Why does somebody not know how to flush a toilet after they've had their sh*t? (Sad edition)

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thoriswar : As someone who comes from Scotland you have no idea how funny this is to us 😂😂😂 outstanding

marvelator : And the Oscar goes to...

BethGoth15 : My mental health took a beating today until I saw this. You got me out of bed and you made me laugh so hard I shat myself (I did flush, don't worry!) I've just been cackling constantly all day today. Thanks, Brock. I still love you after 11 years. <3

DolphinTreasureArt : Why, Brock, why! lol Flawless accent, though. You always nail it! :D

Seth Randall : *cries* and don't forget all the trouble we got into....*gets interrupted by this video*

Red Fox : I'm going to play this for my husband...on loop.

Seth The Drummer : He wanted to blow up and act like he don’t know nobodyeh

dizzjarl : give this man a Oscar

Devon Palmer : What will my comment be about on Brock’s second channel? A. The game plan B. Tooth fairy C. The game plan or tooth fairy?

Powerlevelcuck64 : now do a very angry version

AngryHotdawg : I've watched this like 30 times now.

David Rosemary : From where this melody?

Sarmad Khan : Thank you, I needed this.

ayyy__donkey : the absolute madman

BusinessVulture : This is so sad. Can we get 5 dislikes

A Stormtrooper : What's a toilet?😂

Spooky von Katz : superb performance.

Suzi Carson : My sisters and I have been replaying this so much!

Uv Masterball : noice

BeeAWESOME : Mom telling you for a billion times be like:

Georgie Mac : I need all the other editions Brock did of this on his insta. Phenomenal 😂😂

The Otaku Mango : I bet this is going to become a meme

Paige Goldman : You’re on Tik Tok

Can of Pepsi : I love this audio

KanekoXLiamB : Me when I go to a public washroom and the toilet isn't flushed. I can so relate

reaperofthedamned07 : My Warframe clan leader knows those girls apparently.

MrFelixBurns : rip

talothebluefox : A pure gem of acting and tone . Bravo!💐💐

AngryHotdawg : I. Can't. Stop. Watching. This. XDDD

Bernie Sanders Dad : Christ you are underrated.

SkilDex : song name?

Terry Kimball : Would you like some eggs with that ham

ImmaFish : Brave 2 is looking good!

fucking jimin : this is amazing

Susan Lester : *disgostang*

Major Glory : Yes

spyder1439 : Was expecting more

NLninjamonkeyNL : Sniff

CliffSosa619 : Shrek 7?

FieryTooT : * Cries in leprechaun *

teababyjay : *disgustang...*

Frozen Deity : Thank you. I needed this in my life.

Дима Лучьников : I tried to find the one with the blue thing or whatever that was and i couldn't, at least i found this one

isabella : D I S C U S T A N G

Isabel Matheson nash : *Top 10 saddest anime moments*

Bts is Shook : This deserve more views

Trash Panda : This makes me actually sad.

That Guy : My favourite Braveheart scene

winter tales : Omg lol love from New Zealand!!!!

Charlie : Brush and Flush my dudes!