Rhett - Mary Had a Little Lamb (Post Malone Style)

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bobby galyon : OMFG!!! Thank you so much for this, damn rhett killed it!

Devin Lautrette : Who else liked this more that’s the original?

HailClientDev : My new fav song

gabrial kauffmannn : Does anyone have this stuck in their head

RaeVenn : What is the backround music?

Dizaster Boyz : Mary had a little lamb it’s fleece was white as snow And every where that Mary went That lamb was sure to go Followed her to school one day Which was against the rules Made the children laugh and play To see a lamb in school Til the teacher turned it out But it still lingered near Waited patiently about Till Mary did apear Why does the lamb love Mary so The eager children cried But Mary loves the lamb you know The teacher did reply

The True Pale Rider : Literally 🔥

Cars Everything : Rhett Malone

Elijah Masick : this goofy as hell but i swear this instrumental is actually crazy 🤘🏽🦇®

Clarence Aurelio Pribadi : what is the beat that was used in this? and is it wrong to like this than the original child tune XD

MGman70 : Post McLaughlin

Snow Von Valentine : This is freaking amazing. Loved it.

dank water : Dis is so fire

just some random : So who is going to make a 10 hour of this and fast

DemonicInjustice : change the playback speed to 1.25 or 1.5, the beat is sick

Harald Warberg : Finally!

kk31203 : Let’s gooooo

DizzyDreams 0 : Damn hes good thx bro

Kaizo Audio : Than you! Now I don’t need to scrub through the episode.

Maximum Sp33d : This is fire

irilkiller : liking this

hanskyonion 927 : Parental Advisory

Jim the Adventurer : This moment was hype to the max

Alexis Fuentes : I'll be damned if this video doesn't go viral

DIY Dingoes : My favorite song

Happy Goldie : THIS IS MY FAV SONG!!!!!! I LOOVE RHETT!!!!😻😻😻😘❤

HaveSomeToast : Anyone know what those string-ish deep sounds are at 0:00 ?

Darragh : Who ever disliked, they don't have a life

Vapid hawk : When you get lit in preschool

GameWing103 : This is literally fire.

coolgammer21 : You should make all the songs the sang on the video

Darragh : Who ever disliked this video they don't have a good life.

Fisher Mollet : Is it wrong to like this sooooo much

Tiah Guthrie : Can you please make lyrics?

sushi ninja : I've watched this GMM episode so many times it's not even funny

Kohlton Miller : That instrumental 🔥🔥🔥

Milan Mitchum : Damn Rhett, U got a great voice

Justin Tai : I want to listen to this instrumental

Noah Lozano : What post Malone song is this

BlaZer3Gamer : what post malone song did he sing

Kevin Crumley : Who knew Rhett was such a good rapper this is such an awesome song

Official Nogame : I replayed it so much on the show thank you so much for this

Arkham Asylum : What was the original?

Noah Brooks : did good

Scittle Skits : These songs would actually sell

Bullet Crocodile : Thanks mate😁

Aron Wright : yaaaaaassssssssss 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Alpha13blue : I keep watching this it's stuck in my head

Grace Bassett : YASSSSSSSS!!!!

Josh Warner : Mary had a little lamb to-Congratulations by Post Malone