Extracting Honey from Honeycomb using a Honey Paw - Episode 28: "Sticky Paws"

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Felicia108 : your videos make me feel relaxed even if i dont know much about beekeeping. youre obviously so passionate about it =)

Lolita's Garden : Why doesn't the return hose go into the inlet cap? Like a big loop with no gorilla in the middle. 12:23 No, it doesn't. Until you put it in glass.

Kelly F : I love the description of your honey on the website: "Write something about how it's honey from the mallee and has a special taste" hahaha amazing

BipsTheSecond : Your Dad is such a natural in front of a camera. Somehow, every thing he does or says is kind of funny. Does he make everyone crack up when there’s not a camera, too?

Christopher Ender : Came here from your son's reddit. Quality content. You have gained a sub.

The Father of Lies : I think the best advertisment for your honey is that last shot. I could watch that honey pour for hours.

Blech BOX : I wish shipping wasn't 25 dollars to the US. I had it in my cart.

Jeff Mendoza : 8:48 is waht you came here for.

Isabella Stone : I loved this! 😁

Josh Bornstein : This is amazing :)

Oliver Pabilona : Why are Australians so charming?

Justin Mills : Thanks for your great video's. Where did you get that recapping tool?

lazhur ggg : can you make the videos longer please

Natalee Corbin : You should sell honey comb on tour website I've been wanting to try it

Jeffrey Davis : Where do you get the stacking white boxes for uncapping? Home made? (3:05 in the video)

Justyn B : Always look forward to your videos, keep them coming 😀👍. It probably doesn’t matter but the frame direction on the first spin maybe harder for the honey to extract. The second spin the frames were facing the correct direction. Honeycomb has a 15* angle so the frame of honey is shaped like a V if that makes sense.

Jacob Tannenbaum : Is it common for people to have BBQ in their kitchen in Australia? Man this would be great to have in the states

Gregory Dow : If you would just like to see the tool being used in action skip forward to 8:50 😳

Sarah BRADSHAW : This video was awesome!!! 🐝🐝

Michael Robinson : So, who is Greg the Gregest? Or is that just some punk pedaling your content for karma on Reddit?

DarthKryat : good ol ozzie can do fix it , love it . good vid keep it up and keep them bees going we need more of them

Amy Mahoney : 1st

Felicia108 : should make labels, or make a stamp so its cheaper =)

Megan Wheelock : "How groovy is that?" That honey looks delicious!!!! 😋 And you remind me so much of my own dad, I watched this whole video with a huge grin on my face

CyhAnide : Something to really sink your heat into, amirite?

Jem Page : @0:34 Yep I'm hooked.

Matt Slaughter : Just wanted to say I absolutely love your channel and if I ever get out to Straya I'll do my best to visit!!

Ugly is Mugs : Always read the directions, haha!! Holy smokes, when you poured the honey at the end of the episode it was absolutely gorgeous!

Snapper Head : you need that contraption on the end of a heat gun...

War Hammer : I never had honey