Eddie Murphy interview with David letterman
Eddie Murphy interview with David letterman

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John Walker Lee : Whenever Eddie enters a building the beverly hills cop theme song should be played

Jarel Gordon : Eddie Murphy is ageless

third eye order : THE GOAT

Cigar : I love how Eddie was so embarrassed about Party All The Time but that song is so good.

leo souza : Such a talented actor.

Kevin S ツTM : Boomerang... one of the most underrated movies of our time, gets a little soppy towards the end but some very funny moments!

Echad : Watching A Vampire in Brooklyn now.

Manyo Authentic : How is Eddie still looking 30

Donovan Jones : I'm thinking Eddie was going to cry when they ran down his classic movies

Tim Irwin : that look on his face when he walks out and they're playing party all the time LOL he is so embarrassed of that song

Najmul Hasan : One of my favorite actors!

Fabian69 : Looks just like his brother man

I Hate Google : Does this guy ever age lol

Collin Christy : Damn, this mans chopped

Jay Boyee : The boy is good

Thabiso Kgabung : RARE!

Giovanni Tiroldi : He seems quite hot.

Jean Nadal : Usted eeesta

Theo Sullivan : He must have a king sense of aero dynamic breathing. What a great African Nose. Just looking at this guy makes my frontal brain lobe stronger

James M1988 : Eddie is stoned!!😂

Dav Gar : This guy is humble

mm : Who's the old white guy?

DJ Seany B Old Skool House : eddie looks stoned outta his head haha

Noo Hall : Wow he’s morphing into snoop dog.....

Mattski Messy Marvin : it's clear smug Dave has never been black before - making light of Eddie's pre-fame world.

Newton R : He cant seem to keep still ! Must of done some drugs before the show or he is anxious to be there o dunno I kiss Eddie Murphy wish he would really start acting again I'd love to see another nutty professor that would be awesome if possible

Joe Bloggs : Eddie Murphy is the black Peter Pan. Thumbs up if you agree.

Kashanni Davis : No Bitch I DONT be stealing no potted plants

truesonic33 : Total legend. Fuck all these new fagets,Grabiel. That nigga is not funny. Eddie Murphy is the best.

yo yo : If he does standup again he'll never be able to say the jokes he did in 1983. The homosexual, AIDS, and sex jokes. Everyone would get offended.