cross, up the thing no. Nose, baseball, hieroglyphics, hopscotch, pouch. Inevitably, two four eight, four eight, four eighth. I, I, with a two two two, three four five. Down here, Mother. We're all home now," said Percy. "So long, Jill. Beep beep. Hungry hungry, are you? I couldn't stand it. Not in my house. Up yours too, Don. He's packin' them in. We'll all try it. Fifty fifty. Okay, but not me." "F**k that!" said Sir Topham Hatt. "What a noise!"

superswag 98 : R.I.P George Carlin ;-;

MercuryWolf Railfanning : Someone’s defecated.

Adam Willard : "God Bless Joe Pesci"

Southern 3118 : 4:05 me at the end of school

Harizon : 2:01 When someone asks me to try something new. 2:12 When someone asks me why I won't try it.


Jesse Rogers : 5:21 me wen I’m on the toilet

TimesNewLogan : 4:31 Maybe it's the music, but this part makes me want to cry a little; it sounds like George Carlin's last words to the world.

Judah Enjoys Education : I literally was rolling on the floor laughing. This sir, is comedy gold.

FreeSpokenOne : Years ago when he was still doing smaller venues I met George in person and had quite the conversation and participated in an interview at his request on the legalization of marijuana. Afterward, we chatted longer and eventually gave him a tie-dye shirt he mentioned loving and then said "wait right here a minute" and we did of course. Off he went to his car and back he came with a bong he'd made, what a surprise! Then he drew a face with a peace sign for one eye on a paper and said to draw this on something and send it to his dressing room and he'd come out and get us into any show he was doing. Great memories of George, one hella guy, sweet, kind, generous, and extremely fair, always. Much love to him, he's classic! On that same event, George had performed prior to Richie Havens whom we not only chatted with after helping haul equipment but played a warmup with prior to his going on stage. We shared herb I watched him roll it with one hand like a cowboy would while hand rolling a cigarette and he shared a meditation routine he did before each performance, gave me one of his triangular guitar picks to remember him by. I'd played flute and my friend played guitar with him and he enjoyed jamming with us. I'll never forget the size of his hands, a magnificent player of music, singer of songs, and kindhearted gentle being. Those were truly 'the days' I'll never forget them!

Brady Walters : 6:41 How to troll 😂

LordVenomous DestroyerOfWorlds : Pro-tip for longer life: DON'T PISS OFF DUNCAN.

Mazryonh : You took this show and ran a train on it and through it! My head is steaming from all that laughter!

Dahkittydoonsta : I was having a shitty day until I saw this. It honestly amazes me how you edit it so skillfully. Thank you JAW2.

: Percy: turn on the *beep* TV!! I wanna watch survive!! That gets me every time XD

Skarloey Rheneas : So glad to see a third installment of this

Earthshaker513 : Not gonna lie, the part with Duke actually got me slightly emotional. Thankfully, the moment was brief and passed without further incident.

DRBTM studio : 4:56 wtf is wrong with duck

ShrekTuber Dragster : 1:44 Thomas, you a savage!!!! #GeorgeCarlinRocks!

: my favorite parts of this video are 0:02,0:26,4:16,4:31,4:54,5:04

Louie. A : *C H I L D H O O D I N T E N S I F I E D*

Andrew Leago : awesome work. please do more dubs :)

Flutor : I have only just found this series and it is the best thing I have ever seen in my life


ArbyTV : Somehow said duck I enjoy watching people suffer

Monster Steam : My lord, this is the most hilarious shit I've seen in a while.

Anthony Nichols : Once again, awesome! Can't even stop laughing. Especially at 3:34! 😂