Stan Lee's First Superhero: Lost Hero of the Golden Age Ep. 16
Stan Lees First Superhero Lost Hero of the Golden Age

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STAN LEE is the famous for being the architect behind the MARVEL UNIVERSE. IRON MAN, THE HULK, THE AVENGERS, THE X-MEN, and SPIDERMAN are some of his better known characters; however, his very first superhero is forgotten. This is a short documentary about Stan Lee's start at TIMELY COMICS through the start of THE MARVEL CINEMATIC UNIVERSE.


Anonymous Anonymous : RIP STAN, GREAT VID BTW

DrFranklynAnderson : “After a week on the job, 16-year old Stan Lee declared ‘I know everything!’ and demanded a promotion.” 😂 That may be the most Stan Lee thing I’ve ever heard.

Josh Draws : Rip Stan Lee.. You will be missed 😢 The True Legend..

Marty Calhoun : In the name of Odin, may the doors to Valhalla be opened and led by valkyries, the Nine Realms mourn at the passing of the real-life superhero, Stan Lee. #Excelsior!

Elliot Potter : R.I.P Stan Lee 1922-2018 :(

Tony Eckman : They should bring back The Destroyer. Hype him as Stan Lee's first creation. His costume looks really bad ass.

Paul Schmick : Almost 80 years at the forefront of American pop culture. What an unbelievable life. When the man who created superheroes is as famous as the creations it's not hype to say he is legendary.

Renshen1957 : Not to steal any of Stan Lee's thunder, however it would be of interest (especially in this history) to mention that Stan Lee with Jack Kirby co-created the Fantastic Four, the original X-Men, the HulkmThor, Iron Man, Doctor Doom, Galactus, Uatu the Watcher, (the Silver Surfer was Kirby's idea), Magneto, the Inhumans and their hidden city of Attilan, and the Black Panther, comics' first known black superhero—and his African nation of Wakanda. Lee and Kirby also created The Avengers. Stan Lee and writer-artist Steve Ditko (although Kirby drew Spider-man cover art for Fantasy #15, Ditko drew the original appearance). I have great admiration for Stan Lee, however, he didn't get his portion of fame without surrounding himself with talented people.

peter blood : Nicely done. The bit at the end was hilarious. =D My first character was a robot made from old automobile license plates. His name was CARTAG. Okay it was stupid but I was only 11 at the time. Later, at 17, I came up with a dynamic duo of my own, "Dung Beetle and Stinkbug!" At one point, in the only story ever written, the villain says: "I'll beat the crap out of you Dung Beetle!" to which DB, as he was affectionately(?) known, replied: "I hope you brought your lunch because crap is my first name!"...(crickets chirping)...You can see why I was never published.

Dnice Allday : May stan Lee enjoy his success! Excelsior!

Sub With Twitch Prime : Rip Stan Lee T-T

R3n3gad3 : The best comic writer, of all time!

Raccoon 64 : Stan lee the closest a man will ever becoming god

SuperPigMark Does Everything : You know, the Destroyer's design looks like the design of Drax the Destroyer in the Infinity Gauntlet story line. Maybe Stan's Destroyer evolved into Drax?

Kenny Beaumont : This is cool I love marvel

Inactive : Stan Lee's First Superhero, was Stan Lee!

Mont Gee : Marvel should revamp The Destroyer ,and have him team up with the Marvel Knights .

kyokogodai : CAn you imagine how much that book rack (at 10:09) would be worth, today? To be a time traveler *dreams the big dreams*!!!

Edcar Batac : he had a scrutinizing death but he lives

maria heathcock : R.I.P Stan Lee

Exotic butters : rest in peace stan lee

Gia Princess : First hero To last breath R.I.P Stan lee

who6988 : ummm I'm pretty sure they brought back this character and just re named him punisher

Food taste like food : Rip Stan Lee

tushar zagade : This man can't be described in words he made us love heros, comic,and made us child in our teenage.... Huge respect to you Stan (THE MAN) Lee ....... Love from all superhero fans.

Mr.larriors 3-1 lead : long live stan lee. R.i.p

info145 : Rest in Peace Stanley Martin Lieber, December 28, 1922 – November 12, 2018

Jokerz 79 : To be fair in when Stan was hired 8 bucks was about 140 now so for a 16 year old in the depression era that wasn't bad. Also great vid.

dead pool : Stan Lee's first superhero was Chuck Norris. That's how the magical marvel universe was born. Each character in the marvel universe sums up the powers Chuck Norris has.

Cats of Sherman : Stan Lee. All time great. Will live on forever. #Excelsior!

Jeremiah George : Hulk smash😂😂😂 ;)😂😂

Anthony Anthony : Rip stan the man he has done alot for us

Magde Gill : I remember when I wrote a comic about Ravager (A super powered wolf friend)

N.L. SKYY T.V. : Why is there no mention of Drax?

Angel Maldonado : The pantheon of comic gods, Simon, Kirby, Burgos, and Lee. We may never see their like again. The majority comic hero's came from those creative minds.

Josefa Kolikata : Rip Stan

X sapien : R I P Stan Lee but will never be forgotten 🕸

gaming boy _ : How about my first oc supe hero name The Reing

Ermon Gato : rip Stan lee you made a good work


•PøtatøKatz Yt• : #exselsior!! #rip #loveyoustan!

World of Retro Gameplay : Thank you for this! I’m a big fan of Stan Lee!

The Ghost Dog : why Tom Holland look like a young Stan Lee??

brandon Smith : R.I.P. Stan Lee

LarryC213 : At some point in this video you say that Stan just knew that his future was certainly not in comics. That reminds me of one of my most favorite sayings: "if you want to make God, laugh, just tell him your plans for the future."

jjgLatin : This is great informative clip.At least,there is an Eaglemoss lead figure of Keen Marlow.There is also too many Marvel characters with the name Destroyer.


Kirko : R.i.p Stan lee 😔

Calvin Barrett : when the weirdest things in comics I ever saw which one one of the godlings or barbaric Heroes would say something like gird thy loins. it took me many years to actually learn what that actually meant.