Elephants Painting: Genuine elephant Paintings

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Just June. : He paints better than I do😂😂😘👌

Magi V : I'm getting emotional watching an elephant paint...

Bernd Berg : This comment section: 10%: I hope the elephant isn't forced to do this 20%: omg so cuuuuteeeee 70%: This elephant paints better than me

Watermelon Junior : Did I just watch a painting tutorial by an elephant?🤔

Duowen Li : I really hope that the elephant is trained with love and not with pain like most cruel people would. The world is a harsh place. 😞

KittyKex : When a elephant paints better than you

Apple User : He is literally drawing with his nose

Ray Samson : I witnessed this in northern Thailand Theses animals are extremely well treated and tourists help with financial support You don’t have to worry about them They also play a mean game of soccer 👍

G Al husseini : A piece of art by a non human. This is priceless.

Keyonna Brooks : As easy as it looks, it is extremely difficult to paint with your nose.

Nilesh Darunde : Now this is a million dollars painting rather than a colourful portrait with couple of lines.

Sonu Kumar Taron : This painting is actually more precious than most of the million dollar paintings people buy at art galleries

Max Aiello : Imagine going to an art school and an elephant is in your class...

Ino Itzovur : Everyone questions the conditions under which the elephant was trained, but then when they see girls in porn, they don't care.

Just Chilin : Wow he/she can paint better than me! Such and incredible animal. Truly amazing. I wish I could have one of these paintings

- Alexandria : This just makes me sad for some reason.

ChR!5t0fUr HoWaRd : This is so beautiful. The whole nature of it. Although it kinda saddens me because the route we are going, letting our corrupt leaders destroy our world, all we will eventually have is this beautiful remembrance of these whole hearted loved ones. We must rise against the corruption.

Shelly Reynolds : This is beyond amazing, I just hope he's well taken care of, and wasn't forced to learn this.

Bahaar Husain : I just learned how to paint from an elephant.😀😀😀😀😀


Shivam Tyagi : This video proves that I am wasting my time on earth🤣🤣🤣

David Ly : Funny how the elephant better than me at painting

Kirodev : That's serious skill for both the animal and its trainers.

Cherry : How is this even possible?? That elephant is amazing! I'm sure the trainers taught him how to do this, but he learned it so well it's absolutely amazing

Doan Nguyen : I love Suda. He is a real artist... so talented...i can see that he's growing old

Ashish Ashish : I think he wants to be free in nature that's what he is drawing....

Archana singh : I can see sadness and torture in his eyes....but a big thumbs up for him

Lonely Vagabond : Her reaction after it's finished oh my goddddddd 11:14 😭😭😭😭

Tyler Neal : This BETTER be genuine. The practice of phajaan needs to be stopped

davidevgen : it never ceases to amaze me that an elephant can paint better than most people. XD

Chris Novak : Aaawwww what a beautiful creature!! I hope elephants are taken care of and have a beautiful and healthy life. Such amazing, loving and intelligent creatures. Bless their souls I love elephants

Hannah Abraham : What a wonderful painting! This elephant has a God gifted talent. Woe to those who 2.2k people who disliked this video. Surely, they're jealous of this talented elephant.

Spider Boy : To all the negative asses here, shut up foreal. You can clearly see the elephant is having a good time, but too bad, y'all negative eyes can't see it.👌

xlily : If the elephant is being forced to do this, I hate the people who forced him/her but if the elephant is just doing it by himself/herself that’s good.

Dharitri Sahoo : Elephants 🐘 are one of the intelligent animals. This proves it. ❤

EgoParadox Null : Amazing. Bob Ross in elephant form. Well done Jess

vonwolfie : I like the contrast between the coral and green, it's really pretty. Pretty painting sir!

zoie mckeel : Why is everyone assuming they're torturing the elephant. If they were he/she would probably be more anxious and skinny or even have scars. I see none of that here. But this is amazing I love elephants

fascinatinglist : This proves that animals have souls just as we do

Sonu Kumar Taron : That's like the most amazing thing I've ever seen

BandungStreetShoots : are they use violence for this?

HOPE 🐨 : These is breaking news. Elephant is telling us with his paint. Dont destroy the beautiful planet and dont kill more elephants. He memorize all this year . His life and he remember by his ❤. And he miss the beautiful days.

Heather Chandler : He/She painted such a beautiful tree!

Eiderly Man : Even if he is copying a reference or was taught to paint this specific scene by a handler this is still pretty bomb ass amazing.

Priscylla Correia : i want to hug this ellie <3 so cute

Eduardo : That artistical delicacy when painting her/his rugged skin 🙉🙈 i love how she/he painted happy elephants ❤ makes me think many things about me and us...

Lesly Lee : I saw elephants paint when I went on a vacation to Thailand. It's so surprising to see how much better they are at painting than me..

Maria Silva : It's good to see, but the same way elephants were made to be free!

WahrheitsForscher : If animals can draw they are not just "only an animal". they are intelligent individuals

Tamariin : Wow. I knew they could paint- elephants are very, VERY intelligent animals. But I was still absolutely amazed when she painted the name "Jess" on the canvas. That was incredible.