George Carlin Dubbing Thomas the Tank Engine: Vol 3 (18+)

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BigEngines87 : 3:34 Note to self... Watch out for Duncan.

Brendan Barney : "Adios motherfucker!"

TIsaacs : "Someone defecating!"

cudak888 : "HOLY GUACAMOLE..." and I lost it.

Jonathan Asiamah : Long time, no see! It's been, like, two years!

ThomasHDClassics : Most of the footage from ThomasHDClassics!

ScottishTwinsFan120 : 1:16 when she says “Harder!”

Werezilla : Lets be honest, if this show allowed more adult language, some characters like Gordon, James, Duncan and the Fat Controller, would definitely swear.

FancyPantsLand : Gotta be 18? Pff, I'm 17 and watched it... Why are there blue and red lights outside my house?!

Isaiah muniz : "Don't forget if you refuse to cooperate. Mr Policeman will beat you death"

Bonzaiboy617 : 1:44 Me when it comes to math.

The EverGuy : 6:15 Big bats down to one-five five over cross up the thing-o nose baseball hieroglyphics hopscotch pouch, inevitably 2 4 8 4 8 4 8 4 8, I, I with the toot toot, 2, 3, 4, 5, down here mother, we're all home now.

Matthew Stepanovich : Good stuff. It’s better when it’s a part of your childhood.

Jack McCarron : 4:32-4:41 is what George Carlin said before he died.

Justin Kwong : This is literal gold in a forgotten mine. I'm falling down it.

MarkTheBlueShunter13 : 1:08 my dad said that same sentence before I showed him this Video XD

AnimeComedy Entertainment : 0:50 "Someone defecated..." OOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHH!!!

Harizon : 2:01 When someone asks me to try something new. 2:12 When someone asks me why I won't try it.

Tyreek Cruse 2 : 1:00 "Holy guacamole, my ass is burnin'!" XD

TimesNewLogan : 4:31 Maybe it's the music, but this part makes me want to cry a little; it sounds like George Carlin's last words to the world.

Samuel Bedsole : Somehow, said Duck. I enjoy watching people suffer. Surprisingly relatable.

DeltaSceptile : Thomas was impatient. "I'm so focken impatient." said Thomas.

Southern 3118 : 4:05 me at the end of school

Royal Rails : 1:43 I have been waiting for Thomas to say that to the police man ever since I saw the episode.

TimesNewLogan : What we need... is for you to do one of these, but instead of it being several snippets, make a whole episode! Also, I love how every episode has had Sit Topham Hatt and his wife arguing over food.

ShrekTuber Dragster : 1:44 Thomas, you a savage!!!! #GeorgeCarlinRocks!

Jesse Rogers : 5:21 me wen I’m on the toilet

Earthshaker513 : Not gonna lie, the part with Duke actually got me slightly emotional. Thankfully, the moment was brief and passed without further incident.

Nate Vercetti : *GEORGE CARLIN LIVES!!!*

Toa Sully : 0:49 Someone defecated. O Face!

Logan Pereira : my favorite parts of this video are 0:02,0:26,4:16,4:31,4:54,5:04

Anthony Nichols : Once again, awesome! Can't even stop laughing. Especially at 3:34! 😂

Hoofman Jones : 1:07 I completely lost my shit.

Andrew Leago : awesome work. please do more dubs :)

DRBTM studio : 4:56 wtf is wrong with duck

Brady Walters : 6:41 How to troll 😂

Patriot Works : Someone’s defecated.

Allemation : 2:29 Thomas was impatient. "I'm so f**king impatient" said Thomas. My favourite part! Haha


superswag 98 : R.I.P George Carlin ;-;

Adam Willard : "God Bless Joe Pesci"

Skarloey Rheneas : So glad to see a third installment of this

Judah Enjoys Education : I literally was rolling on the floor laughing. This sir, is comedy gold.

Mazryonh : You took this show and ran a train on it and through it! My head is steaming from all that laughter!

TrainSounds : 5:23

LordVenomous DestroyerOfWorlds : Pro-tip for longer life: DON'T PISS OFF DUNCAN.

Dahkittydoonsta : I was having a shitty day until I saw this. It honestly amazes me how you edit it so skillfully. Thank you JAW2.


Logan Pereira : Percy: turn on the *beep* TV!! I wanna watch survive!! That gets me every time XD

Jacob Fisher : 3:20-Thomas's opinion on that Ghost Car Commercial.