Human Fountains: Men Spit Water And Swap Spit With Tyra Banks - America's Got Talent 2018

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Kbear2097 : This was freaking hilarious 😂. I'm surprised howie didn't freak out when they were spitting into each other's mouths.

christhegeek517 : This is giving me 2 Girls 1 Cup flashbacks

payton richelle : why do I feel like this was a bet... 😂😂

Priscilla Teo : Mel B found this more entertaining than the 2 Japanese guys making sounds with their belly (one week later)... I'm with Simon. I don't get this performance either.

Trista Kittle : For once, I actually agree with Simon. I didn't find it funny.

TFC : Is Simon the only human sitting over there

crazypenguinbob : Simon clearly shows the difference between American and British humour

Tien Huynh : Them: *does this* Priest: Once again kinda weird, but not a sin.

Mad Brah? : This is actually a good comedy audition. Just something funny about grown men spitting water into each other's mouths😭

Amber Mopa : I like how Simon just up and left the room, lol

Roman Pech : I'd love to get spit in my mouth by Tyra ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Rushiver Robin : excuse me but this is disgusting for me, i'm not into spit fetish

PONYBOYonline : So this is like a refined version of 2 girls 1 cup.

assmane999 : 100% agree with Simon on this one. Right before he buzzed, I was like "OK Simon's gonna buzz here". Look at 2:18 He's thinking, "Am I the only sane one in this room?"

E!. Box : These are the decedents of the musicians who played the sad music when the titanic was sinking

blocksterz : Not impressive ..I saw better on pornhub


John Hasami : Drinking Tyra Bank's mouth water o.o How much do I pay?

Lizbeth Flores : Just saying right now this isn’t a million dollar act

thecoolestguyinthecommentsection : I find it hilarious that these guys must have spent hours rehearsing and choreographing this, taking it 100 percent seriously.

AJOABABY DEDE : If you're unhappy, just watch this. These guys tickled my pony this morning. Just can't help laughing.😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Fouad Mourad : are you guys serious? yukkkkk ... i totally agree with simom

Amira : So I know a bit of Italian, and they were like our group is called Fontanne Omani, I was like that’s funny Fontanne is fountain. When they started spitting the water I died 😂😂😂

Carsten Segerlin : 3.21 Tyra Banks spits water for 10 seconds into a lucky guys mouth. I wish it was my mouth she spits in. It looks so sexy and delicious.

One Mix : I don't know what I just watched😲😲😀

zl52074 : I can't stand it,I'm gonna say no

Miss Maseerah : 0:15-0:16 I didn't get the joke 😐😕

Wild Horse : Tyra !!!!! He is lucky

Koala Bear : This was terrible

Juggling Isaac : My favorite act so far!!!

jpt prabs : Only Simon doing gud job,,,, other judges only for time passs

Rengga Pratama : definition of nasty over load

Ricardo Aponte : You could tell he loved it when Tyra spit water in his mouth

Rehan Khan : What happened to these Americans 😲 Such a disgusting act, disgusting judges n audience!!! Are they really think themselves as a civilised society !!! Such a shame...

Emelia V : I thought they were going to sing! This is how people get diseases! (No hate)

Becky Schiavi : Italian person here, it's " LE Fontane Umane" because "la" it's singular and "fontane umane" it's plural.

blackcat852 : I thought the show was "America's got TALENT"???

SANSKAR : 3:00 Why tf is that yellow?

David Beckham : Simon was so happy and excited on what they gonna do at first.. he smiles... then lolzz

The Hermit & Kid Classic Young Adventures : Tyra always surprises me. ❤

Mary Lee : Eeeww!! Nasty especially when they’re spitting at each other’s faces!! 🤮🤮 has my eyes shut almost the whole performances lol but really though what does there performance do really mean?? Mel B says Simon doesn’t get it so what is it?? Anyone?

L Rucker : This had me screaming🤣🤣😭😁

President Kim Jong Trump 卍 : This is a creative way to get sick

EricMoranFilms : If they don't win, we riot

papillon : I was going to give this thumbs down until the human centipede fountain bit!

Kentot Travels : hahaha

Eustass Belarmino : Me: "Ah, hey Brian can I ask some water?" Brian: "Sure." ( Plays Titanic Theme song, drinks a glass of water then spits at me. )

ikram uddin : Un hygenic performance

Nabil Brown's : 3:17 -Simon where are you ? -In an airplane going back to Britain

A random youtube user _____ : I would've loved to see Nick react to this. 😂