If You Think The 1950s Were Better, Watch This

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Charles Lumia : The '50s were clearly better in some aspects, worse in others. Values were definitely better back then. We've seen values deteriorate and with it the family structure that develops good human beings has gone by the wayside. The average kid in the '50s was being raised by a close-knit family where both of his parents were present and offering good values and guidance. Today the average kid is being raised by parents who aren't married at all or in homes where one parent isn't even around with no values to be seen. That failing is solely due to the destruction of values from the '60s onward and children have suffered a great deal as a result. In closing: baby boomers suck.

Oppressed Media : Whether or not people "broke the rules" in the 50's in secret is irrelevant. What was acceptable in public is what matters. A healthy society needs social norms, not like the everything goes degeneracy we see today, which destroys social cohesion. Since the 1970's, leftists have made a conscious effort to undermine, to chip away, at our culture, which is Western culture, so it can be replaced with their -utopia- dystopia. You see this more than ever now. Everything that made our civilization great and successful is reviled, undermined and attacked by leftists, from the nuclear family, to white people in general, to capitalism, to the Christian religion, to our traditions and holidays, even our flag. Leftists want our "evil oppressive" system dismantled, and replaced with their neo-Marxist bullshit. "...Pornography thus becomes a way of defiling Christian culture and, as it penetrates to the very heart of the American mainstream, becomes more charged." -Al Goldstein, Pioneer pornographer and publisher of Screw magazine.

Jay Dee : This video belies the title. I'm convinced the 1950's were undoubtedly better.

Mike Marley : At least familys were staying together and divorce was not so common except in hollywood who eventually made it fashonable.

Chris c : This video has convinced me that the 1950s were better

Robby Bonfire : Ok, here is a woman who was not around in the fifties telling us what we who were around were all about. Problem with the Nelson’s was they were too conservative then, for the slime culture that is Hollywood, today.

Banania : It's a shame that the video is so one-dimensional in it's criticism towards the 50s, i think the reality is a bit more complex than "everything was fake and oppressive". Once the late 60s and 70s came around, divorce rates skyrocketed and families became a disintegrated mess with many single mothers and the archetypal "divorced dad" became a thing. This wonderful flowery freedom people achieved in the late 60s came with a juicy pricetag, not once mentioned in the video. People dismiss the nuclear family so easily nowadays.

Spooksville Scoob : The 60's weren't any better. The 60's "cultural revolution" is bearing rotten fruit. Also, cringy videos "teaching kids the proper way to behave" versus what we have today? Complete moral relativism and chaotic nihilism? Suicide rates the number 1 killer of men between the ages of 18 and 59? A rudderless generation dropping out of society? Pointing out that things weren't perfect don't mean that things are any better today; we just have more communications tech today.

D. Carmo : The wanting of order, civility, and family values more likely came from what the "greatest" generation experienced. The 30s and 40s brought hunger pains, high rate of unemployment, and the knowledge of a bomb that could wipe out a city. That kind of experience of a collective low point may reasonably gravitate people toward structure and decency. A lot of baby boomers who'd eventually rebel against those values were able to practice a life of loiter and pleasure due to their parents taking on the mental and physical burden of maintaining a family and a check book.

苑安雄 : 'Control your emotions' is an extremely important point that we need to reemphasise today.

Bryzz Lull : Could you really blame people in the 50s for just wanting to settle down and have a nice simple life after living through The Great Depression and WW 2 ?

prayerpatroller : What a shallow analysis of the 50's. I'll take their divorce rate over ours any day, and pretty much every other statistic too. We've taken some steps forward, but many more steps backwards, and we've taken the largest step of all, the step of arrogance. We think we're so smart.

David M : We don't teach kids to control their emotions anymore...........so they shoot up schools instead.

!? : I don't agree with the tone of this documentary. The values and "rules" of the 50's seem like a good model. If people respected authority and got a handle on their emotions/desires, western society wouldn't be such shit like it was today. The 60's were a mistake - a crime perpetrated by a generation of spoiled brats (baby boomers) who valued nothing but selfish hedonism.

elm1230 : As a black American, there’s no way you’ll see me romanticizing the 50’s 😂 But here we see it wasn’t really great for anyone lol We just need balance in society. Too many extremes. People want one or the other and everything becomes exhausted in regards to mores and representation. Reality is more balanced than the media.

Mike Gehre : Pfft! Nobody believed these shows were real life. The films were guidelines. Yes, everyone was expected to obey authority. Now? Sheesh-violence, insolence and anarchy

Stephen Hogan : In the 50s we had rules for doing the right thing. Today there are no rules for behavior and people tend to misbehave like children. The ideal would be people willingly behaving like civilized human beings without needing rules.

truE onE : imagine in 20 years they'll do one of 2010s, they would describe this time as the depression-era.

domjal : Sure the 50’s were great if you happened to be a straight,White,traditional conservative who wanted marriage and children - anything outside of this narrow societal vision and you were shunned personally & professionally. Not only that but the constant threat of nuclear war and involvement in others kept nations on edge,medical care and treatment for disease and other conditions was barbaric by todays standards. Forget about doing your own research too like this for the ‘truth’,the media,word of mouth and your local library was all that was available at this time. Good old ‘made in America’ with union labour ensured that the goods you bought had sky high prices,not to mention so did the few items imported due to insane tarriffs. Oh and contrary to popular belief there was still plenty of crime & violence to go around as well as unhappy marriages thanks to the stigma of divorce. Sure todays world has it’s issues too but at least we have more options for communication to challenge and change views like this channel here,better medical care,more freedom of expression and acceptance of others views,cultures and beliefs. I will take these ‘good old days’ over those any day.

cmmndrblu : "everyone watched ozzie and harriet and assumed they lived that live." nowdays just replaced "ozzie and harriet" with "facebook and instagram..."

HateGovernment : I was there. It wasn't perfect, but it was better. I pity the kids today.

BooBoo Bear : Let me critique this video: :12 "Everyone behaving as they are supposed to" Yes, and... what's wrong with that? Contrast that to today's social acceptance of bad behavior. I think it would be nice if we lived in a society where people were expected to be well behaved. 2:00 What's wrong with a PSA instilling good values in young people? 3:00 "Obey authority" Again, nothing wrong with this message. In the 60s, the rule got changed to "Disrespect authority", whether it be the boss at work, the teacher at school, the parent at home, or the cop on the street. For a society to function properly, there need to be some people in charge, and their authority needs to be respected. Contrast this to today's narcissistic disrespect for people., all people, really. What started as a revolt against authority eventually led to a culture of disrespect and distrust toward all people across the board. This is why people don't talk to one another as much anymore. 4:15 "We were never allowed to express anything negative" Sounds pretty good, if you ask me. Contrast this to today's culture where everyone is offended at the most innocuous statements, and if you're not bitching about something, you're considered abnormal. 4:23 "We were never allowed to talk back in any way" Yes, and that's the way it should be for kids. Because... they're kids, and they literally don't know any better. This dovetails with respect for authority. 4:40 "Control your emotions" Having control over one's emotions is a virtue, not a vice. Look at all the anger that's out there in society. Look at all the moodiness. Is it really desirable to witness people having meltdowns, and in some cases, using emotional expression as an excuse to abuse people? In the 60s, it became, "Wear your heart on your sleeve". Well, maybe some of us don't care to see other peoples' hearts, and there's nothing wrong with that. Nobody cares about your damned feelings! 5:07 "Anger is a violent emotion, and we often see an induction of behavior, or a spread of emotion to other persons, almost like a contagious disease." This is absolutely correct. We've all seen what happens when one person starts up with an angry comment, then somebody else chimes in, then another, and another, and pretty soon, the negative energy in the room becomes escalated to a fever pitch. I don't think anybody likes this, and it can be prevented when people are more mindful, and respectful of others. That's what the narrator is saying here. I think it's a positive message. 6:13 "Fit in with the group" Human evolution has led us to be a social species. We learned long ago that our survival depends upon our tribalism. Simply put, we're stronger together. Group dynamics require all members of the group to conform to the social standards of that group, and have reciprocal relationships where everyone contributes something if they can. If everyone's doing their own thing, society becomes splintered, and collectively, we become weaker. This is simply a human survival instinct. 6:53 This whole segment about Jenny being the town trollop, and how it ultimately makes her a pariah among her peers is pretty spot on. It's good advice for women. Contrast this to the sex crazed culture of today, where the most deviant behavior is considered virtuous, and innocence is considered the vice. The sexual revolution completely reversed sexual normalcy. 8:40 This is very wise advice imparted from a mother to her daughter. It's too bad mothers don't have these discussions with their daughters today. Instead, they encourage their daughters to be like Jenny at 6:53, and then by the time the young daughter is 40 years old, and has spent decades sleeping around, nobody wants her any more. One final note: Notice the difference between the "50s" people in this video, and the modern people (actually modern people everywhere, not just in this video). There is so much innocence about the people of the 50s, and they treat one another with kindness and respect. Contrast this to how people interact today, and the general sense of narcissism that you get from people. Everyone loves to beat up on traditional 1950s culture, but I think there's no doubt that society back then was far superior to what we have today.

Alex Georgiadis : Yes, those days were better than today's vacuous dysfunctional iphone milieu.

Opinunate ted : Things were economically better in the fifties. But people were pretty isolated in their suburbs. The extended family has broken down, no grandparents, aunts, and uncles and cousins for a housewife to hang out with in the daytime, to help take care of the kids, to talk about problems with. alone all day with the TV, cleaning the house, watching the soaps, wondering why her nice clean house isn't making her happy. So she goes to the doctor, talks about vague symptoms, sad, low energy, irritable, anxious, trouble sleeping. putting on weight. He smiles, lights another Camel, prescribes her a hundred valiums for her nerve s, a hundred dexedrines for her energy and weight, a hundred seconals to help her sleep. Tells her to come back in when her supply runs low. Those are tranquilizers, amphetamines, and barbiturates, and I'm not exaggerating, they did get prescribed that way. Now, Suzy is in high school, becoming a young lady, but she is feeling the same symptoms as her mommy, the same kinds of problems. Not popular at school. Nerves, lonely, sad, putting on weight. So mommy takes her to the same doc and he gives her the same kinds of pills. It's called "better living through chemistry." Later, Suzy goes to college, then wastes her education by going to the Hiaght Asbury in San Francisco. She fgets involved with smoking marijuana, dropping acid, sleeping around, acting crazy, later ends up doing reds, meth, smack, her parents wonder why. We raised her right. Why the hell did she run off and get all messed up on drugs?

iscrewy : Every 60s documentary is the same. Just more baby boomer circle-jerking. "Hey guys, remember how bad things were before us? Remember when WE discovered sex? Remember when WE made rock music? Remember when WE single-handedly ended Jim Crow?" Lol, everything good that happened in the 60s (and bad, to be fair) was done by your parents' generation. They were the ones holding political power at the time, not a bunch of stoned college kids. And when you guys did get into power, you were mostly neo-cons.

K See : Rules suk! It's better for society if we just breed indiscriminately and throw way institutions that have contributed to maintaining social order for thousands of years. The alternative is, like, hard and stuff.

Avy P : It's like each generation is slowly getting better, but each generation still gets branded with some negative aspect. Although I'll take the mass depression and moral ambiguity over these pathetic drones way of life.

jmbuff1 : The cultural revolution of the 60's is much more complex than a simple reaction to the "stultifying 50's" as this documentary would have you believe. There is a significant political component left out here that leaves a gaping hole in this analysis. In particular, the political movement of the "New Left" and the post modernists of the 60's had much more to do with the 60's and it was decades in the making. It's roots can actually be traced as far back as Kant who was critical of Enlightenment values, and even Marx to some degree with his hatred of capitalism. Why it happened in the 60's has more to do with timing related to World War II and certain events exposing communism during the early Cold War. It's a complex history that can't be explained in a YouTube post, but Stephen Hicks' book "Explaining Postmodernism" is an excellent resource that goes much deeper into the intellectual roots of the 60's revolution. I can assure you it wasn't Ozzie and Harriet that gave us the radical changes to society brought about in the 60's and ever since..

jack meeellleee : the twenties will make the sixties look like the fifties

Whomst : Def better than today

DilbertHernandez : Or "How to Breed Alienated Delinquents Who Will Smoke Marijuana and Hate Society"

SOB308 : This only pertains to white people in the US. Minorities and all people of color have always known that in any era or decade, we will always be looked down upon. Not important enough to fit into the equation. Not trying to play the victim card, because I believe no matter who you are, and enough motivation and dedication you can achieve what you want. This is just the reality of things.

EricLehner : Yes, Detroit is fabulous today, especially compared to the 1950s. Not.

Ccrruunnkk : Ah man, it’s almost like there was programming intended to be easier predictors for a domesticated society. Wonder who created these influences. Isn’t that what the elites are still doing? Trying to create a society of non free thinking individuals who are blinded by their own self indulgence? Keep degenerating.

ordoneright : I was born in 1942. The 50's were GREAT ! The 60's were pretty good also. At least the first half. And then...Vatican 2. It's been downhill ever since.

Randall Munson : “Jenny thinks parking in cars with boys at night will make her popular” .... yeah, it will! I’m going to call her right now. She’s older now but I’ll bet she still puts out !

coreycox2345 : I was five when the 50's ended. My honest recollection was pretty much "Leave it to Beaver." We had relatives outside the nuclear family who had problems (like being in jail) but it really was innocent and somewhat idyllic. At least until 1965. From this, I may have been lucky to have not reached puberty until the 60's.

DrumWild : Everyone behaving as they were supposed to, because if they got out of line their drunken father would be the ever-lovin' shit out of them while mom's amphetamine rush prompts her to yell at him to "stop," even though she was the one who said, "wait until your father gets home" as she hyped up your insurrection over the phone to him while he was pulling a double-shift at the factory. As the lashings continue, and the sound of dad's belt or a piece of Hot Wheels track swhooshes through the air, the kids can be heard screaming, "I didn't ask to be born! I HATE YOU AND I HOPE YOU DIE!!"

Cees Duck : I like it how they portray the 50's as being THE decade where everything was about keeping up appearances and doing the "right" things, while not considering that almost every decade in human history have had its "correct standards" and things you MUST live up to. Just look at instagram or tumblr in today's society. There are always norms, do's and don'ts decided by the majority of the society you live in no matter what time in history it is. Constructing morals and posing them as universal has been a thing ever since day 1.

Real Deal : Haha the 50s were great.

Not Sure : It was better. The rules ensured that. But mental children rebelled and sloughed off the product of hundreds of years of wisdom because they themselves couldn't understand the lessons of centuries encoded in these perennial and quasi-omniscient rules. And we all suffer worse now for their irresponsibility than they even did in the mere hemming in that kept society functional. Greedy, selfish people.

Ryan W : Nice to see conservatives miss the point. While the video should have been more even handed, the takeaway should be that there are down sides to both liberal and conservative media. The dominance of far left bias in contemporary media and education is not great, but a conservative bias isn't much better. Some of the advice given by parents in this video was good, but given the cultural backlash later on, it can't be viewed as having succeeded. We need both conservative and liberal voices in the media, ones that engage with each other in an honest effort of getting at the truth and doing right by everyone. What we don't need is to engage in partisanship that makes us all shortsighted to the broad arcs of history.

Angelo : Too much order in the 50’s, too much chaos in the 60’s. Maybe the 70’s was a better balance.

Carlos Saravia : It’s there gonna be a part 2? I wanna see the rebels.

Disconn3cted : I hadn't realized how many Americans idealized the 1950s until I saw this comment section. The truth is, it was okay in some ways and pretty horrible in others. Overall, it was mostly very white-centric, hetereonormative, sexist, and oppressive. Since few people actually met the standards the 1950s asked of people (being white was not the only expectation), things weren't as great as these grayscale videos make it seem.

David Carpenter : "Many young people found these restrictions painfully repressive, but they struggled to obey them anyhow, because if they didn't, they knew there would be unpleasant consequences from society or their peers." It is reasonable to see the sixties as a time of widespread smashing of the "rules" of the 50s, but I wonder if we are not now in the grip of another period of restrictions just as intense as those imposed upon people in the 50s. The unholy trinity of PC sins, racism, sexism, and "homophobia", all have their roots in the 60s uprising, and they are now the dominating "rules" of our day. Millions of people hate the way these rules are used to control and silence people, but they toe the line anyway, because the consequences of being publicly branded a racist, sexist, or "homophobic" are swift and terrible, without possibility of appeal. Many topics today are quite simply impossible to discuss in public. I doubt it was worse to be considered abnormal in the 50s than it is to be thought of (quite possibly erroneously) as a racist today. You say at least 40% of the people who grew up in the 50s hated their rules; I suspect the percentage would be similar today.

8th day man : I was there for most of it and in the 1950s like 90% of Americans believed in God, and went to church on Sunday, no stores were even open, and rarely a gas station. Young boys could carry a rifle to school, leave it in the principal's office, and cut through the woods on the way home to shoot squirrels....and school shootings DIDN'T exist. Prayer was said in ALL schools, and following more rules than today?....are you kidding me? We drank beer on Friday night's, "booze cruising " and never killed anyone, and the cops would catch us, and keep our beer. You could still buy dynamite at country hardware stores, but yet, nobody used it to hurt innocent people, at 12 or 13 most kids would drive a farm truck or car....nobody cared....no rule.. You could fist fight with the bully in school, and neither got expelled...in fact you usually became friends. You could drive cars with NO insurance, the list is endless All you really had to do, was NOT damage another's property, be respectful, and have a sense of honor. This propaganda is huge bullshit......I was there.

fastold carz : A load of empty hot air, spewed by mostly folks who weren't there, all the time thinking they're somehow superior. The "rules" these morons denigrate were standards of acceptable behavior that make a civilized society function smoothly: things like manners, ethics, and morality. Concepts like honesty, honor, and courage were routinely referred to, sometimes obliquely, but lessons in how to live as a decent human being nonetheless. Sure, there were problems with mindless promiscuity, delinquency, crime, substance abuse, and racism. But there are problems like this in EVERY group of humans, from the dawn of time. Today, sheer stupidity of the masses, and rampant ignorance (in spite of the incredible learning opportunities provided by the web) are the serious problems nobody ever talks about, and their potential for destroying everything of value in Western culture are far more ominous than anything going on in the 1950s. And "OBEY AUTHORITY" as one of the primary rules? Just like now. There's never been any shortage of hidebound idiots clamoring for control of everyone else. But there were FAR FAR FEWER LAWS AND REGULATIONS in the 1950s. Individuality was encouraged on many levels...depending on where you were. There was, of course, a huge amount of hypocrisy too: liquid (alcohol) business lunches, execs banging their secretaries and going oh-so-piously to church with their wives on Sunday, the rampant greed of big oil and the military-industrial complex...and THIS is what the majority of the rebellion of the '60s was in response to. What's REALLY changed? People are still grubby little things, but TODAY, they don't even seem to TRY to be any better than whatever-the-desire-of-the-moment dictates. "FIT IN WITH THE GROUP"? Marketing is the God of Authority today, squeezing the sheeple into molds of conformity. Buy the latest crap music, clothes, phones...or be left out in the cold as just not cool. The same then as now. But today, you can post constantly on your social media about how wonderful every waking minute of your life is, trying to amass numbers of meaningless "friends" that apparently are supposed to somehow elevate your completely unremarkable and average existence into something worthwhile. And parrot the ideas of your acquaintances and peers, whether you understand anything about the basic concepts or not. Don't believe it? Just ask any random kid to explain socialism, capitalism, or anything else that's a currently hot topic. Crickets chirping is all you'll hear. Primary education was VASTLY superior in the '50s too. Kids in 6th grade already knew things about science that HS graduates don't have a clue about today. Ask a typical HS grad to explain how power-generation works, how an engine runs, or how nature constantly recycles water. You'll likely be met with giggles or a blank stare. Reading comprehension was off the charts too, compared to the illiterates coming out of HS today. And math? Kids were taught fractions, measuring, and could actually MAKE CHANGE FROM A DOLLAR. Just watch what happens in MickyD's when the computers go down, and there's no "authority" to conduct a transaction, or when the GPS is offline and people have to determine how to get somewhere on their own...or change a flat tire, jump a battery, or perform the most simple and basic repair on virtually ANYTHING. It WAS better then. But there's a little hope. People with functioning, rational brains are beginning to make themselves heard. Are YOU listening?

diglossia : "If you think the 50s were better, listen to these brainwashed people from the 1970s"

Charles The King™ : People like to make things up in their own heads, live in fantasy worlds that they arbitrarily like better because they can't accept reality for what it is