Elephants Painting: Genuine elephant Paintings

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Genuine paintings by elephants. In the video you will see Suda the elephant painting for Jessyca. She wished to have Suda the elephant painting her artwork and signing it with her name. A portion of the proceeds of the sale of this elephant painting by Suda the elephant was donated to the WWF to help prevent poaching and blood ivory. You too, like Jessyca can make a difference by taking a stand against blood ivory. For more information on how you can help please visit: http://ThaiElephantArt.com More Suda videos: https://youtu.be/tiZGFh4_BAE https://youtu.be/7meBvOEyuzQ https://youtu.be/dN8oEL5z3e8 https://youtu.be/4noSMfcEJhY https://youtu.be/FsLeOmKfKr8 https://youtu.be/F_LXxJAjwe4 http://www.ThaiElephantArt.com

Comments from Youtube

Rits Nay : I opened YouTube for studying calculus after 35 minutes I'm here watching an elephant painting....😑

Voivoda Dracula : Wait until they start drawing anime

Zack Ainsley : I heard this elephant is working in game design now, incredible...

Just a speaker's ! : No one is talkin about the elephant lashes thoo ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Hurpy Derp : What if mammoths are the ones that painted the caves during the ice age? 🤔

M16 W : Some elephants draw, some people paint with their feet, and here i am struggling to cook a goddamn egg.

Someone has aids : How does one find and hug this elephant?

DEEDEE’SWRLD - : Wow elephants are so intelligent.

sub to pewds : Why is everyone saying that this elephant was abused? You're turning what is an interesting video into something that is dark and depressing. You don't know anything about this elephant's life, so don't jump to conclusions.

Anni Kirby : Bob Ross was reincarnated into a elephant...

Él Desconocido : Leonardo the vinci:I am the greatest painter!!! Elephent:hold my beer🍺

Aephesilon : Does this elephant do online classes? I'd pay good money to learn.

Curly Marshmallow : I would like to follow this elephant's art instagram

Abigail C : She drew a mama and a baby elephant. You sweet girl! She is so talented, even with textures. Incredible.

Gracie Wilson : -Bob Ross is flabbergasted -Picasso is shook -Leonardo da Vinci has left the chat

Mausi liebe : He can have his treat..👏👏👏 everything is posibble.. Hope the animals and people were always treat well and trained well with passion..

MembersOnlyVR : This is art I would buy

Shimah Talaat : New trend : I tried following an elephants panting

T Rex Tyson : Should I be upset that a elephant is a better painter than me Humans are not the best painters

Fantasic Fables : I wonder what the elephant is thinking.

jose salas : This just comes to show how intelligent elephants really are, This painting is proof they have self awareness, they also have a conciseness. Look at the painting, it is the bond between mother and it’s kid. Peacefully roaming in the wild, not bothering anyone and not being bothered by anything. I hate seeing animals being mistreated or abused. It breaks my heart. They have the right to live a happy life too!!!!


Joshua Andrews : So if elephants can paint... Where does that leave cave paintings assumed to be painted by men?

Citrine 1108 : Me:-tries to get painting into art exhibit and fails - Elephants:-paints a picture and is worth over 400$- Me to my last two braincells : ok everyone new plan

Sophester Animates : Why is nobody else freaking out that an animal did that??????? LIKE WUT?!!!

Fabian Gonzalez : His/her mom must be proud.

Majestic Marshmallow : I feel this elephant is painting her son or daughter and her home.. 😻

carlee Malmberg : How??? Such beautiful, intelligent and majestic beings they are!!💜

Izzz Nikkkiii : Holy moly, and I thought this was going to be clickbait.. never knew elephants could draw THIS good, I'm genuinely shocked.

aph bae : I feel like I'm the only one here concerned on how he was trained to do this...if he was taught rudely well yes I'ma be pissed but If he was taught with patience and passion than that fine aslong as they didnt hurt the poor creature

J May : This is one of the coolest things I have ever seen!! And these people disliked this video because of whatt??? Because the elephant is a better artist? Rock on elephants! LOOOOOOVE the elephants!!!

Mausi liebe : God what amazing creation you made..

F U : Idk that's weird, I hope they arent forced to paint

Obilim : Wow this is incredible, using thicker darker lines on the left looks consistent as if the sun is coming from the right. Idk if this was intentional but it looks so good. Did the elephant have a reference? Or was it from memory? I would love to know and see more of this

galaxydrewllum : you can see him flapping his ears. it means he's happy,correct me if i'm wrong. can we all chill now?

firas hidar : Just wanted to say...he drew the tree so slowly and helped me improve my art

Diana B : That is embarrassingly amazing.

ShelloMitha :3 : This is why i love nature and this is why nature is awesome 🙂😊

Aru Akane : This Elephant will be my spirit animal

KittyKex : When a elephant paints better than you

Gale Daniel : Fricken amazing. And to think people like to kill them for sport. Morons


D.E. V. : Can this be real??!!

GirlWithoutPearlearring InLoveWithMusic : This is just brilliant! Can't stop smiling :-)))

Amazing Vipul : I hope that the elephant is trained with love and is generally treated nicely.

༺ Giraffe ༻ : ...Mr. Elephant, can you now draw a giraffe?

Tamiko Fung : Truly amazing! God's Wonderfully Designed Creatures!

Mr.GreatWhite : End the ivory trade.

Viaja 3 : Best art piece ever!