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Its Alive Brad makes whole hog BBQ with Rodney Scott

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Produced by Bon Appétit with YETI Bon Appétit Test Kitchen Manager Brad Leone is back for Episode 31 of "It's Alive." Brad learns the art of whole hog barbecue with legendary pitmaster Rodney Scott in Charleston, South Carolina. Join Brad as he chops and mops his way to a delicious plate of barbecue. Still haven’t subscribed to Bon Appetit on YouTube? ►► ABOUT BON APPÉTIT Cook with confidence using Bon Appetit’s kitchen tips, recipes, videos, and restaurant guides. Stay current on the latest food trends, dining destinations, and hosting ideas. Brad Makes Whole Hog BBQ with Rodney Scott | It's Alive | Bon Appétit


M Ouija : Rodney needs to be picked up to host a cooking show. He's awesome and the little fails along the way are charming because the final result is world class.

Bubblesoda : Rodney's a great character. Now I'm craving for some bbq ribs. A ton of quotable quotes too. 'We only take home memories, no leftovers' lmao

Andrew B : Hi, Bon Appetit executives and higher-ups. I just wanted to take a second and talk to you about the show that Brad and Vinny have here. Cooking shows aren't usually ever this charming, informative, and funny. YouTube shows aren't ever usually this slickly-edited and addictive. Pay Brad and Vinny more. Also, write them a check and tell them to travel somewhere. Also, whoever is editing, double their pay. Keep them. If it's Vinny, tell him he's cute. In short: - Pay Brad and Vinny more. Keep them happy and producing this content. It is not normal to be this good. - Let them make whatever they want within reason. - Don't put them behind a paywall. Have a good one. Enjoy your money.

Jen Dark Energy 384400 : Brad is like a human version of a Labrador. All over the place, So excitable and happy haha! Love these. Hi from Scotland!

Robin Long : Brad: "...I want to talk to him a little bit about his wood." *silence* Rodney: *Disgusted* "heyyyy..."

Shayan Givehchian : The best thing about 2018 so far is that these videos have gotten longer ...

Aaron Monse : "Mop sauce" "Spoonage" "Man I like you" This video was a goldmine.

Tyler McGeorge : "Oh S#!T." (Pause)... Looks at camera. "Sorry!"

Joe Cockerline : Rodney is a national freakin treasure.

Madison Maker : When Rodney hid his "secret recipe" I was already cracking up and then he said it's all in the technique and spilled the salt I just bout died HABHBHAHSVHVD

Bassem B. : I get it now, I see why everyone loves Brad. Also damn that food looked good. I want me some ribs.

Pepper Crust : I'm 21 and Brad's probably a whole lot older than me but man, when Rodney said 'I like this guy (Brad)', I felt real proud for a son I'm not even in the same continent with. Lol just goes to show how likeable these guys must be. Good job on ya!

NadlieHime 1814 : I love how Rodney talks about the food he's cooking... He's so full of passion and love for what he does it's so admirable. One day I would love to open a little café and do what I love (cooking) just like this man.

k a y l e e : this is the weirdest video to *just listen to.*

EschatosApe : Damn, Rodney so charismatic he deserves his own show. I know where I'm stopping by if I ever make it around to Charleston.

LadyBoss 143 : "We'll take home memories, no leftovers" i love rodney😭

Noob _pro : Look at that Vinny! Vinny! Huh vinny? Alright Vinny Lets get a going vinny. That’s for you vinny. Here we go vinny.

Maura Jadian : I want more Rodney and brad episodes this is high key so cute lmao

Germae Anne : Brad: ....I want to talk to him a little bitabout his wood. Rodney: (pause) Eeeeyyyyy Vinny: (uncontrolled camera shake)

Brad Leone : Hey Rodney, did you put "BBQ hospitality" on your shirts yet?

Danestyan Pradana : "a foot short" 🤣🤣🤣

zay : Rodney seems like such a great guy. Such a great atmosphere.

Kelsey Funk : I love how Brad doesn’t react at all while Rodney is spilling the salt, I would’ve been rolling

Cassia J : Dude the “-10” floor hit had me laughing way too hard! I really love the animation and overall imagination put into these videos!!!

Sheldon Gunby : When Rodney said sorry after spilling that salt. I had to pause just to finish laughing.

AreButWords : it was nice to see how they slowly warmed up to each other throughout the video

(〉 L 〈) : Does Vinny also do the editing? The editing is clutch. Give these guys some awards.

Aishah Amber : wow what a process! i mean, as a muslim, i dont eat porks but this whole process of complexity and full of flavours with the mopping and stuff, TOP NOTCH! love to see this whole process going on and i believe the results are unbelievable.

Saine Torres : Brad chopping wood like a lumberjack is downright SEXY as hell!!

Kyle : Rodney seems so cool! Great chemistry with Brad. Sorry Claire, you’ve been replaced as best boy.

Kalli Mackenzie : The bloopers at the end 😂 "that chain had a belly on it like me! Alright Vinny.." 😂

Lindsey Sutton : When he started spilling his secret spices and brad just stood there, I was laughing so hard I almost peed myself.

Rohith Jayaraman : Produced by Bon Appétit *WITH YETI* Finally got that sponsorship baby!

Alissa Gardenhire : This is probably my favorite episode. I love Rodney. Brad is really trying.

damarh : so when can we expect Brad & Rodney fieldtrip ? the pheasant hunt was great.

Wynn Gober : Please never end this show

SupremePigRoach : This is a true pit master

Jake Gordon : Brad is everybody's best friend

Lynn : It looks like he renovated his place. Everything looks new. Glad he did. He deserves it. Him and his family are some of the most hard working people in the bbq world.

Bcat BB : I laughed so hard when the salt start spilling

rat_tteeth : 6:29 made me laugh unnaturally hard

Heather Freeman : I’m a girl from Carolina whose been in Australia for the past 6 months... Brad this makes me miss home more than anyone knows god bless I miss hush puppies and bbq

ShaunRL : Some serious bromance going on in this one.

Wasabi Junior : Rodney is the most adorable man ever

Olli Oikarinen : This made me proud of my keg.

Lucas Schelstraete : Sick rhyme: +10 Rib dropped: -10 Final score: 0

michael : I just made the biggest mistake of watching this while on an empty stomach. And there’s no food 🤦🏽‍♂️

Tosh T : *_”World peace. One BBQ sandwich at a time.”_* - Rodney Scott

Brooklyn Baby : I love how humble and Cute Rodney is. Heyyyyyyy Rodney 😉😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘