Hear the Otherworldly Sounds of Skating on Thin Ice | National Geographic

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National Geographic : Black ice is recently frozen and can be as thin as 2 inches! Do you think you want to try Nordic or wild ice skating? Make sure to try in groups if you do!

Esko Carl : “Samples in dubstep song”

Gogo Louie : At least he's going to die doing what he loves...

Norris Jinglewilly : How can the ice handle the weight of his balls

kagnomi : Bruh. When he broke the ice to measure it, I thought it was going to crack and take him down with it.

Linehp _ : The sound of anxiety

P Body : The satisfying sound of high frequency stress fractures... MMM very simillar to loading a bridge cable.

NickPDX22 : With such *HUGE* testicles it’s amazing he didn’t break through!!

He Ang pro_CTB : Dude brought a vernier caliper to ice skating.

Daniel Duncan : Laser like sounds? Lasers emit no sound. Lasers emit no more sound than your lightbulb does. If I was to relate this sound to anything I would relate it to cables swinging high in the air as the wind whips through them. Laser sounds... Yeah, movie lasers.

Slash Le Pew : He's walking on thin ice.

Ghosts Graves : Next video "Hear the unworldly sounds of someone screaming as they fall through thin ice"

Dr Crow : Sounds like a whale on LSD

Rohan Anderson : That's epic. At @1:44 you can see the ice ripple as he skates past the camera.

Patrick Barnes : The close up skate by u can see the whole lake move up and down

Anon Anon : Can't stop watching this video. Something about skating on a huge ice river alone makes it so comfortable and peaceful.

Hackeronte : I don't know why but I imagined this guy in an post-apocalyptic scenario, skating on this lake, alone.

Max Miesen : Bruh ur treading on thin ice rn

eSKAone : So now laser light makes a sound.

davis aumonier : hey mister youre on thin ice! yeah!

Dill kirwan : Ever hear the saying "you're skating on thin ice"?

Richard-Johnson Farukh : Boss calls him up "It's 10 o'clock on a Monday and you're not at the office. You're on thin ice, Bjorn" - "Sir, how did you know?"

JezzaHeart : Yo, someone needs to edit the sound of this video to a StarWars battle scene...

♥ Luz ASMR ♥ : This is so relaxing ♥

Jiwon Lee : I love NATGEO favorite channel!!

ShadoSnakeGames : it's the muto from godzilla xd

Kyle Pollina : I enjoyed the lack of narration in this. Just hearing the lake sounds was all that was needed

tanbrolo : Just watch Star Wars and don't risk dying?

The Black Phoenix : It's like laser beam sounds you hear in cartoons

James Sheehy : Sounds like whales stuck in electricity pylons playing with lightsabers

Kris Keersmaekers : Skating on thin ice is very dangerous and illegal in oir country. Please do not motivate people to do this....

Logan Dougherty : Do you know what skating on thin ice sounds like? A bad idea.

Luna corn : The lake here where i live made the same sound when it was frozen. (No one was on it though)

Igli Toci : T H I C C

Unfortunately Peanutbutter : There are exactly 3.5 people involved in NOrdic skating worldwide. Don't worry, this is neither art nor science. This is just what you do in the winter in Norway if you own land with water that has frozen.

Iris KnowsAll : That's terrifying

Mr. Sleepy : I love these videos that highlight the uniqueness of the world we live in. Thank you Nat Geo.:)

RMO BeastGaming : It sounds like a laser gun with a suppressor

rosetta 0b : The noise is made when there's holes in the ice and the air trapped beneath it comes thorough the holes making the noise, it happens at our pond sometimes. Another cool fact is sometimes when you make a hole fumes come out of the hole from all of the carbon dioxide trapped underneath the ice being quickly pushed out making it ignite, it looks like fire (it's probably fire)....p.s. correct me if I'm wrong about the science behind it.

sappho's恋人 : it reminds me of owls in Croatia

Moofy : Same sound if you skim a rock on it!

M-H12 : No! it's not the ice! It's the fishes having a laser battle under the ice obviously...

SebAsTiAN C : ASMR 😀😍

Final Fantasy : 1:18 that's what she said

Walphish : I wouldn’t want to try it because that’s definitely not a way I want to die. But, that’s super cool people do that!

Gavin S : That sound doesn't mean the ice is thin at all in this case yes but it's just new ice forming causing more pressure so the ice releases it making those sounds I've been on a foot of ice and It can sound the same

Kameron Berkly : Look at NatGeo getting into asmr

KoivuTheHab : They are right, 4.5cm is more than enough for this kind of newly frozen, compact and solid ice. He is so small that 3cm would carry him, guaranteed.

Ruby Abc : 1:35 this sound reminds me of Mario & Luigi bowsers inside story the part where you have to help bowser with the carrot.

V : I can produce some otherwordly sounds too. Wanna come film?