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Ryan Chojnacki : Who's here from reddit?

Kayla Connor : Hilarious! Yall did Stranger Things before things got strange

Culverin Harley : Hey can you grab my pen while you're out there?

Tyler Youngkrantz : I'm glad reddit showed me this video

TitanTubs : Is this were missing socks go aswell?

Nicholas Farmiloe : Haha that was awesome, great short film

maen83 : This is grape... err, great!

Colonial GrimRush : Awesome Part 2?

It's Anoki : that took a turn

Spoder OG : the upside down

Pim Hendriks : I need more

Legacy 1337 : Wait a second I am the only one who thinks he look like Braxton Pierce (Swag) ??? People from the CS:GO community will know him

The Official John Rogers : Holy shit this is good!

Blobux blob : Hell yes he's playing tf2

Prashanth VG : Nice work, Keeo it up, came from reddit

A-ERO : When your pencil yeets itself to another dimension

Emiliano Gamboa : If you happen to see my sock lemme know thanks

Jimmy : You published this video on my 18th Birthday!

dn : #FreeBrax

OzzieBloke : Grape.

epundo3 : Uhmmm why isn't this trending?

eerereps : Those were not grapes! They were Alien eggs...


penapox : REDDIT

Tahirul : Is this stranger things?

Leisure Muffin : are his clothes still laying on the floor

Bendak : I chortled

Chris Riemer : god this is so good

Samuel Foote : Y’all bout to be internet famous! Say hi to Ellen for me.

kakizc : le reddit army has arrived

DeltaTwoZero : I want to know how to do this types of videos, but I also want to believe in magic, so...

N G : this is hilarious

NariVideoProductions : This took a very drastic turn.

Thomas Harfst : The next one should have him wearing armor made of single socks, armed with a mace made of lost keys.

DeathTheGrim : dude keep making more videos your doing great never let anyone stop you so funny and can you grab my left sock while your at it

Joshua Bennett : The pacing and build up are great.

A Br0ken Man : If I drop something, I really feel like it just went to the limbus.

decentradical : So that's where my keys went.

oyonig : the original upside down

J-Slyde : reddit sent me here

Chris Deng : Reddit sent me here

yuh yeet : Reddit?