Elephants Painting: Genuine elephant Paintings

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KittyKex : When a elephant paints better than you

Anni Kirby : Bob Ross was reincarnated into a elephant...

dont forget takashi : I feel like I'm the only one here concerned on how he was trained to do this...if he was taught rudely well yes I'ma be pissed but If he was taught with patience and passion than that fine aslong as they didnt hurt the poor creature

Bighead Bitbot : Ah. This is a zoo in Thailand, the animals there are treated in a good, friendly way, they are trained with passion, and love. Edit: Correcting spelling

Timothy Cormier : I don’t care if the elephant is trained to paint or not. That is amazing. You can train a dog to do all kinds of stuff. But it will never paint a picture. At least an actual picture that you know what it is

I never know what to put here : He paints better than I do😂😂😘👌

Alex Sarmiento : Its alright guys Its from thailand All elephants gets treated with best care

meliana dewi raka : Roses are red Violets are blue This elephant is painting Better than you

Letícia Bosco : Elephant: Now I gonna paint happy little elephants...

Kyla Mamber : I love how careful she is. Every stroke is with a plan in mind! Why are y'all worried about an elephant painting? Elephants are very smart and naturally curious and creative animals. If they see someone painting they may be intrigued, grab your paintbrush and start painting too. 😂

Magi V : I'm getting emotional watching an elephant paint...

Ms. Bubblegum : If i saw this i would never in a *1,000,000* years *EVER* think an elephant drew this elephants got skills

Melvin Koyuncu : I wish people would quit assume that this elephant has been abused by humans in order to paint this good. Abuse doesn’t result in skill.

iartpixel : Comment section is depressing. Animals are amazing and when they are nurtured by humans they form a lovely bond. This elephant has been domesticated since he was a baby. When you start to hear news of zoo animals eating trainers than you know they were mistreated and got fed up. *Cough* SeaWorld *cough*

hope patry : The amount of people just assuming the animal is beaten hurts my brain lol. If you think that’s the case why did u click the video? It clearly states it’s an elephant painting, and the animal gives no indication in the actual video that it’s hurt or thinks it will be, the shaking is because the elephant is old. And if your complaining about captivity then you must be blind to the brutal murders of these elephants. It’s more dangerous is the wild right now until proper laws are put in place to protect them. Like do you think you are doing some sort of public service? Do you sit back with a proud face because you made a comment on a video and yet will probably never actually contribute to a cause to help the elephants? Your single comment that includes your assumption of abuse does nothing to help these animals and it’s rude to the trainers who probably love him/her very much. I also saw someone say someone was tugging on the ears on the other side of the elephant and that’s why you couldn’t see that’s side.... that baffles me. The animal is huge and the canvas is pointing in the direction of the camera, there is no reason the camera would go to the other side. Give some credit to the incredible elephant as there are more kind loving trainers and caregivers to these creatures than evil abusive people.

Nilesh Darunde : Now this is a million dollars painting rather than a colourful portrait with couple of lines.

Just An Otaku : If I could buy that painting, I would buy it no matter how expensive that is. I like paintings ever since I was 12 years old :) I’ve never had paintings of animals but this is so cute

Hüñtër Tâsfîk XQ : *_The elephant is a paid actor_*

max : i actually teared up a little watching this... it was just so so amazing, and beautiful, and very precious, you know? i never would have even thought that elephants can be this smart and talented. this video literally made up my day 😭❤️ i hope this beautiful elephant is treated nicely and is safe. elephants have finally become one of my favorite animals 💘

Game Rhapsody : I dont think you can train an elephant to make gradient, shadows and textures. I think elephant itself understands those concepts and is able to express them. Even though its rudimentary you can see that old Suda does in fact understand these concepts. Even for me these concepts were extremely abstract as a child and for some people they are even in adult years. I think humans teached Suda to paint, but there is definatelly a factor of intelligence here. If you look at the earliest paintings Suda made you will see that their technique was rather rough and bad compared to current ones. But Suda keeps improving even though she has grown older and significantly weaker. I wonder if we could make an experiment with Younger elephant and see if he would copy Suda and what it would paint.

- A : This just makes me sad for some reason.

Itz Lizz : This is amazing😮 God’s beautiful talented creations 🐘❤️

Somali pirate who's actually somali : Today I found out that an elephant can paint better than me using it's trunk.

AnthonyOVOXO : this makes me so sad that this animal can’t enjoy it’s life in its natural habitat, but is rather confined and “trained” to paint.

is this a UTube : One thing that makes my curious, what is in those trunks that let them hold things as thin at that paintbrush?

Doan Nguyen : I love Suda. He is a real artist... so talented...i can see that he's growing old

Valeriya Khanikaeva : This elephant has a talent 🐘🐘🐘❤️❤️😂😂😂😂😅

Lalisa Blackpink : I hope they didn't force the elephant to paint, but I don't know I hope they have been treated nicely. *_don't get cut_*

LittleLeigh : This makes me sad, the elephant has been trained to do this and probably fears that if it doesnt he will be beaten. Its not natural.

SuppaaHit niga : Now i want to be an elephant.

davidevgen : it never ceases to amaze me that an elephant can paint better than most people. XD

husky peace : This elephant is expressing it's talent not people forcing it to do this. Animals can't do this if they are misstreated they can accomplish their talent by feeling confident loved and respected. Edit: I wrote this comment to show people that it isn't by rushing things it's by being patient and loved and my other comment I was writing that was nice and long time to write vanished 😔 but it's ok ♡

August Lelet : This elephant has been blessed by god to have a talent that some people dont beleive what animals can do This is Gods creation 😇

Lil Unicorn : The Elephant is sooooooo talented and smart I want it to be my friend 😂

Jadidiah Aborquez : That was awesome! Haha even the elephant is more intelligent and good in painting than me😂 I actually like this video. That elephant is great! Love it. D❤

Dharitri Sahoo : Elephants 🐘 are one of the intelligent animals. This proves it. ❤

Mecca Cringe : This video kinda made me sad cause what if the elephant is saying it wants to be free through its art...

- Emma&Cie - : Ou sont les Francais ? 🇫🇷 Magnifique œuvre d'art , il dessines mieux que moi le petit éléphant 💗 Trop trop mignon 💗💗💖💖

DaPhuc Son : The best spend 11 minutes of my life

Reinette Poller : I need to take notes

Amazing Vipul : I hope that the elephant is trained with love and is generally treated nicely.

Sam Lockhart : Oh. Oh wow. Uh....I didn't- I'm awake at 3:15 AM just randomly scrolling through videos and I just ran across a video of a non-human being painting a highly accurate and even artistically viable image. Soo....I really wasnt expecting all of that. I feel...kind of caught of guard. Good night.

ScarrVett : The elephant looks so calm...

Amelia Woolford : I really hope that that Elephant isn’t treated cruelly. I would be so pissed.

WDW Roadie : Can this elephant give me a painting lesson?

Pinkfloydian : That artistical delicacy when painting her/his rugged skin 🙉🙈 i love how she/he painted happy elephants ❤ makes me think many things about me and us...

Shutters Stock : These people who disliked the poor creature hate nature

Furrzy Wolf : I was extremely surprised she understood the concept of texture, and even wrote her own name. Her skill is outstanding and should be celebrated.

UFM - Ultimate Fitness Music : Damn that's insane an elephant is painting I'm gobsmacked and what a wonderful piece of art way better than most kids in high school

Richard Gamrát : You know how they became "painters"? They are tortured from chidlhood to learn holding brushes and do certain shapes and so on, they don't paint because they want, they do it because otherwise they would be beaten again.