Elephants Painting: Genuine elephant Paintings

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KittyKex : When a elephant paints better than you

- A : This just makes me sad for some reason.

Dharitri Sahoo : Elephants 🐘 are one of the intelligent animals. This proves it. ❤

[MD] Marcus : Paint worth Millions of dolla.

William Burton : I hope the elephant isn't being forced to do something taught by the zookeepers. If this is truly genuine it is beyond amazing.

Just June. : He paints better than I do😂😂😘👌

Charlie's Piano Show : Genial elephant!

Savannah the banana : I hope they trained this elephant with love, and not pain like some people do. If they did train him the right way then amazing, this elephant is so cute by the way. :)

Ovi 113 : This should be the most valuable paintings in the world cus these animals are flexing their free will

archAna singh : I can see sadness and torture in his eyes....but a big thumbs up for him

Doan Nguyen : I love Suda. He is a real artist... so talented...i can see that he's growing old

Joyeeta Bandyopadhyay : I have never seen such thing before, so amazingly beautiful painting 🐘💜👍

Murchhana Grahacharya : The elephant is sooooooooooooo cuuutttteeeee....😍😍😍😘😘😘

GregWolf : How. Is this real. It cant be real

Nostalgic Days : Elephants have the ability to memorize but it seems to be under stress doing this painting. They are not made to do stuff like that. The elephant doesn't understand the context of this picture but only following the pattern, it has memorized. It is doing that out of loyalty to it's keeper. Elephants are loyal animals like horses and dogs.

Endergirl Darling : Whoever said animals weren't smart, are wrong. I love animals and especially elephants, they're so cute!

David Ly : Funny how the elephant better than me at painting

tarkushead : You gotta be freakin’ kidding me! That elephant is light years ahead of me in the art department...

Sharod Coulson : Elephants are better artists than most modern artists.

GALSEN TOP : Elephantasic😍

Just Chilin : Wow he/she can paint better than me! Such and incredible animal. Truly amazing. I wish I could have one of these paintings

NL Armokil : This elephant paints better than my art teacher XD


Bobby Maye : Can you imagine the torture this elephant must have been through to paint this?

Valeriane : so beautiful

Wengie with unicorns : Wow I'm shocked very beautiful I like it nice 😍

Watermelon Junior : Did I just watch a painting tutorial by an elephant?🤔

AltairxX winterXx : His trump quivers so much it looks like its in pain....or scared

Neelam Gehlot : The dislikers are those who can't do like him

Rene Kovac : This is incredible and beautiful to watch. It makes me happy

Yinisa Pale : Cuteness overloaded n yah people complaining dat its cheating try making this work with elephants by yourself haters gonna hate anyways😋..btw I would loved to buy that painting😍😘

The CUBING Review Specialist #TRS : I feel like the elephant is being assisted...

Animesh Messra : So sad to see a poor animal doing all this for a living 🙁

RST : Is unbeliable. Is thid real?? Amazing i can t believe

Naosheen K : I just want to hug this elephant. 😍

Shivam Tyagi : This video proves that I am wasting my time on earth🤣🤣🤣

vonwolfie : I like the contrast between the coral and green, it's really pretty. Pretty painting sir!

Joe Buehner : Wizard

Nikit Das : Bron talent...😍😍

EgoParadox FreeLove : Amazing. Bob Ross in elephant form. Well done Jess

Tea bubble : I- I'm touched!👌👏😍😍

Apple User : He is literally drawing with his nose

davidevgen : it never ceases to amaze me that an elephant can paint better than most people. XD

Big Boss : Not real.

RhodoChrosite YeuTeub : This is the cutest thing I have ever seen!!!

CANDI K : That is amazing!

Venox : Im sure he is forced to paint. Elephants can not Write his name that means he was trained and I dont think he was treat good cuz no normal human would train an elephant to paint, just to get the clicks.

The Demon Cat/wolf Animations : Cuando te das cuenta que dibujan mejor que tú :V

Cherry : How is this even possible?? That elephant is amazing! I'm sure the trainers taught him how to do this, but he learned it so well it's absolutely amazing

Danyella 826 : Looks like I’m quitting art for a while....