Man rides a 'jet ski scooter' on Florida highway
Who else wants one

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A man in Florida is getting a lot of social media attention after a video surfaced of him riding a "jet ski scooter." Trey Yarbrough, 23, was spotted riding a 1989 Honda Elita jet ski scooter that he built for a show. A passerby uploaded the video of Yarbrough on social media, and it instantly went viral. more on this story:


louis mays : I used to have a 1989 Honda elite scooter unfortunately it blew up after rebuilding it? Now I have a 2016 wolf rx-50 all rebuilt and running. This idea he had seems cool

Anthony Lane : Just a typical day for a Florida man.

GuddaGus : Just started a business,

RussiaNukesAmerica3 : An auto accident and he's dead.