Hear the Otherworldly Sounds of Skating on Thin Ice | National Geographic

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National Geographic : Black ice is recently frozen and can be as thin as 2 inches! Do you think you want to try Nordic or wild ice skating? Make sure to try in groups if you do!

Sorabh Pant : Ice is paid actor.

Bad_Sir Baux : Thin ice ASMR.

Thunder Melo : Ok YouTube recommendations, a random one indeed but I did watch this.

James Edward Newell : I’ve fallen through ice when skating on ponds and lakes before. If you fall through, you should turn the way you were coming from, put your upper body on the ice, make your body parallel to the ice and kick your feet to propel yourself up onto the ice. If it keeps breaking, keep swimming and break the ice in front of you with your arms if you are close to land (Moving towards the land, obviously) If you cannot kick and propel yourself on to the ice, then rest your sleeves on the ice, and hopefully they will freeze onto the surface and you will be able to pull yourself up. But really make sure you turn around and try to get onto the ice you were on before you fell in, because you know it’s solid and it most likely won’t break. If there is a strong current, do not panic, and try to keep part of your body above water and hold on to the ice. It will be difficult to hoist yourself up so hopefully you have some friends around. If not, don’t panic and try to get yourself on top of the ice. Be patient. It’s very surprising when it happens, and it is VERY fast. You fall straight through. So decisions must be made quickly, no room for panic.

Esko Carl : “Samples in dubstep song”

Solveig Bolliger : When the teacher says "You're on thin ice" but you don't really care.

ItsKreyzy : The guy that’s recording behind him has the real balls of steel here.

Jack W : The wave-like movement of the ice is so evident at 1:44 wowwww

Bianca Aletti : All I hear is the sound of DaNgER

Martvel : It’s like some hella big wires snap in half

Mia : Me trying to kill myself before i show my grades to my parents

NOSTALGIC : Jesus is like..."hold my wine"

milky beats. // 3:00 a.m. : I love the fact that literally everyone in sweden always warn about skating on thin ice and now it’s like “hear the otherworldly sound of skating on thin ice” lol

Ashyboi 99 : It’s weird seeing the ice start cracking as he skates

Felix Svan : I always used to go down to the lake in the winter and throw rocks across the lake while the ice was thin. The sound it made kept me there for hours! It was so truly fascinating and such memories!

Supreme Leader Smeagol : *chuckles* I'm in danger

Hildy van Hefeweizen : As an ice fisher, I can confirm that ice does make that sound! We fish on foot thick ice though...and I freak out a little every time I hear one of those pings!

Anonymous A : Parents: You’re skating on thin ice! Me when I’m young: 😰 Me when I’m older: 0:01

Sherlock Holmes : He's walking on thin ice.

Lachlan Powell : Sounds like a whale on crack

Marusa Penic : You imbeciles, it’s not the ice that is making that sound. But an underwater lightsaber battle of the century. The great Obi Fish Kenobi and Darth Fish are fighting. But jokes aside, amazing audio, just a little scary to think you can fall right through.

LoveForTheLonely : 45mm....The ice is T H I C C

Qianimate : they performed surgery on a grape

P Body : The satisfying sound of high frequency stress fractures... MMM very simillar to loading a bridge cable.

Lisa Zhong : Thanks YouTube for putting it in my recommended

Joe Lavigne : If you skip rocks over icey ponds or lakes it makes the same noise.

19thHour : Black ice didn't land on the road! The road landed on black ice!

Gentleman Yuki : Now that's a asmr.

Gogo Louie : At least he's going to die doing what he loves...

Rasco B : it's good but it's certainly not Apetor!

blazortheepic03 : You're skating on thin ice buddy

M¡m Stär : It sounds amazing, but that's really dangerous...... 👎😬

the yzarc : Yeah but what's it sound like during a hockey game?

Perch P : ASMR has joined the chat.

Curtis Caudle : Seems risky...

suboT : #201978 Episode of Why is this in my Recommendation

linux750 : Those sounds aren't otherworldly. You can hear the same sounds from the metal tethering cables that keep tall bridges and radio towers erect. I suppose that those sounds are the vibrations the thin sheet of ice gives off when disturbed. That is similar to the sounds hear by metal cables give off when they move in the breeze of a high building or bridge.

SuicideBunny6 : That's the sound of fish fighting an underwater light saber battle

Jalmari Parikka : Its fun until the ice breaks...

conflict gamer : Kana sounds like the golden gate bridges wire snapping echoing from a far

Facepalm : Youtube Recommendations going crazy.

DragonInaGasMask : Crrrraaaack *SPLASH*

Green Bill : It’s very relaxing how you can fall through at any given moment

Twoofer Derper : If you should go skating On the thin ice of modern life Dragging behind you the silent reproach Of a million tear-stained eyes Don't be surprised when a crack in the ice Appears under your feet You slip out of your depth and out of your mind With your fear flowing out behind you As you claw the thin ice

Alexis Roanoa : Pitch black anyone?

kin jung un : ice asmr

abde bout : That is one big alien war going on under there !

Ghosts Graves : Next video "Hear the unworldly sounds of someone screaming as they fall through thin ice"

Moody : Underwater Star Wars soundeffects from lightsabers