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Shesez : yes but who was the camera guy filming the camera guy

NintendoCapriSun : Boy, this brings back memories.

Anym : there was ALOTA DAMAGE

Trash Panda : GRaNdmAH BroWNeE's CHocLAte cHuNkER WunCAh buNKeHs NOwuH WEtH EvIN BiGer cHuncS oF ChOcLAt chUncAHS.

No Chill : Um, Jontron is the bird. The hairy bearded guy is just Jon's pet.

Tim Nougat : Ross is still in game grumps, he is just working behind the scenes as their head of animation

StarlessBandNJ : About a year ago, I ran into JonTron at a bar in Manhattan after I went to a King Crimson concert. I was a little bit (very) buzzed and I approached him and asked him for a picture. He was so so super cool to me and chatted with my friends and I for a pretty long while before he had to return to the friend he came with. The guy was a total sweetheart and also funny as hell in person. Really cool experience and night.

Joshua Tucker : I've got a theory: Jon JAFARI is actually Jafar from the Aladdin Series. Similar to Jafar, Jafari has a parrot as a pet. Jacques and Yago are both more intelligent than their owners, as is clear on the JonTron youtube page. Its clear that Jon has magical powers similar to Jafar. It is also clear that they both have the same beard, "JonTron", if that is his real name, simply cut it back. Jon does tons of musicals, and in the movie it is shown that Jafar can sing, as Aladdin is a musical. In the movie Jafar is constantly trying to steal the hearts of women, and JonJafari stole our hearts, and what does he do? NEVER FUCKING UPLOADS. Yago is a talking parrot, Jacques can speak as well. Yago defeats Jafar in the Aladdin series, and several time on the youtube page "JonTron" we can see that Jacques is constantly trying to guide Jon to be a better person. Does Yago know the future? Will Jon escape his inevitable fate of becoming a Geni that will be destroyed by a parrot? We are yet to find out. Hidden right under your nose Anon.

tokionovaloid : Arin and Jon broke up because of the Nickelodeon Guts episode

Skeleton thing : could flex tape have fixed it?

SeriousBeats : I think Jon is one of those creators that works best on his own schedule, I mean look at his channel currently. A lot of people are waiting for content from Jon even though he hasn’t posted anything in almost a year at the time of this post. Now imagine if he was obligated with another project, team or channel they’d have a lot issues being that he doesn’t release content on a consistent basis but when he does it’s a hit. Some creators just work like that

DannyTheConsumer : Why can't it simply just be, not big reason? What if it's as simple as "we're getting kinda big, the one year anniversary is coming up. I feel like I'm about to make a big, long-term commitment to this channel. I kinda wanna have more freedom than that. Always wanted to live in New York and now we're talking about big contracts with Polaris and I kinda wanna just be more chill than that for now. I might just back down from the Grumps cause if I wait on it, it'll be harder to leave and do my own thing." I put no thought into this idea, it was just a passing thought.

les bean : Arin makes GG content daily, Jon posts super high quality videos once or twice a year. When he said he left due to CREATIVE DIFFERENCES, I think he actually left due to CREATIVE DIFFERENCES. They have different ideas and different schedules. Grow up and stop starting shit that ended in 2013.

10outta10 : Spends 20 minutes telling us nothing. Great

KatyushaRockets : So Jon is a raging alcoholic depressive and Arin is an abusive egotistical dictator

Handz 0n Trigger : That skit at the end was delightfully devilish

Edward Carnby : Eh, I'm not buying the "Jon was so hungover that he missed 4 days of E3" theory. Strong alcoholics don't need that long to get over a hangover, and if he's not a regular drinker then there's no way that he'd have put enough booze away to put himself out of the picture for that long without requiring a stomach pump at the local hospital. I'm going to say the more likely scenario was that he simply didn't give a fuck because he was done with GG at that point.

Jesse Lindsey : I dunno, man. If I was friends with someone for a few years and then we stopped being friends for one reason or another, I'd clam up super hard if people who knew the two of us kept asking me why we aren't friends anymore. Even if it wasn't a very personal reason (ie we just drifted apart, as opposed to how I shat on his bed and he responded by shooting me in the kneecap), if people kept coming up to me and went "dude, why don't you hang out with Jimmy Jams no more?" "What happened between you two? Did he think he was better than you? Did you get drunk and punch him?" "Maaaaan, what happened to the good old days when you and The Jams used to chill and play vidya all the time?" I'd be weirded the fuck out. Like, me and Jimmy Jams are just two regular people and suddenly everyone ever keeps bugging us about why we aren't friends any more. Don't you realize how fucking creepy and uncomfortable that is?

tokionovaloid : The fact Arin wouldn't really talk about Jon on Game Grumps is what made these conspiracies so strong. Even Danny talked about Jon. The Mario episode where they (Barry) removed one of the posts that mentioned Jon is the biggest conspiracy tbh.

Neightrix Prime : Jon may have just been unhappy dedicating so much time to one thing, especially since natural humor isn't always going to jive with a schedule. Jon doesn't seem like the conflicting type, so he probably kept at it until he couldn't do it any more - I wouldn't call that a falling out.

Zach CG : The truth died with TB.

In Progress : The sub reddit already has a hard enough time letting this topic go.. I appreciate the honest approach to this topic and the admission of speculation vs fact; but in my humble opinion, we really don't need this discussion anymore. I don't mean that in a way as to tell you off or to silence you in any way. What I mean is that the discussion no longer has any benefit to anyone. It only seems to stir up negative feelings and cause dangerous claims in regards to the people involved.. Also, many fans have expressed a fatigue from seeing the subject pop up so often on reddit. It's even at a point where Danny has asked for people to just leave it be, and he most likely wasn't even directly involved in their fall out. Jon and Arin may have simply had different visions for the channel while entering legal agreements and that caused some tension, poor behavior, and disagreements. Jon even stated in a panel that it wasn't even that serious of a situation. So maybe it's time to just let this one go.

Jacob Sheerin : Did he say ross and barry left? Cause thats just not true

Rainer Randall Fisher : You can stop watching at about 12:31. After that, it starts REALLY reaching and becomes basically middle school gossip.

Chris Ray Gun : nah

Metallicfender : Jon already explained on Ethan's Podcast, like a year ago, that it was due to creative differences.

David Smith : I like the metaphorical scene at the end. Hehehehe... It's like...even if your theory is wrong—it's about as relevant as the difference between Pepsi & Coke.

The Noodle : Good God that was 2013 I feel old

DANCERcow : Way to spread misinformation and put ideas in people heads. It's youtubers and videos like this that are part of the proble... Giving people warped and heavily altered perspectives of what happened. They run with it spreading and creating more lies and misinformation.

Handz 0n Trigger : I think the hangover one is the right one. The smallest of things can sometimes light a huge firework that can destroy/fracture your friendship; I know from experience

Mac Foraday : I didn't even know JonTron used to be on GameGrumps. Thanks for the history lesson!

shinobody : Great, MORE pointless unsubstantiated speculation. EXACTLY what this case needs

Mitch TheOtter : Most of everything brought up here are blind accusations, and the things you actually have evidence for don't lead to a conclusion that the relationship was ended maliciously.

Eggs Benedict : Automatic dislike for that awful personalized squarespace ad in right in the middle of the video

George Welch : My guess, John and Arin had differing opinions on where GGs should of gone. With John wanting the show to sign on with a major producer and become a higher budget show; while Arin wanted it to stay the same. John then became intoxicated and got into an argument with Arin. Arin then said if you don't like the show as is you don't have to show up! And John more then likely took this in the literally sense and left the E3 event. The two got together and decided to try to make it work, but ultimately realized that it wasn't going to work long term. And so John left to do his own thing and Arin stayed with GGs. I doubt things got personal, or violent. I honestly think that after the argument that they simply went their separate ways. Which is why they likely don't personally hate each other. It's just they no longer wish to work together.

Consural : 2:26 "This naturally upset fans because Jon didn't and still doesn't upload frequently." I am now imagining how many GameGrumps episodes with Jon there would be if he didn't leave. God damn it. :(

defeatereater : Hasn't this already been discussed a ton and settled? I'm pretty sure they kind of made up, and Game Grumps has seen success over the past 5 years with the replacement co-host, Dan. I was hurt at the time mostly because they seemed like they were great friends, and it felt like watching a relationship whither with no real indicator as to why. At this point though, I'm just glad we got what we did with Jon. The topic is exhausting, and it feels gross to be investigating these guys over things that probably influenced their lives in a deeper way than we can understand. Let's just move forward in peace.

SunglassesDouchebag : As someone who's been watching GG from day one, it's definitely something that becomes more apparent towards the latter end of Jontron's days on the show how Arin seemed almost annoyed with his antics. Sort of like that theory of "falling out of love" with someone for the same reasons you fell in love with them. Jontron was obnoxious, sporadic, and pushed boundaries pretty often that Arin never pushed. I think this kind of behavior became less acceptable to Arin after GG turned from two dudes sitting on a couch recording themselves to a full blown company with several hosts and sub-shows. Even watching stuff now Arin lets some things slip that definitely lead one to believe that he spearheads stuff. In fact at one point (and this is an extremely small note.) Arin called it "My show" rather than "Our show." So, the idea that he's a little bit of a ball buster boss? I believe it.

Pegend Raid : what the hell are you talking about ross and barry are both still on the show. I hate this channel so much its basically just internet gossip.

Clancy C. : The biggest mystery is how jontron can afford to live in NYC by uploading once a year

Pack1Pick1 : Occam's Razor guys. Jon probably felt overwhelmed with game grumps constant barrage of content and wanted out. Arin probably was pissed because he had a pretty good thing going monetarily, so they may have gotten into a fight which they got over in a year or so. The end.

breigha bear : this video is incredibly obnoxious to me. why on earth would you spend twenty minutes discussing other people with private relationships that they have stated time and time again they DON'T want us to be involved in? if he said he left because of creative differences then that's clearly all they want to disclose and i am fine with that. it's not up to us to go digging around and practically invading their personal lives for no reason other than to find a "deeper meaning" to everyone. also, that bit about comparing suzy to a "yoko ono-esque manipulative figure" was just flat out not cool :/

Jenna Kochanski : I like Dan and Arin.

Ava andDaddy : It’s sad to me that so many people care about this

zeoxdragon : Jontron accidentally deleted the save they had from Sonic 06 and said "welp, I guess we have to play it from the beginning again!, then Arin kicked him from Game Grumps.

funkeln : i mean i'd like to know what happened too - if jon wanting to focus on his own channel isn't the true story - but this really isn't any of our business. can't we just let the topic go?

Blind Kraken : Ross never left Game Grumps, he was just in several episodes of 10 Minute Power Hour. Still works at the Grump office as well. He does mainly all bts stuff now. Leaving and not being in episodes anymore are 2 different things... What most likely happened was Arin got tired of Jon's admitted drinking problem, E3 was probably the straw that broke the camel's back. Arin has admitted that he doesn't like alcohol because alcoholism runs in his family. Makes the most sense.

Dermy Playz : who tf says coca-cola instead of just coke

movin_target : "Why does it matter nowadays?" Because you want clicks, you want views on something that hasn't been cared about in years. You bring this up because you want views and nothing more.