Extracting Honey from Honeycomb using a Honey Paw - Episode 28: "Sticky Paws"

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Oliver Pabilona : Why are Australians so charming?

BipsTheSecond : Your Dad is such a natural in front of a camera. Somehow, every thing he does or says is kind of funny. Does he make everyone crack up when there’s not a camera, too?

TheArtoftheheart : holllywood could never invent a personality like this guy. he is bloody brilliant.

Jeff Mendoza : 8:48 is waht you came here for.

Felicia108 : your videos make me feel relaxed even if i dont know much about beekeeping. youre obviously so passionate about it =)

The Father of Lies : I think the best advertisment for your honey is that last shot. I could watch that honey pour for hours.

Little Misty-eyed : This man is hilarious, idk how I ended up here but I’m glad I’m here

Kelly F : I love the description of your honey on the website: "Write something about how it's honey from the mallee and has a special taste" hahaha amazing

Samantha Hockley : Be keepers like you are essential for the survival of bees, thank you

Christopher Ender : Came here from your son's reddit. Quality content. You have gained a sub.

Shamie Ramsamuj : Somehow ended up here and I leave a better person. 🤪

KalMay : FINE, YOUTUBE I'LL WATCH IT! (i enjoyed it thanks)

PotBadger * : He sounded just like mr.Bean when the wire fell into the tray lol

ENTPee : dark frame was not different honey but previous brood sector.

Leviathan Xyzzy : I've got only two things I like. Australians, and honey. This hit the mark on both of them.

Justin J : I literally jumped off my recliner and ate several spoonfuls of honey.🤭

Ainsley Castro : I ended up here from watching asmr honey eating and hours later I end up watching several videos on how it's collected. Wow the internet.

Simon H : I could listen to this man all day long

Lolita's Garden : Why doesn't the return hose go into the inlet cap? Like a big loop with no gorilla in the middle. 12:23 No, it doesn't. Until you put it in glass.

dAdventure1 : Ok, first time I watched the Bush Bee Man and fell in love with this guy within the first 30 seconds. You can feel the warm, friendly and humorous attitude immediately! Just love the little sayings along the way that make you laugh. I watched the whole video even though I was not really interested in the product but just the presentation was like a little sitcom on its own. And to the few people that give this video the thumbs down I have no idea what they are thinking?

Jacob Tannenbaum : Is it common for people to have BBQ in their kitchen in Australia? Man this would be great to have in the states

Gregory : If you would just like to see the tool being used in action skip forward to 8:50 😳

catlover09 : Raw honey is best

Justyn B : Always look forward to your videos, keep them coming 😀👍. It probably doesn’t matter but the frame direction on the first spin maybe harder for the honey to extract. The second spin the frames were facing the correct direction. Honeycomb has a 15* angle so the frame of honey is shaped like a V if that makes sense.

Blech BOX : I wish shipping wasn't 25 dollars to the US. I had it in my cart.

Laura Saylor : He is so handsome and I love his voice!

Judith : Lol. When people think of an Australian person, i hope they're thinking of someone like you :) awesome vid

dstick1 : Wow your comments and view rate escalated quickly :)

lazhur ggg : can you make the videos longer please

Syncru : I was unsure whethor or not you were an aussie but when you said eculyptus i knew i was correct

Jeffrey Davis : Where do you get the stacking white boxes for uncapping? Home made? (3:05 in the video)

JRedBear : I found this on Imgur, 10/10 would watch again. Very interesting.

Staring Chief 358 : Cool video matey, it could be even more natural if you put the honey in glass jars :-)

Morning Star : I watch a lot of beekeepers and this is the first time finding this channel,,,instant subscription

Mia H : This is the second most grandpa friendly video I have ever seen.

Cheeki Slav : 12:59 i dont think you are allowed to say that lol

Wayne : Nicely done dude!

SilentBob420BMFJ : I never knew honeycomb had to be "uncapped" or whatever this is. Hell I don't even know why bees make honey.

Tobbezeichnet : he said "nipple " hehehe

Andre Lobo : Where is he from? Very nice your accent.

Tina Lynn Johnson Brewer : That was so very interesting, thank you for sharing.

StarMcBride : I love this guy!

Aliza Sanders : Bees** not news

Destanyy Martin : You guys ship to US?

DJ Seekee : great video, beautiful honey, i want some now!

Aliza Sanders : I used to call news tiger flies when I was a kid because they look like tigers and they hurt like hell

Del Kerley : This is great I've never laughed so hard in my life keep on with the videos

Mellonee McDonald : I would love to try you honey. I live in the USA do you ship to me?

clint smith : do you ship to murica?

danny flanders : Australian Ricky Trailer Park Boy